2017 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball Week 5 – Playoff Scenarios (March 26)

Updated: March 30, 2017

We are now through 5 Weeks of the Regular Season.. Each Team has played every Team in the League at this point, and it provides a nice snap-shot of where everyone lines-up through most of the Regular Season.. This coming Sunday is the final Regular Season Sunday of the Season before we enter the Double Elimination Playoffs that start on Sunday April 9.  We are going to transition the Power Rankings into a Playoff Scenarios piece this week!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Playoff Scenarios

Just as a heads up on Playoff Format — again it is a Double Elimination Tournament.  Teams will be seeded 1-6 based on Regular Season record with the Top-2 Teams receiving an Opening Round BYE. Teams 3-6 will have to play in the Opening Round and then the Winners take on the Top-2 Teams later on during the first Sunday of the Playoffs.. ELIMINATION GAMES will start on the 2nd Sunday of the Playoffs.

1. Team Bohrer – 5-0


With their latest Win on Sunday, the math for Team Bohrer is simple.. Win and they are the #1 seed.  They have already locked up a Top-2 seed but with Team Dorfman lurking by a Game and with them on their schedule, they haven’t quite wrapped up the top seed.. If they can get to 6-0 that would be a true statement before the Playoffs begin!


2. Team Dorfman – 4-1

Team Dorfman got another Win on Sunday to get to 4-1. They will have a chance to fix the one blemish on their record thus far this Season, this coming Sunday when they get a Rematch with currently Undefeated Team Bohrer. They also have locked up a Top-2 seed (as Team Kotvis trails them by a Game but they hold the head to head tiebreaker over them).. Should Team Dorfman defeat Team Bohrer, we’ll have to go some nifty tiebreakers to see who would get the top seed between them and Team Bohrer.



3. Team Kotvis – 3-2


Team Kotvis got an impressive short-handed victory on Sunday over Team Berzon. As a result they are in the driver’s seat to get the #3 seed come Playoff time. That’s key as they’ll get to avoid #1 Team Bohrer for as long as possible. A win means over Team Massel means they finish in 3rd. A Loss on Sunday means that they are opened up to the possibility that Team Massel can jump them for that 3rd spot..


4. Team Massel – 2-3


Sunday will be a big day for Team Massel. If they can defeat current #3 Team Kotvis, then both Teams finish with a 3-3 record and would have split the head to head matches.. Meaning we go to a tiebreaker over who finishes in the 3rd seed come Playoff time. Based on #1 Team Bohrer’s performance so far this season.. #3 is a key spot so you can avoid the top team for as long as possible come Playoff time.


Team Berzon – 1-4

Team Wolter – 0-5


Taking both Team Berzon and Team Wolter together this Week as they will compete with one another.. Team Berzon defeated Team Wolter a couple weeks back. Now, if Team Berzon wins again, they will lock in the #5 seed. Should Team Wolter earn the W though, both Teams will hold a Win over the other and we’ll have to go to the tiebreakers to see which Team lands in 5th and 6th for the Playoffs. Big Week for both upcoming!


That’t it for this week, see you all on Sunday for the Regular Season Finale!