2017 Chicago Spring Flag Football – Playoffs Week 1 (May 23)

Updated: June 1, 2017

On Tuesday Night we began the Double Elimination Playoffs and to no one’s surprise we left talking about a big-time upset as the night concluded.. #4 Team Jiminez won two straight on Tuesday Night with the second coming against #1 Team Guggenheim and they are now in a great spot to win Back2Back Crowns. We’ll recap all of the action below! This coming Tuesday Night, we will go from 6 Teams remaining to 3 for the Final Tuesday Night on June 6.

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Playoff Preview

3. Team Apuli (StudentCity) v. 6. Team Massel (Schweitzer Title)

Winner plays 2. Team Holway

The weather was going to be a factor in this one as both Teams would have to deal with the rain pouring down on them steadily here.  Team Massel had to play the first-half down a man but managed to keep it close with the favored Team Apuli squad. QB Michael Glink would throw 2 TDs here for Team Apuli. They went up 13-0 but Team Massel would not give-up just yet.. Jordan Schwartz would throw a TD here to get his Team within a score with about 10 minutes left to play. There were a few turnovers down the stretch but in the end it was 3. Team Apuli with the Win and they’d move on to a Rematch with 2. Team Holway while 6. Team Massel would go to Elimination Game territory next week.


2. Team Holway (Biaggi’s) v. 3. Team Apuli (Biaggi’s)

When the Bracket came out, this one jumped off the page as the best potential match-up of Night 1 and with Team Apuli winning 13-6 in their first Game, the stage was set. The Weather began to ease up here and it should have allowed the Offenses to have more success.. However, the Defenses were flying to the Football and neither Team could find the endzone.. We actually would head to Overtime with the score knotted at zero. In OT, Captain Justin Apuli, who was filling in for the injured Michael Glink, found Adam Berzon in the endone and they would take a 6-0 lead.. Team Holway needed a score or the Game was over.. Captain Brad Holway found Michael Bernstein past the goal-line for what was an incredible grab to tie at 6 and on the ensuing play they would get the PAT, for the Win!  2. Team Holway remains in the Winner’s Bracket while 3. Team Apuli will need to fight for their life next week in Elimination Games.


4. Team Jiminez (cea Study Abroad) v. 5. Team Roberson (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

Winner plays 1. Team Guggenheim (Chipotle)

Team Jiminez was trying to go Back2Back and their title defense would be greatly impacted on how this night would go.. They did not want to take any chances and they came out firing. Captain and QB Alex threw multiple TDs including a dart to Cory Stiles who took it to the house. They would go up by 24 in this one and there was little doubt to who would win. They moved on to face #1 Team Guggenheim and #5 Team Roberson will go to Elimination Game territory next week.


1. Team Guggenheim (Chipotle) v. 4. Team Jiminez (cea Study Abroad)

Both Teams knew how big this one was.. The Winner would be just a couple Games from the Crown while the Loser would have to go to Elimination Game territory and need approximately 5 wins in a row to hoist the Crown.. Big stakes here.  Team Jiminez came in with momentum from their previous route over #5 Team Roberson and they were able to continue that.. Alex Jiminez would toss 2 TDs here and that was all their defense would need to get the job done. QB Jeff Nault hit Jeffrey Oscar for Team Guggenheim for a score but they trailed late and couldn’t score with a goal-to-go opportunity to close the Game.. Team Jiminez will take on #2 Team Holway in the Winner’s Bracket on Tuesday Night while Team Guggenheim needs a couple of wins to extend their season.


That’s it for this week. See everyone on Tuesday Night!