2017 Chicago Men’s “All Sports” Week 6 – (July 24)

Updated: July 28, 2017

We are almost at the best part of the Summer! The Playoffs are just a little over a week away and we still have a ton to settle with a lot of points left to be determined. We are going to break down scenarios below.. First, here’s How the Playoffs Work:

1) All 8 Teams qualify. Single Elimination

2) The #7 and #8 seeds will play in an Opening Round Game. The sport will be either Hockey or Hoops. That sport will be determined by the #1 and/or potentially #2 seeds

3) The #1 seed will then have a choice..

3a) They can choose to take a BYE to the Final4 and play Softball against the Winner of the #4 v #5 (Quarterfinal Softball Game) and then the #2 seed would play the Winner of the Opening Round Game (Hoops/Hockey) OR

3b) The #1 seed could instead could choose to take on the Winner of the #7 v #8 Opening Round Hoops/Hockey Game in either of those sports (of their choosing). In that scenario the #2 seed would earn the BYE to the Final4 and Play the Winner of the #4 v #5 Quarterfinal Softball Game. Note, whoever plays the Winner of the Opening Round Game (#1 or #2) will choose the SAME Sport for ALL 3 of the following Games: Opening Round Game, #1 or #2 v. Winner of 7/8 and Winner of that Game against Winner of 3/6. The 3/6 Quarterfinal Game will play the Opposite sport (Hoops/Hockey) as those other Games listed above.

Essentially what we know for sure is the 4/5 Quarterfinal Game will be Softball and the Winner there will play either the #1 or #2 seeds for a spot in the Championship. That is one side of the Bracket. The other side of the bracket will have the Opening Round Game between #7 and #8 in either Hoops or Hockey.  The #3 v #6 seeds will be on this side of the bracket and play the opposite sport as the Opening Round Game.


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Playoff Scenarios

Race for #1

Teams Kornblatt and Zimmerman are both Undefeated and enter the final Week tied for the #1 seed. Whoever does better in the Volleyball Tourney is going to come away with ultimate control over the Playoff Bracket. To say there will be scoreboard watching will be a massive understatement.  The other group will enter the Playoffs at #2 and these guys might just seem poised for a clash in the Championship.


LOCKED #3 – Team Dorfman (Hakimian Imports)

Team Dorfman will start at #3 despite anything that could happen on Monday but momentum is key and they are going to be looking for that come Week 7.


Race for #4

Currently Teams Lehrman, Stone and Roberson are all within 7 points of one another.. Two of them are likely to start the Playoffs as the 4/5 seeds in Softball but none of them want to fall to #6 where they could be staring at Team Dorfman in Hoops to open the Playoffs. Volleyball is going to be huge in Week 7. Team Roberson is also not out of the woods for the Opening Round Game just yet either.. Team Apuli will be on their heels should Team Roberson not get some VBall Points.


Currently in Opening Round

Team Hubner is going to start in the Opening Round. So either Hoops or Hockey. This group is no ordinary #8 seed and they are a real threat to knock off whoever they see come August. As for Team Apuli who currently sits in 7th.. If they can win the Volleyball Tourney and Team Roberson gets 0 points, then they can actually jump Team Roberson for 6th and avoid the extra Opening Round Game.


A ton is at stake come Monday Night! Can’t wait!