2017 Chicago Spring Hoops (2nd Session) – Playoff Preview (May 11)

Updated: May 18, 2017

The second season has arrived! It’s Playoff time! 12 Teams will enter the Playoffs on Thursday Night and by the end of the Night we will be down to our Final4. All eyes will of course be on Team Darcy who enter the Playoffs with a 17-Game Win Streak and the #1 overall seed looking to Win Back2Back Crowns. We are going to breakdown the whole bracket below for a Playoff Preview!

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Playoff Preview

Opening Rounds

9. Team Glass v. 12. Team Indy and Winner plays 8. Team Watts

Team Glass and Team Indy played all the way back in Week 1 of the Season. On that Night Team Glass got a nice victory to start their campaign. A lot has changed since then as Team Glass has suffered numerous injuries and now Team Indy has a season to play with one another.. This one will truly be anyone’s Game.. This could be a sneaky Game of the Night candidate actually.. The Winner will move on to play #8 Team Watts immediately following their victory.

Team Watts will not have the pleasure of knowing who their first opponent is on Thursday Night until just minutes before. However, they will certainly be the fresher Team and the favorite over either of the options in front of them. If they play their best they should be able to move on. Now, the Winner of that Game gets to go try and slay the giant that is #1 Team Darcy.. Do you believe in miracles?


10. Team Deutsch v. 11. Team Kaplan and Winner plays 7. Team Halperin

Teams Deutsch and Kaplan both have a ton of talent. So much that it wouldn’t have been surprising to see them meet much further down the road, say in the Final4 or so.. However, they both suffered some close Losses and now find themselves in the Opening Rounds. Team Kaplan was the #6 seed last season and was upset in the first Game by the #11 seeded Team Halperin.. Wouldn’t it be fitting for them to get to go and try to avenge that Loss as the #11 seed against the higher seeded Halperin crew? Team Deutsch has other plans though in what should be a really excellent way to tip-off the Playoffs.

Team Halperin is going to have their hands full no matter who their opponent winds up being to start their Playoff run. They are going to be fresh, which is surely an advantage but their opponent will surely be coming in with momentum following their first Playoff W. Whoever survives this pod, will move on and face the streaking #2 Team Dean for a spot in the Final4. Any of these Teams have enough to Win but will need to bring their absolute best!



1. Team Darcy v. 8/9/12

As mentioned at the jump, Team Darcy is coming into the Playoffs with a 17-Game Win Streak and the #1 overall seed. They are going to be gigantic favorites every time they take the court and especially on Opening Night when they will be the fresher Team against whoever makes it out of the Glass/Indy/Watts pod.  This group can hurt you in so many different ways and that is what has kept the streak going. Even if 1 or 2 players are off, they have several more who can get buckets.  Look for the to move into their 2nd straight Final4 (and actually 4th straight if you factor in their past 2 summer leagues together).. Remarkably impressive.


4. Team Unger v. 5. Team Horwitz

Very possible this one will go down as the Game of the Night. It is actually a Rematch from last season’s Final4 where Team Unger defeated Team Horwitz in route to the Championship Game where they lost to Team Darcy. Very similar circumstances surround this one.. The Winner here will move on to face Team Darcy in a make or break Game but this time they are playing one round earlier. It is certainly going to be a tough road for both Teams here and only one can move on.. Both are hungry to get back to the Final4 and realistically both pose a threat to #1 Team Darcy.  Get your popcorn ready for this one!


2. Team Dean v. 7/10/11

Team Dean has won 6-straight Games since dropping their opener to Team Darcy back in Week 1. They are absolutely rolling and are eagerly anticipating a rematch with Team Darcy in what would be the Championship Game. Of course, they need to earn their way there first with a couple of Ws. They will play whoever survives among the Deutsch/Kaplan/Halperin pod on Thursday Night and then if they Win that one would play either Shlofrock/Jiminez in the Final4. They cannot take Thursday Night lightly as the whoever their opponent will be, is going to be extremely capable. This could be a really fun one to watch!


3. Team Shlofrock v. 6. Jiminez

Saving the best for last here. This is the safe bet for Game of the Night. It will also start off the Playoffs for the League.. Team Shlofrock obviously has had a great season going 5-2 before the Playoffs. Team Jiminez has won 4 of their last 5 to sprint up to the #6 seed.. Something has to give here. Both Teams are playing really well. They didn’t meet during the Regular Season so there will likely be some feeling out in the early part of the Game.. The Winner here is looking at a potential date with #2 Team Dean in the Final4. This is going to come down to which Team takes care of the ball better, both have very capable scorers. Get ready!


That’s it for the Playoff Preview. See everyone on Thursday Night!