2017 Chicago Spring Hoops (2nd Session) – Week 3 (April 13)

Updated: April 19, 2017

Week 3 has come and gone.. 4 Teams still remain undefeated as we head into the fourth Thursday of competition. Team Shlofrock trails Teams Darcy, Horwitz and Unger by a Game in the Win Column, but all of them have 0 in the L-Column.  We are assured that this list will be shorter come next week as Team Shlofrock will go toe to toe with the Defending Champs and owners of a current 13-Game Win Streak – Team Darcy!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Darcy – 3-0

Another dominating performance for Team Darcy. They need to pay attention to their Week 3 opponents though.. Team Halperin was without much of their starting line-up on Thursday and it is a group that they may see later on in the Playoffs. Eyad Salem had a very nice night with 16 points for the top squad in the League. As mentioned at the top, they will face fellow unbeaten #5 Team Shlofrock in the Week 4 Main Event.


2. Team Unger – 3-0

Keeping pace with their Championship combatant from last season is Team Unger who is off to another great start this season. Judd Barron had yet another impressive performance as he went for 24 points to help lead Team Unger over Team Indy on Thursday Night. Ryan Lederman was in double figures for the 3rd straight night as well. Week 4 lines them up with Team Kaplan in a Rematch from the best Regular Season Game of last season.. These Teams went to OT in an absolute thriller and Team Unger certainly wants to find some revenge!


3. Team Horwitz – 3-0

Team Horwitz, just like the other top two Teams in the Rankings, was able to get to 3-0 on Thursday Night. Roshan Thakker has had himself a very nice start to the Season. We all know about the hail mary game-winner in Week 1, but he poured in 37 points on Thursday Night to help give the blue squad another W. They will be pushed on Thursday Night when they take on #4 Team Dean who is hungry to get into the Top-3. It is a likely candidate for stealing the show on Thursday.


4. Team Dean – 2-1 

Team Dean got their second-straight W on Thursday Night. It was a competitive contest that saw them pull away in the final stretch against Team Deutsch. Captain Tredrick Dean had 22 and Marian Knezovic had 19 points. These guys can go. Big-time Game coming up with Team Horwitz upcoming in Week 4.. They also have a match-up with Team Unger looming in Week 6. Team Dean is as likely as any to knock those Undefeated Teams off their perch.


5. Team Shlofrock – 2-0 

Team Shlofrock got to 2-0 on Thursday Night after a very nice W against Team Glass. Jake Lerman had another nice night as did Captain Jake in this one. This is a group that has a bunch of firepower and with the additions of Brandon Lathon and Michael Maione they can really take care of the paint. This is a very dangerous Team. They take on #1 Team Darcy in the Game of the Week.. This group seems like one that is capable of snapping the streak.. 13 Games now and counting..


6. Team Halperin – 1-2

Team Halperin was undermanned and against the wrong opponent on Thursday Night in #1 Team Darcy. It’s a shame because at 100% this group can beat anyone in the League – including the Defending Champs. They will get it back in gear when their full line-up returns this week. They will take on #7 Team Jiminez who they share a 1-2 record with currently in Week 4.


7. Team Jiminez – 1-2

Team Jiminez got their first W of the Season on Thursday Night in a nice performance against Team Watts. Renell Taylor debuted and scored 23 points on the night. Myles Davis also had a nice night, he hit 5 three pointers to score 15 total on the night. They look to now get on a roll as they will take on fellow 1-2 Team Halperin in Week 4 as they attempt to get back to the .500 mark.


8. Team Glass – 1-2

Team Glass looked great in Week 1 but has stumbled a bit since then. Sam Harris had another nice night but they need the entire line-up in tact to continue to win ball games. They face an 0-3 Team Watts crew on Thursday Night. If they are at 100% and play well, they should be able to climb back to .500 when Week 4 is complete.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Deutsch – 0-2

Team Deutsch played well, even though they were short-handed, against a very good Team Dean squad on Thursday. They had a very short bench and just couldn’t keep up down the stretch.  Danny Dlugie had 16 and Mitchell Lev went for 15 in his return to All Sports Series. They have more than enough to Win Games on Thursdays and they will look to snap their skid against 0-3 Team Indy in Week 4.


Team Indy – 0-3

Team Indy had their hands full with a tough Team Unger group that made it to the Championship Game last season. Brendon Lally was once again their leading scorer.. Robert Balcerzak and Kevin Zhang were also in double figures. These guys just need some more reps together to gain that chemistry. They get Team Detusch in Week 4.. One of those squads will get their first W of the Season on Thursday Night.


Team Kaplan – 1-2

Team Kaplan was without much of their normal rotation on Thursday Night. They fell to Team Horwitz in Week 3.  Scott Plotnick had 17 points to pick up the slack for some of his squad. Their schedule has been very tough to start and that will continue this coming Thursday when they take on #2 Team Unger. This is a rematch of their OT-thriller from last season. We have already warned the bank for Jake Preskill..


Team Watts – 0-3

Team Watts left Week 3 still searching for their first W of the season but it will come. They faced an improved Team Jiminez crew on Thursday Night and need to just put that one behind them. They are  a Team that can finish the Regular Season over .500.. They have what it takes to go on a run here. Just need to get started.. They get Team Glass in Week 4, a group that has also dropped a couple in a row.. Could be the perfect time to turn it all around.


That’s it for Week 3! See Everyone on Thursday Night. Go Hawks and Go Bulls!