2017 Chicago Spring Hoops (2nd Session) – Playoff Scenarios (May 4)

Updated: May 9, 2017

Just one week remains now in the Regular Season!  We will take you through all of the Scenarios for Seeding below. Team Darcy continued their dominance on Thursday Night and in doing so locked up the #1 seed (again).  We also saw Team Dean win a crucial Game with Team Unger this past Thursday Night. Let’s get to the Scenarios for the Regular Season Finale!

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Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Darcy – 6-0 – LOCKED #1 Seed

Sam Martinez had a nice night going for 19 points in their latest W over Team Watts. They got to 6-0 with the Win and they have head to head tiebreakers over each Team that could still feasibly catch them, even IF they lose in Week 7.. and let’s be honest.. That seems pretty unlikely. They look to complete another perfect Regular Season against Team Deutsch on Thursday.


Race for #2 Seed

2. Team Dean – 5-1 and 3. Team Shlofrock – 4-1

Following their big-time W over Team Unger, Team Dean sits a half a Game up on Team Shlofrock, although they are tied in the Loss column. Team Shlofrock has a double header coming up on Thursday Night — they take on both Team Unger and Team Deutsch on the League’s final night.. Should they go 2-0 they will put a lot of pressure on Team Dean who would need to defeat Team Watts to keep pace.  Both Teams are in good shape for Top-3 seeds here. Team Dean holds tiebreakers over both Teams Horwitz and Unger. So they are going to start at #2 or #3 which is crucial as they can only meet Team Darcy then in the Championship. For Team Shlofrock, should they lose to Team Unger on Thursday Night they could fall into the 4/5 range and then face Team Darcy in the Semis. Important Games upcoming..


Clinch Top-8 w/ Wins

t-4. Team Unger and Team Horwitz – 4-2

Team Unger and Team Horwitz have gigantic Games ahead in Week 7.. The potential implications for them may be the biggest in the entire League.. As of right now they would face each other in the Elite8 (last season they played each other in the Final4) and the Winner would face Team Darcy in the Final4.. However, if they can get Wins and somehow catch Team Dean and/or Team Shlfrock, they could climb up to the #3 seed and avoid Team Darcy until the Championship. At this point, that is the Goal… Team Unger will play Team Shlofrock head to head on Thursday and with a Win, would really help their chances. Meanwhile, Team Horwitz plays Team Halperin, who sits just a Game back of them in the Standings. Should they fall, they will likely get jumped in the Standings and fall down to the 6-8 range..


t-6. Team Halperin and Team Jiminez – 3-3

Both of these squads sit at the .500 mark and will greatly benefit from Week 7 Wins. Team Halperin will play Team Horwitz who currently is tied for 4th and just a Game ahead of Team Halperin. With a Win, they could leap up and get into position to snag the #5 seed. The same goes for Team Jiminez who actually holds a tiebreaker over Team Halperin thanks to a head to head Win.. So, if Team Jiminez can defeat Team Glass in Week 7, there’s a good chance that they could actually grab the #5 seed.. However, should either or both Teams fall — there are plenty of potential Teams who could leap them in the final week.. It’s actually possible for these Teams to still wind up in the 8 seed range (staring down a potential Elite8 battle with Team Darcy).. Need Wins on Thursday.


Race for #8 Seed

t-8. Team Glass and Team Watts – 2-4

There are 5 Teams in this section.. 4 of which will enter two extra Opening Rounds of the Playoffs. The 8 seed will await the Winner of the 9 v. 12 Game.. While the 10 and 11 seeds will compete to play the 7 seed.. These groups definitely want to wind up #8 so they don’t have to play 3 Games on Thursday Night to advance.. Especially with either Team Darcy or whoever winds up #2 awaiting them at the end of the night.  Team Watts finishes the season against the strong Team Dean squad that is closing in on the #2 seed and Team Glass will try to pull even with Team Jiminez who sits just a Game up on them.. A win for Team Glass could really do a ton for their Playoff run..


10. Team Deutsch – 1-4

Sitting a Game back in the Win Column of Teams Watts and Glass is Team Deutsch. They have two Games during the Regular Season Finale.. It won’t be easy.. They take on #1 Team Darcy AND Team Shlofrock during Week 7. If they can earn a split they could potentially grab a tie with either Teams Watts or Glass in addition to holding off Team Kaplan.. If they go 0-2, there is a good chance they will be starting in the 10-11 range or potentially the #12 spot. They have a puncher’s chance at getting up into the #8 seed range if they bring their A-Game on Thursday Night.


11. Team Kaplan – 1-5

Team Kaplan lost a hard-fought Game to Team Glass on Thursday Night. It was anyone’s Game and they just couldn’t pull it out. They were the 6-seed last season and their core remains in tact. The talent is still there, they just aren’t getting Ws right now. This week should be used to get right and then focus on playing their best come Playoff time. Then they can try to pull a shocker, much like what they saw last season. They will take on Team Indy who sits a Game Back of them.. If they drop that one, they are the 12 seed.


12. Team Indy – 0-6

For Team Indy, they have a big Game upcoming.. They sit a Game Back of Team Kaplan in the Standings and that is going to be their opponent in the Regular Season Finale. The math is simple.. Win and they get to #11 to start the Playoffs. If they lose, they will start at #12. Let’s look for them to get some momentum on Thursday Night and take it into the Playoffs with them!


That’s it for the Playoff Scenarios. Good Luck in the final week of the Regular Season!