2017 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball Week 6 – Playoff Preview (April 2)

Updated: April 6, 2017

On Sunday afternoon we completed the Regular Season and now all focus turns to the second-season.. The Double-Elimination Playoff Tournament. The Bracket you can see above..  We had some important matches on Sunday and a few of them really shook-up the Standings prior to the Playoffs. We’ll get into all of that below in the Playoff Preview!

Just as a heads up on Playoff Format — again it is a Double Elimination Tournament.  Teams will be seeded 1-6 based on Regular Season record with the Top-2 Teams receiving an Opening Round BYE. Teams 3-6 will have to play in the Opening Round and then the Winners take on the Top-2 Teams later on during the first Sunday of the Playoffs.. ELIMINATION GAMES will start on the 2nd Sunday of the Playoffs.

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Playoff Preview

4. Team Kotvis v. 5. Team Berzon — Winner plays 1. Team Dorfman

This past Sunday all of the Playoff seeds got locked in.. #5 Team Berzon secured the 5 spot and was able to avoid Defending Champs #3 Team Massel in the Opening Round by defeating #6 Team Wolter in the final Week by a score of 2 Games to 0.  #4 Team Kotvis however comes in to the Playoffs after suffering a defeat at the hands of Team Massel this past Sunday.. Can Team Berzon keep the momentum? These Teams met just a couple weeks back in Week 5 and there we saw Team Kotvis get the 2-0 Win. This one should be quite interesting.. The Winner will move on to play #1 Team Dorfman right away.. The Loser will head to ELIMINATION territory on Sunday April 23.

Now, let’s talk about #1 Team Dorfman who awaits the Winner of Kotvis/Berzon on Sunday. Team Dorfman was able to claim the #1 spot thanks to a huge Week 6 W over formerly Undefeated Team Bohrer. The Win brought them into a tie at 5-1 overall with Team Bohrer.. They both defeated each other once during the Regular Season and thanks to Team Dorfman’s greater overall Game W/L total they find themselves sitting pretty in the #1 overall seed and can watch while presumably #2 Bohrer and #3 Massel battle each other with one getting a Loss in the first weekend of the Playoffs.. They can’t just assume they will walk into anything with ease.. Both Team Kotvis and Team Berzon have what it takes to Win 2x on Sunday. It is going to be a fun ride!


3. Team Massel v. 6. Team Wolter — Winner plays 2. Team Bohrer

Following Team Massel’s W over Team Kotvis on Sunday, they locked up the #3 seed and a date with #6 Team Wolter who enter the Playoffs still searching for their first match-win. We have seen much crazier things happen come Playoff time.. Do not sleep on Team Wolter.. Especially if Scott Miller misses Sunday  for Team Massel with an injury, which is looking very likely. Team Massel does have one thing on their side.. The only Team who has any Co-Ed Volleyball League Crowns to their name, is Team Massel and Captain Landon knows how to guide his Team through the Playoffs, as evidenced by their run to the Crown last Spring.  The Winner here will go on to face #2 Team Bohrer who is still likely angry after suffering their first L of the Season at the hands of Team Dorfman…

As a result of Team Bohrer dropping the Regular Season finale, Team Dorfman jumped them for the #1 seed. Team Bohrer defeated both Massel and Wolter during the Regular Season but it took 3 Games in both cases.. They lost Game 1 in each of those matches before storming back to Win Games 2 and 3. Whoever their opponent is going to be on Sunday, they are going to have momentum and Team Bohrer will have to play their best to squash it.


That’s it for the Playoff Preview. Good Luck to everyone and see you Sunday!