2017 Chicago Fall THURSDAY Hoops Week 2 – (Oct. 5)

Updated: October 11, 2017

Week 2 is officially in the books and during the second Thursday of the Season we saw our final 3 Teams make their 2017 Fall Thursday debuts. Team Bernstein along with Team Dunlap and Team Indy all played their first Games of the Season and will have Double Headers along the way.. Joining those 3, are another 8 Teams, bringing the total to 11 all vying for the Crown come the end of November. Lets get to the Rankings!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-7 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically..  Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Chicago Leagues > Fall THURSDAY Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Weisberg (The Bucket List) – 2-0

For the 2nd straight week, Team Weisberg blew out the competition. They have two 30+ point Wins thus far and as we’ve known for some time, they are the complete package. They have depth, shooting and really move the ball well. Luke Jacobson went for 24 to lead them in scoring this Week. Jake Lerman scored 19 and has the League Lead for Points per Game through 2 Weeks. In Week 3, they look to make it 3-0 against Team Shaffer.


2. Team Aranas (it doesn’t matter) – 2-0

Team Aranas has made quite the impression in their first couple of weeks in All Sports Series. This past week they blew-out former #4 Team Kaplan by a score of 79-49. Captain Jeff Aranas went for 33 on Thursday Night. He was the high-scorer of Week 2 and beat the next closest guy by 9 points!  A name that All Sports Series knows well, and one that everyone on Thursday should get used to  – Calvin Kang – debuted this season with 16 points. Anthony Chan had 15. These guys are really really good and it will be fun to see them on Thursday compete in The Bucket List Game of the Week against #4 Team Unger – a Team that has made it to two Championship Games in 2017 Leagues.


3. Team Wells (High Fiving White Guys) – 1-1

Team Wells flew a bit under the radar during Week 1.. They fell to #2 Team Aranas in Week 1, but as more Games get played, we’ve realized just how good Team Aranas is and that Loss does not really look bad at all.. On Thursday Night, they rebounded with a great night. Good Teams pick it up after a Loss and that is exactly what they do. Team Wells is strong. Nick Schneider had a great night and Collin Wolff was very impressive as well. These guys look to keep it going in Week 3 against Team Bernstein who will be looking for their first W of the Season.


4. Team Unger (SLA Insurance) – 1-1

Back up and into the Rankings where they belong this Week is Team Unger. They got their first W of the Season and looked much closer to the 2x Runners-Up we are used to seeing. They defeated a very good Team Salkoff club 54-51. Matthew Schoener had 20 in his debut and Ryan Lederman went for 20 as well in the Win. They will have their work cut out for them in Week 3 – they go head to head with #2 Team Aranas on Thursday Night. This will be The Bucket List Game of the Week!


5. Team Salkoff (GLCCB) – 1-1

Team Salkoff falls a bit from #2 in the Rankings last week but still had a good showing against a really solid competitor in new #4 Team Unger. Again, Unger and co. have gone to Championship Games in 2017 with All Sports Series. It is a great measuring stick Game and these guys were in it until the final possession. Casey Zidek led the way in scoring this week with 16 points. They have 4 guys who are averaging 9+ points on the season as well.  They will take on Team Bernstein, who will be paying the back-end of a Double Header. Good opportunity for them to get over .500 again in Week 3.


6. Team Slomka (Monstars) – 1-1

Team Slomka got their first W of the Season on Thursday Night. They got out to a BIG lead over Team Indy and let them claw back into it, but when the Game was on the line they made the big plays and got the Win. Ryan Kissinger had 19 to lead them in scoring and Willie Sellers went for 18. Seller’s average of 17.5 PPG is tied for 7th in the entire League. They look to make it two in against #7 Team Kaplan in Week 3.


7. Team Kaplan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-1

Team Kaplan was really short-handed and without most of their Starters on Thursday Night. They took a Loss to the very strong #2 Team Aranas squad. Michael Malvin made his debut for them on Thursday and scored 11 points on the night to lead them in scoring. They should be back to 100% in Week 3 when they take on #6 Team Slomka, who also has a 1-1 record.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Bernstein (Mezes) – 0-1

Team Bernstein made their 2017 Fall season debut on Thursday Night and did so against #1 Team Weisberg. The Game didn’t go as they’d hoped but they have plenty of time to recover from that one. Most of these guys have played in the Bloomington Campus Leagues. Captain Jordan Bernstein has a deep and athletic bunch here. He led them in scoring with 10 points in Week 2. Jared Levin went for 9. They’ll get wins soon. They have a chance to Win not 1, but 2 Games on Thursday Night.. They take on both #3 Team Wells and #5 Team Salkoff during Week 3.


Team Dunlap (K’Nicks II) – 0-1

Team Dunlap is a Chicago Sport & Social Club team that is participating in their very first All Sports Series League. For their debut, they took a Loss, they have plenty of time to get into the Winner’s circle. Captained by Nick Dunlap these guys will be just fine. He led the way with a dozen in this one and Eric Klaus had 11. They take on Team Indy who will also be looking for their first W of the Season on Thursday Night.


Team Indy (SLA Insurance) – 0-1

Team Indy is a group comprised of a group of free agents that are coming together for the season. On the squad are many All Sports Series vets including: Jason Bohrer, DaRon Greason, and Harry Clarke. These guys got down early to Team Slomka by 20+ as they were trying to get a little chemistry with one another. In the second half they were able to battle back and actually tied it up before dropping the Game. They will only get better as they get to know one another. Jared Prince scored 14 to lead the way and Brandon Williams had 12. In Week 3, they will take on Team Dunlap who is looking to also secure their first W.


Team Shaffer (Chicago Trolley) – 0-2

Team Shaffer fell at the hands of Team Wells in Week 2. It was a low scoring Game, which is how they like to play it, but they just couldn’t get enough shots to fall. Captain Ian Shaffer had 13 and Jon Nickow had 12. Shaffer’s average of 17.5 is tied for 7th highest in the League for PPG currently. These guys are going to have to really play their absolute best in Week 3 to get the W as Undefeated #1 Team Weisberg is waiting on Thursday Night.


That’s it for Week 2. Thanks for playing! Go Cubs!