2017 Chicago Fall THURSDAY Hoops Week 4 – (Oct. 19)

Updated: October 26, 2017

With Week 4’s Games complete, we have crossed the halfway point of the Regular Season for the Chicago Fall THURSDAY Hoops League. Team Weisberg made it through another week and remains the Undefeated #1 Team.. There will be some shake-ups behind them though, so be sure to scroll down and take a peak at the new Top-7!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Weisberg (The Bucket List) – 4-0

Team Weisberg is sitting pretty right now at 4-0.  They realistically can start eyeing down a perfect Regular Season – which very few have been able to do in the Chicago Hoops League scene. This past week they defeated former #2 Team Wells by 35+. They wanted to make a statement and did just that.. Trevor Ponticelli went for a cool 30 and both Jake Lerman and Luke Jacobson went for 15+. They take on #4 Team Kaplan on Thursday Night!


2. Team Unger (SLA Insurance) – 3-1

Team Unger moves up to the #2 spot this week following their 3rd straight Win on Thursday Night. They won 86-65 in this one over Team Indy. Ryan Lederman had 20, Judd Barron went for 18 and Ben Luger scored 16 in their W. These guys are really rolling now and will look for their 4th straight Win during Week 5 when they go toe to toe with #6 Team Bernstein!


3. Team Aranas (it doesn’t matter) – 3-1

Team Aranas is up to #3 following their Week 4 Win. They won by only 45 points on Thursday Night. Captain Jeff Aranas scored 17 and 4 others were in double figures as well: Anthony Chan and Eric Liang with 15, Calvin Kang with 14 and Michael Park with 12. When you get that type of production from 5 guys, you are going to Win – plain and simple. They take on Team Salkoff during Week 5.


4. Team Kaplan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 3-1

Up to the #4 spot this week is Team Kaplan, who have now won a couple in a row. They defeated a solid Team Salkoff club by 12 points on Thursday Night. Michael Leifman was their leading scorer with 18 and Scott Plotnick poured in 17.  Captain Brett had 10 as did Zach Kaufman. 4 scorers in double figures normally equates to a Win – especially for a strong Defensive unit such as them. They are going to be a part of The Bucket List Game of the Week and take on #1 Team Weisberg.


5. Team Wells (High Fiving White Guys) – 2-2

Team Wells drops down a few spots this week, but still holds firm in the Top-5. They fell to #1 Team Weisberg (as everyone has thus far) in what was not their best appearance this season. They are a very good Team and will put it behind them quickly. Nick Schneider had 16 and Connor Jennings had 13 in this one. Captain Jonathan scored a dozen as well but they just couldn’t keep up with #1 Weisberg. Looking ahead to Week 5 – they will take on Team Indy.


6. Team Bernstein (Mezes) – 2-2

Up and into the Rankings for the first this Season is Team Bernstein who was able to secure a Win and climb back up to the .500 mark on the season as a result. They defeated Team Slomka in what was a closely contested Game 66-62. Donald Banks scored 18 in his debut to lead them in scoring. Tyler Darwick had a baker’s dozen and Jared Levin was also in double figures. They look to keep up the momentum in Week 5 against #2 Team Unger.


7. Team Dunlap (K’Nicks II) – 1-3

Team Dunlap had a double header on Thursday Night and went 1-1 on the Night, which is all you can really ask for. As a result, into the Rankings they go for the first time in Franchise history!  In Game 1, they defeated Team Shaffer by 7.. In Game 2, they were gassed and it was not pretty against Team Aranas. Nonetheless, they earned their first Win and that is something to build upon.. Alex Bahls was in double figures in both Games while Eric Klaus had a nice night as well. They look ahead to Week 5 where they will take on Team Slomka, who they share a 1-3 record with.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Indy (SLA Insurance) – 1-2

Team Indy faced a very strong squad in #2 Team Unger on Thursday Night. They just didn’t have enough to stop their high-powered Offense. It happens, remember these guys are still feeling each other out. Harry Clarke scored 27 in this one. DaRon Greason had 16 and Jonathan Reimer went for 11. These guys will have plenty of opportunities to gain some chemistry in Week 5 when they play twice!  They take on Team Shaffer and Team Wells in Week 5!


Team Salkoff (GLCCB) – 1-3

Team Salkoff dropped their Week 4 contest to #4 Team Kaplan by 12 points. They battled though against one of the better Teams in the League. Raul Hudema scored 18 to lead them in scoring. Casey Zidek had 13, while Captain Ryan Salkoff and Frank Fagiano each scored 11.  This is a solid group that you can expect to turn it around in the 2nd half of the season.. They take on #3 Team Aranas in Week 5.


Team Shaffer (Chicago Trolley) – 0-4

Team Shaffer exited Week 4 still searching for their first W of the Season. They are right there, it just hasn’t happened late in the Games where they pull one out. This is a quality group that is going to Win some Games still – just need to shake off the slow start. Captain Ian had 20 on the night. Kevin Grodnick had 10, but they just couldn’t get consistent buckets from anyone else on Thursday Night. It will come. This is a dark-horse candidate to make a real run in November, heard it here first. They take on Team Indy who will be playing in a double header during Week 5 – perfect opportunity to get that Win.


Team Slomka (Monstars) – 1-3

Team Slomka lost a tight one to Team Bernstein in Week 4. It was 66-62 going the other way, but it was a well played Game on both sides. Willie Sellers once again was their leading point-man with 24 on the night. With the big night, he has entered the Top-10 in PPG through 4 Weeks. Captain Tim had 15 as well. These guys have enough to win ball games. Team Dunlap, another 1-3 Team, is up next for them in Week 5!


That’s it for Week 4. Good Luck to everyone in Week 5!