2017 Chicago Spring Flag Football – Playoffs Week 2 (May 30)

Updated: June 1, 2017
On Tuesday Night we had some of the most important Games of the Season! For starters, we are down to just 3 Teams as we enter the final Tuesday of the Season.  We’re going to review the action from Tuesday Night but there were certainly some upsets and it sets up an extremely interesting final night!
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Playoff Review

ELIMINATION GAME: 1. Team Guggenheim (Chipotle) v. 3. Team Apuli (StudentCity)

Many thought this may be the Championship Game but both groups were up-ended in the first week of the Playoffs and now they meet here, with only one of the moving on to Championship Tuesday. Both Teams were plagued by injuries heading into this one.. They wouldn’t make excuses but the fact is neither group was entering Tuesday even remotely close to 100%.  Team Apuli was able to get on the board first thanks to a strike from QB3 Andy Cohen (who was filling in for both Captain Justin and Michael Glink who were both out) to Mikey Matasar. They would hook up again late in the half for what was an amazing grab.. They actually jumped out to a 19-0 lead just before halftime when Jacob Hurwith snagged a TD as he got his hands just under the ball before it hit the ground.. From there it was only a matter of time before 3. Team Apuli earned the Win and would advance.

For Team Guggenheim, it was certainly a sour end to what was another strong season as they claimed the #1 overall seed. We need to give a Feel Better soon to Brian the Bones Bonamarte who went out with an achilles injury during this Game. These guys will be back and it is only a matter of time until the crown is claimed by them. Too much talent, just need to get a Playoff bounce or two their way. Thanks for playing!


2. Team Holway (Biaggi’s) v. 4. Team Jiminez (cea Study Abroad)

Winner Goes to the Championship Game

This was the big one.. While it’s not quite the Championship, the Winner here has a commanding advantage entering the final Tuesday Night of the League as the only Team without a Loss.. The Winner is in the Championship while the Loser would face #3 Team Apuli next Tuesday for a spot in the Championship where they’d need to then defeat the Winner of this Game 2x in a row! Yes, the Loser here needs to win 3-straight next Tuesday to claim the Crown.. Like we said, this was the big one!

Both Teams were flying around on Defense and were certainly ahead of the Offenses for virtually the entire Game.. We went to halftime scoreless.. Eventually Team Jiminez would break through with a TD from QB and Captain Alex to Jonathon Frosolone to earn a 6-0 lead… The question then became, would that lead hold up? Team Holway struggled to get 1st downs for most of the Game. They had what was an apparent long-yardage TD called back on an Offensive Interference call.. They managed to get the ball with a couple minutes to go and finally moved the ball down the field. They got within goal-to-go situation and just about a minute left.. The Team Jiminez D buckled down one last time though and forced a turnover in the back corner of the endzone and that was it! #4 Team Jiminez is heading back to the Championship Game for the second straight season while Team Holway will meet familiar foes #3 Team Apuli for what seems like the 10th time this season.. This one will send one of them home packing though..


That’s it for the Review this week, Good Luck to the final Teams and Thanks again for playing!