2017 Chicago Fall THURSDAY Hoops Playoffs Week 1 – (Nov. 16)

Updated: November 28, 2017

…and then there were just four… The Final4! On Thursday Night we went from 11 Teams to our semi-finalists and we are going to break down all the action from the seven Playoff Games on Thursday Nov. 16 below. We had overtimes, we had upsets and we had blowouts. Scroll down to find out who survived! Also – want to give a big Thank You to the Teams who wrapped up their season before Thanksgiving with us. Hopefully we see you back soon!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Playoffs Week 1 Review

Open. Rd.: 8. Team Shaffer (Chicago Trolley) v. 9. Team Slomka (Monstars)

Winner plays. 1. Team Aranas

Teams Shaffer and Slomka badly wanted a Playoff W added to their resume. They fought for 44 minutes and that ended up not being enough.. They would wind up in OT during this one. Both played well enough to Win but when the extra session ended – it was #9 Team Slomka who would survive with the 70-65 W. They’d need to keep the celebration to a minimum though as they would have to take on #1 Team Aranas immediately following this Win in the Elite8!

For Team Shaffer – it was a heartbreaking exit for a group that knows they were capable of going further in the Playoffs. They just didn’t get the bounce they needed in Regulation to seal the deal here. This group is comprised of several All Sports Series vets – many of which are multi-time Champions – they will not stay down for long and they will be back sooner than later. Thanks for playing!


Elite8: 1. Team Aranas (it doesn’t matter) v. 9. Team Slomka (Monstars)

Team Aranas had the benefit of being the #1 seed (which they earned) and getting to watch #9 Slomka claw themselves into the Elite8 during an OT Game with Team Shaffer just minutes prior to this one. Team Aranas is already a group that likes to push the pace and knowing their Opponents were tired gave them all the more reason to do so.. They didn’t stop.  They would eventually score 96 points when all was said and done and cruised into the Final4! They’ll take on #5 Team Bernstein for a spot in the Championship on Championship Thursday!

For Team Slomka – what they should leave the Season thinking about is their impressive comeback Win in the Opening Round against Team Shaffer. #1 Team Aranas are favorites for the Crown and playing them during the 2nd Game of a Double Header is just not a recipe for winning. They were a solid bunch and hopefully we see Captain Tim and co. back soon, thanks for playing!


Elite8: 4. Team Wells (High Fiving White Guys) v. 5. Team Bernstein (Mezes)

During the Playoff Preview we spoke about how this Game may be the Game of the Night for Week 1 of the Playoffs and it did not disappoint! These two groups slugged it out and went back and forth, attempting to earn their spot in the Final4 against #1 Team Aranas. Max Siegrist had 25 for Team Wells and was matched by Tyler Darwick who had 25 for Team Bernstein. Michael Ungar scored 23 for Team Bernstein as well. In the end it was #5 Team Bernstein who stayed hot from their nice finish to the Regular Season and got the huge Playoff W! They are headed to the Final4!

For Team Wells – it is not the ending to the Season they were hoping for but it was a really nice season for them. They earned a top-4 seed in what was a very impressive League and just came up short against a Team Bernstein group that put together their best Game of the Season. Thanks again for playing!


Open. Rd.: 7. Team Kaplan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 10. Team Indy (SLA Insurance)

Winner plays 2. Team Weisberg

The Winners here knew they had a tough test in front of them… #2 Team Weisberg awaited in the Elite8 Round. Team Kaplan was hungry to show their best on this night as they were a bit disappointed with their overall seed coming into the Playoffs. Brad Deutsch (the recently engaged – congrats!) led them with 21, Scott Plotnick had 16 and Captain Brett Kaplan had 13 in this one. Brandon Williams had a big day for Team Indy with 24. William Tertell added 11. Team Kaplan would hold strong on D during the second half and earn the big Playoff Win.

For Team Indy – they had a nice season for a group of guys who had not played with one another before. We hope to see them stick together in future seasons as with some more chemistry together they could really improve and compete for a Crown. Thanks for playing!


Elite8: 2. Team Weisberg (The Bucket List) v. 7. Team Kaplan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

Team Weisberg had been itching to get back on the court as they basically needed to wait 2 weeks to try to avenge their first and only Loss of the Season back in Week 6. Then, you factor in that Team Kaplan had played a Game just before this one.. It just wasn’t going to be easy for Team Kaplan here. Jake Lerman led once again for Team Weisberg – scoring 23 points. Luke Jacobson scored 19 here too. Brad Deutsch and Captain Kaplan basically matched those scores with 23 and 18 respectively.. However, it was the depth for Team Weisberg that really helped punch their ticket to the Final4 as they won by 16 points.  They are off to the Semis and will take on #3 Team Unger in a Rematch from Week 1 where Team Weisberg went off!

For Team Kaplan – they didn’t make it as far as they’d hoped when the season began but they still had quite a few highlights this Season. These guys are vets in All Sports Series and won’t stay down for long, you can expect to see them in the Winter! Thanks for playing!


Open. Rd.: 6. Team Dunlap (K’Nicks II) v. 11. Team Salkoff (GLCCB)

Winner plays 3. Team Unger

Teams Dunlap and Salkoff did not meet during the Regular Season so they were going to square off for the first time with a spot in the Elite8 at stake. Team Dunlap came into this one feeling good as they were playing their best ball down the stretch and that would continue here. They controlled the pace in this one, were strong on Defense and ended up getting an 11-point Win to earn a spot in the Elite8 against #3 Team Unger.

For Team Salkoff, they were unable to pull the upset but were still a solid group this season. They had nice depth and if they add just one more scorer – this is a group that could compete for future Championships. Thanks for playing!


Elite8: 3. Team Unger (SLA Insurance) v. 6. Team Dunlap (K’Nicks II)

Another first time matchup here between two Teams that did not play during the Regular Season. Team Unger was of course the fresher of the two Teams as Team Dunlap had to play just minutes prior against #11 Team Salkoff to earn their spot here. Judd Barron would come up huge in this one for the #3 seed Team Unger. He scored 32 and that was enough to help guide his group to the 15-point Win. They now advance to yet another Final4 and they will take on #2 Team Weisberg – where they can avenge their Week 1 Loss.

For Team Dunlap – it was a really nice run in the back-half of the season. They just ran out of gas and who could blame them. Team Unger is an elite group and playing them in the 2nd Game of a Double Header is not what you want to do. We hope to see them back soon, thanks for playing!


That’s it for the Review of Playoffs Week 1! Good Luck to our Final4 on Thursday Night!