2017 Chicago Fall Flag Football Week 3 – (Sept. 28)

Updated: October 5, 2017

Week 3 is in the books.. Through 3 Thursdays, we have just 2 Teams left undefeated and interestingly enough both Team Apuli and Team Kugler did not play Week 1.. So they sit at 2-0 tied atop the Standings but 3 Teams are just a half Game Back in the Standings.. It is going to be a tight race for those top couple of seeds later in the Fall. Scroll down to see the big shake-up in the Rankings!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Apuli (Hakimian Imports) – 2-0

Assuming their place atop the Rankings following their second Game of the Season is Team Apuli. They have been known to start fast in the Flag Football Leagues and that is exactly what they are doing once again. They defeated Team Barbati 19-13 in Week 3. QB Andy Cohen tossed 3 TDs in this one. Hitting Jake Miller for two of the scores and Mikey Matasar for another. Their Offense has certainly been great – they are averaging the second most points per game in the League. Their Defense has been equally impressive, slotting in at 2nd for Points Against Per Game as well.. In Week 3 they take on the always tough #4 Team Elisco in what will be The Bucket List Game of the Week!


2. Team Kugler (Schweitzer Title) – 2-0

Team Kugler has had about an impressive of a two week start to a season that you can ask for. The only reason they are not sitting at #1 right now is because Team Apuli has matched that, and they have been doing it longer in the Flag Football Leagues. Need to defer to experience a bit as a tiebreaker.. They just crushed previously undefeated Team Tickman in Week 2. They are also averaging both the highest Points Per Game in the League and allowing the fewest Points Per Game. That is a recipe for winning football games folks. Eric Hennessey threw 3 TDs and rushed in another. Thomas Schlett, Dan O’Neill and George Porter all hauled in TD receptions on the night. They look ahead to a Week 3 Clash with 2x Defending Champs Team Jimenez in what will be a great measuring stick Game for them!


3. Team Saltzberg (Live Clean CHI) – 2-1

Team Saltzberg had a Week 2 that they want to erase from memory. They got crushed by #1 Team Apuli, but they were without QB1 Alex Nadelman in that one. They were back to full strength in Week 3 and were able to take down the 2x Defending Champs Team Jimenez 13-12! Great way to bounce back! Nadelman hit Evan Frank for both scores on the night and catapulted their Team to the W. They look to keep the momentum going in another big time Game against #5 Team Tickman.


4. Team Elisco (SLA Insurance) – 2-1

Team Elisco jumps up into the #4 spot this Week after getting back into the Winner’s circle by way of a 25pt W over Team Rudy. Cody Davis had 4 TD tosses in this one. He’s tied for 4th in the League through 3 Games in total TDs. David Shechtman returned to catch 2 TDs and Zach Edelheit also hauled in a couple TD receptions. They are going to be a part of The Bucket List Game of the Week when they go toe to toe with #1 Team Apuli in Week 4!


5. Team Tickman (Chicago Trolley) – 2-1

Team Tickman takes a step back in the Rankings this Week after suffering a Loss to new #2 Team Kugler on Thursday Night. It was not their best Game but it happens.. They were without some major personnel in this one.. Jonny Chaikin hit Jeffrey Oscar for their lone score. Andrew Sledd should be back in time for Week 4 and they have a big Game with #3 Team Saltzberg awaiting.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Barbati (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 0-3

They lost by a score to #1 Team Apuli. No shame in that. They are getting closer and this is a group that has some Wins in it for sure. They just need to get some momentum going.. They will take on Team Rudy who is also winless heading into Week 4. One of these Teams will be able to snap the skid!


Team Jimenez (Karyn Collection) – 1-2 

The Defending Champs fell by a point to Team Saltzberg. They had a far fall in the Rankings this week, further than was likely deserved but their were 5 Teams with winning Records that needed to be Ranked and that meant they go the Rest of the Pack territory this week. Expect them to hop back in to the Rankings shortly. Captain and QB Alex Jimenez hit Jonathon Frosolone and Sam Winegardner for scores in this one. They will take on #2 Team Kugler in Week 4. This is going to be a sleeper for stealing the show!


Team Rudy (The Bucket List) – 0-3

Team Rudy is having a rough start to the season, but there is PLENTY of time to turn things around. They were without some key pieces in Week 3 and as a result did not have their best showing against #4 Team Elisco. Dillon Rudy tacked on another TD in this one. They look ahead to Week 4 now where they will take on the winless Team Barbati. Both of these Teams want to snap their skids in the worst way. One of them will!


That’s it for Week 3. Good Luck in Week 4!