2017 Chicago Spring Hoops (2nd Session) – Week 2 (April 6)

Updated: April 11, 2017

We returned for Week 2 with a full slate of Games for all 12 Teams on Thursday Night. We saw Teams Deutsch and Shlofrock take to the court for the first time this Season.. Find out below who got the W in their first Game.. The Top-3 remains in tact from Week 1 but there is definitely some shaking-up to round out the rest of the Top-8! The Team Darcy run is now at 12 Games.. What a streak.

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-8 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Sport Specific Leagues > Chicago Spring Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Darcy – 2-0

They have earned the right to be #1 and for the foreseeable future. They had 4 scorers in double figures.. Tim Dunlavy led with 22, Doug Wollney had 19, Sam Martinez had 18 and Captain Darcy had 16. It was a complete effort against a nice Team Kaplan squad. They show no signs of slowing down any time soon as they have rattled off 12 straight Ws. Next up, a much improved Team Halperin crew.


2. Team Unger – 2-0

Remaining at #2 after the second Week is last season’s Runners-Up Team Unger. Judd Barron led them in scoring with 23 and Captain Max had 17 to help guide them to 2-0. Their Win against what will be a good Team Deutsch squad is one we may look back upon come Playoff time as one of Team Unger’s most important of the Regular Season. They look to make it three straight out of the gate against Team Indy.


3. Team Horwitz – 2-0

The 3rd 2-0 squad is Team Horwitz. They flew under the radar much of last season before getting all the way to the Final4.  They are off to a great start once again and they aren’t getting the pub they likely should. Drake Orser had 27 and is becoming one of the premier big-men in the League. Roshan Thakker followed up his Week 1 heroics with 17 points and Captain Wiz had 15 in Week 2. They are going to be pushed in Week 3 when they take on Team Kaplan.


4. Team Dean – 1-1 

Team Dean bounced back from a rocky Week 1 against the Defending Champs to quickly show everyone what they are capable of. Tim Traversa had an extremely impressive debut as he went for 30 to lead all scorers on Thursday Night. Marian Knezovic also debuted with 19 points. These guys help shape a very deep Team Dean squad. One that will be eager to face Team Darcy once again come Playoff time.


5. Team Shlofrock – 1-0 

Team Shlofrock got their first Game under their belts on Thursday Night and came away with the W. Team Shlofrock has seen many versions throughout the years and this one might give Captain Jake his truly best shot at a Crown yet. He has brought in some big-time talent from the Sunday Night Chicago Hoops League like Jake Lerman to pair with an off-season acquisition in Brandon Lathon who has been synonymous with winning over the years. They also add past Champion Mike Maione who is returning to All Sports Series after a year away.. They join the brothers Silver to form a very very dangerous bunch. They look to get to 2-0 against Team Glass on Thursday.


6. Team Halperin – 1-1 

Team Halperin was not full strength during Week 1, so in many ways this was their “re-debut” in Week 2. Alex Rubin debuted this Season to lead them in scoring with 18. Jeff Shukis went for 17 and Brett Miller had 15. Also in double figures was Captain Joey and Trevor Thomas. That’s 5 scorers with 10+.  You don’t see that very often. They really took it to Team Glass. They look to get up and over .500 against Defending Champs Team Darcy in Week 3 — they would put the entire League on notice with a Win.


7. Team Kaplan – 1-1 

Team Kaplan got off to a nice start in Week 1, but fell (as everyone of their opponents have since January) against Defending Champs Team Darcy on Thursday Night. Captain Brett Kaplan had 24 and Brad Deutsch debuted, an All Sports Series vet that can really help this Team get over the hump, he scored 15 points. They will have another tough test with #3 Team Horwitz coming up on Thursday Night.


8. Team Glass – 1-1

Rounding out the Rankings this week is Team Glass. They took a tumble against the emerging powerhouse that is Team Halperin in Week 2. Chris Tanko scored 18 in this one Sam Harris was over double digits as well. These guys have plenty of talent and while they were able to secure the Week 1 W, it still is going to take them a few weeks to gel as a unit. Many of these guys have not played together (ever or at least for sometime).. Week 3 brings along the tough Team Shlofrock.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Deutsch – 0-1

Team Deutsch got started on Thursday Night and this is a group that should excel very quickly. They were without a couple key pieces and that did them no favors in their first Game against last season’s Runners-Up Team Unger. Danny Dlugie had 19 and Ross Chuckerman had 14. This is a group chalk-full of All Sports Series vets and they are going to be into the Rankings in no time. They get the tough Team Dean in Week 3.


Team Indy – 0-2

They ran into one of the League’s best on Thursday Night in #3 Team Horwitz. It’s going to take this group some time to figure it all out as they are just meeting each other off the court let alone figuring out their roles on it. Brendon Lally had 10 points to lead them in scoring. They look to get their first W of the season against Team Unger on Thursday Night.


Team Jiminez – 0-2

Team Jiminez fell to a very very good Team Dean squad in Week 2. Just need to shake it off and move on to the next contest.. Myles Davis had a dozen to lead them in scoring. They too are a group that is integrating some new pieces and it just takes time to build chemistry. Luckily there is plenty of that right now.. Week 3 puts them against fellow 0-2 Team Watts.. One of those groups will secure their first W of the Season on Thursday.


Team Watts – 0-2

Team Watts took on a strong Team Shlofrock group in Week 2 and came up a bit short. This is a group with a bunch of talented Players and that will eventually turn into Wins for them. Captain Mack had 21 and Ian Anderson had 15 in this one. They will look to climb out of the 0-2 hole against another group with the same record – Team Jiminez on Thursday Night for Week 3.


That’s it for Week 2. See you on Thursday Night!