2017 Chicago Fall THURSDAY Hoops Week 6 – (Nov. 2)

Updated: November 9, 2017

Week 6 is in the rear view mirror and now all that separates us from the Playoffs, is just one more night of the Regular Season on Thursday Nov. 9.  We had some major developments last week as former #1 Team Weisberg, finally took a Loss this season, at the hands of new #1 Team Aranas.  We also saw Team Wells defeat Team Unger by a point in a battle of Top-4 Teams. It is going to be a really fun finish as Teams are jockeying for Playoff seeding during the Regular Season finale! The first week of the Playoffs will be on Thursday Nov. 16 – where we will go from 11 Teams down to 4. We’ll then have a break for Thanksgiving and come back for the Final4 and Championship on Thursday Nov. 30.

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.


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Power Rankings

1. Team Aranas (it doesn’t matter) – 5-1

With their Win over Team Weisberg (and by 16!) they have moved into the control seat for the #1 seed in the Playoffs! They have to defeat Team Indy during Week 7 and they #1 seed is all theirs.. Now, if they were to fall to Team Indy, and Team Weisberg won, they’d finish no higher than 2nd and they’d actually open themselves up to being caught by Team Unger and Team Wells who sit just a Game Back. They will look to close it out strong and start as the #1 seed come Playoff time.


2. Team Weisberg (The Bucket List) – 5-1

We have seen many Undefeated seasons throughout the years in All Sports Series — many of these guys did just that, about 5 years ago, in the College/Prep “All Sports” League.. The truth is, the pressure of an Undefeated season is a very large burden and many Teams who have perfect Regular Seasons get upset early in their Playoff run.. While losing is never a “good thing” – they can just worry about getting Wins now and not having to go a perfect 10-0 to the Crown. They are still the favorite to Win the whole thing, despite their Loss on Thursday Night.  If they Win against Team Salkoff in Week 7, they will start the Playoffs no lower than #2.. A Win + Aranas Loss = #1 seed.. Now if they fall again, then Teams Unger and Wells could catch them from behind (but they hold tiebreakers over them and it would take something crazy for them to fall really lower than #2).  Just gotta get back to doing what they do and all will be fine.


3. Team Wells (High Fiving White Guys) – 4-2

Team Wells got their best W of the Season in Week 6 as they defeated Team Unger by a point in 2OT and were able to tie them in the Standings at 4-2.  Here’s what they are looking at in Week 7 – they will play Team Slomka. If they Win, they will finish no lower than #4 when the Playoffs begin.. If they Win and Team Kaplan doesn’t go 2-0 in their Double Header, they’d finish #3.  Now, if they get upset on Thursday Night.. Teams Kaplan and Unger would pass them with Wins and Team Bernstein could tie them as well and all of a sudden you are looking at a spot as low as #6 – which means an extra opening round contest – which they don’t want to do.  Their task is simple on Thursday – just win baby.


4. Team Unger (SLA Insurance) – 4-2

Team Unger was under-manned on Thursday Night and fell in 2OT to Team Wells in what was a big Game for Playoff seeding.. It was one that they wish they’d have – but this group has been two Championship Games in 2017 – they know how to win ball games when it matters most and their seed isn’t going to impact that too much. If they Win against Team Shaffer to close out the season – they should finish no lower than 4th realistically. There’s a chance it would be #5 with tiebreakers – if Team Kaplan goes 2-0 in their Week 7 double header.. Now, if they Win + you see Losses from any of the Top-3 Teams it is still possible for them to jump into one of the Top-3 seeds.. If they Lose.. It’s likely that both Teams Kaplan and Wells will finish ahead of them and Team Bernstein could tie them.. They’d be looking at a 5-6 seed range.. #6 means you have to play in the Opening Round, while #5 sends you right to Elite8.. Big Difference!


5. Team Kaplan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 3-2

They were on BYE during Week 6 but have two Games to close out the Regular Season during Week 7 as they try to go 2-0 against Teams Bernstein and Dunlap – both of whom are on their heels in the Standings.


6. Team Shaffer (Chicago Trolley) – 2-4

Team Shaffer is rolling at just the right time.. They had a slow start but have won 2 in a row here.. They take on Team Unger to finish out the Season in Week 7. They already know that they will be starting in the #6-11 range (meaning they are in the Opening Round) but if they can get a Win in Week 7, they all but assure themselves that they will be near the 6-8 range and that means playing a Team they’d be favored against in their first Playoff Game. A Loss on Thursday Night means they’d have to defeat not one, but two, Teams seeded higher than them en route to the Final4 as Cinderella – we’ve seen it before – but life will definitely be easier with a Win in the Regular Season finale.


7. Team Bernstein (Mezes) – 3-3

Big Win on Thursday Night for Team Bernstein who got back the .500 mark in Week 6 over Team Dunlap. They currently sit in the #6 spot. A win against Team Kaplan on Thursday Night would dish Team Kaplan their 3rd Loss and could elevate Team Bernstein into a Top-5 seed (and thus missing the Opening Round).. A Loss will lock them into a seed in the 6-11 range (which means they have to play in the Opening Round).. Those are big stakes in a Game that really directly impacts the entire middle of the pack – many eyes will be on them in the final Week!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Dunlap (K’Nicks II) – 2-4

Team Dunlap fell to Team Bernstein on Thursday Night and as a result are sitting at 2-4 as we head into Week 7. They will take on #5 Team Kaplan who will be playing in the 2nd Game of a Double Header and there is a chance that they will be taking on a very tired Team – they need to capitalize on this! A win for them will likely get them into the #7-8 range and they’d take on an opponent whom they will be favored against in the Opening Round. They are locked into the Opening Round but a Win can greatly improve their likelihood of advancing. Big Game upcoming!


Team Indy (SLA Insurance) – 2-4

Team Indy got a 67-60 W over Team Salkoff on Thursday Night and it is exactly what they needed to get their confidence back up. This group has played only a handful of times together and you can tell they are still learning each other’s Games. They are going to be tested a lot in Week 7 – #1 Team Aranas is up next. A Win for them means they could finish in the #7-8 range and be favored in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.. Now, if they Lose, they are likely going to start in the 9-11 range and have to pull off 2 upsets to make it to the Final4.  Let’s see what they can do against the top crew in the League to close out the Season.


Team Salkoff (GLCCB) – 1-5

Team Salkoff fell in what was a competitive Game with Team Indy on Thursday Night. They are set to take on #2 Team Weisberg who will likely be angry following their first Loss of the Season in Week 6. In terms of what they are looking at Playoff wise – they are going to be a part of the Opening Round – but if they can steal a Win against one of the top Teams in the League they will likely leap over a couple of Teams before the Playoffs start + knowing they can defeat anyone will be more important than anything when the Playoffs start next week. Just want to see them play well and get right for the second season.


Team Slomka (Monstars) – 1-5

Team Slomka dropped their Week 6 contest against Team Shaffer 66-52. They played well but just couldn’t hit enough shots in the 2nd half to keep up with Team Shaffer who is catching fire here the past two weeks. Team Slomka finishes the Season against #3 Team Wells.  A win would not only catapult them over a couple Teams (more than likely) but it will instill some much needed confidence in them as we head to the post-season – win or lose – they just want to play well and get ready for what could be a long night when the Playoffs begin. They’ll be a apart of the Opening Round which means they’ll need 2 wins that night to make it through to the Final4!


That’s it for Week 6. Good Luck in the Regular Season Finale!