2017 Chicago Men’s “All Sports” PLAYOFFS – (Aug. 14)

Updated: August 17, 2017

On Monday Night we Crowned the Chicago Men’s “All Sports” League Champs for the 7th time. It is our oldest and most established Chicago League, and with that comes more prestige… We knew full well, the Resume of Team Zimmerman coming into the Championship.  Defending 2x Champs. Their 4th straight Championship Game appearance. #1 seed in 2017. Enter the Challengers.. #7 Team Apuli, who have been in the Leagues since 2011 and never won the big one.. They needed 3 Wins last Monday Night just to qualify for the big dance.. This was a true David and Goliath… Scroll down for the results (or spoiler alert – look up at the picture).

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Championship Softball Review

1. Team Zimmerman (Sunset Foods) v. 7. Team Apuli (Rockin’ Refuel)

We mentioned the Resumes coming into this one.. Both groups have been apart of the League forever and Team Zimmerman was looking to become the very first group to ever 3peat in a Chicago League in All Sports Series history. For Team Apuli, they were looking to finally break through and grab that brass ring. These guys have been at it since 2011 and have been so close numerous times.. To get to this Championship Game, Team Zimmerman earned the #1 seed and took a BYE into the Final4 where they needed late game heroics on the Softball diamond to get past #4 Team Lehrman. As for Team Apuli.. They needed not one, not two, but THREE Floor Hockey Wins last week against #8 Hubner, #2 Kornblatt and #3 Dorfman just to make it to the Championship.

Mikey Matasar started got things going for Cinderella in the top half of the first as he knocked in 2 runs with a clutch 2-out hit. He was gunned down at 3rd by a great throw from Aaron Zucker to end the inning, but Team Apuli went into the Bottom of the 1st with the 2-0 lead.. Team Zimmerman would eventually catch up and then some, getting a 3-2 lead thanks in part to a few hits in the middle of the order from Captain Jack, Scott Harris and Bryan Nickow. They would get another 2 runs across in the middle innings and took a 5-2 lead into the Top of the 6th. Both Teams were being patient at the plate and there were plenty of baserunners to go around but the Defenses held scoring to a minimum for the most part. In the top half of the 6th, Team Apuli would get home a couple of runs to bring themselves within a run as we went into the Bottom of the 6th. Team Zimmerman left a few on to end the inning and we’d head to the final inning with #1 Team Zimmerman 3-outs away from the 3peat.  This is where things really got interesting.. Team Apuli started hitting the ball hard and on the ground.. Before you knew it they had baserunners everywhere and they had tied the Game.. Then, the hits kept coming.. Captain Justin got a hit, Jason Widen got a hit, Jono Matasar drove in run.. Before the Defending Champs could get the final out, 4 runs in total had crossed for the Underdogs and Team Apuli held an 8-5 lead heading into the Bottom of the 7th. Team Zimmerman hasn’t lost a Summer League Playoff Game since 2014.. They weren’t going to just go down without a fight.. Runners would reach base. Adam Harris had a big knock.  One run would score.. Then another.. So now the lead was just 1… 2 outs and Runners in scoring position.. This was shaping up to be an incredible come-from-behind walk-off for a 3peat.. Only it wasn’t meant to be.. Team Apuli clamped down and recorded the final out when Scott Kandelman hauled in a ball in left field and they had officially shocked the world! #7 Team Apuli are the 2017 Chicago Men’s League Champs! More on them in a second..

For Team Zimmerman, this one is going to sting.  They were 3 outs away from the 3peat. They know more than just about any other group in All Sports Series history however, that it takes a fortunate bounce or two though to win a Championship. They have dominated this League for so long and on this night they just didn’t get the bounce. To put in perspective what they have accomplished here since 2014… 70 Teams have competed over those 4 Summer Leagues. There are only 8 spots in the Championship Games. 5 Teams have comprised all 8 spots. They are the only Team to make more than 1 appearance in the Championship. That’s right. Out of 70 Teams, they have gone to 4-straight Championship Games and no other group has made it two. They have gone 2-2 in Championship Games, not a bad record when going up against the best of the best. This League has been built on their backs and they deserved to be praised and congratulated for the run they have gone on.. This won’t be the end for them by any means, but some perspective goes a long way.. Thank you for playing.

Now to the 2017 Champs – Team Apuli! Get used to that for a second.. The Champs! Captain Justin has been running the Team Apuli Franchise since 2011 and they have played in just about everything. Flag Football Leagues, Hoops Leagues, the “All Sports” Leagues — they have been close. Several Final4s over the years but on Monday Night they finally made it to the big one and man did that Game not disappoint. They could have given up when down 3 runs with only 6 outs to work with but there is something about this group that just believed it was meant to be.. When you look at what they accomplished over the final two Mondays of the Season – it is truly remarkable. They won 4 Playoff Games, knocking out 50% of the League.  No other Team even won 2. They knocked out the #2 and #3 seeds in consecutive Floor Hockey Games on Monday Night, after also playing the #8 seed.. Then they de-throned the 2x Champs and #1 seed in comeback fashion to win the whole thing. These guys deserve and you have to be happy for a group who has finally broken through the glass-ceiling. Congratulations! It has been amazing to watch this ride!


Thank you to everyone for another awesome Summer in Chicago. We will see most of you in the Fall or Spring!