2017 Chicago Spring Hoops (2nd Session) – Week 4 (April 20)

Updated: April 26, 2017

We ALMOST had a big-time upset last Thursday Night as Defending Champs and Undefeated #1 Team Darcy trailed with a handful of minutes to go against Team Shlofrock but they made one of their famous runs and snapped the W away in the final stretch.. They and Team Unger, who they competed against in the Championship last season, are alone atop the Standings at 4-0 through 4 weeks. You know what works out really well? Those, two Teams will have a Championship Rematch on Thursday Night! Only one can make it to 5-0!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Darcy – 4-0

As we mentioned at the top Team Darcy needed some late-Game heroics to come up with the Week 4 Win on Thursday Night. It is good to see them get truly tested and that is exactly what happened on Thursday against Team Shlofrock. Tim Dunlavy led with 19 while both Sam Martinez and Doug Wollney each had 16.  This group has a target placed squarely on their backs but that has been the case for months. 14 in a row and counting… Can they make it 15 against #2 Team Unger in the Game of the Week!?


2. Team Unger – 4-0

Team Unger moved to 4-0 on Thursday Night and got some Redemption from a heart-breaking Loss they suffered in OT last season against Team Kaplan. They didn’t let it even get close to OT this time as they were all over the court on Defense and never allowed Team Kaplan to get comfortable. Ryan Lederman scored 21 in the Win. They now turn their focus to a Championship Rematch with Team Darcy in Week 5. Can they get some more revenge?


3. Team Dean – 3-1 

We touted Team Dean coming into the Season. Captain Tred is a true All Sports Series veteran and he knew full well the type of squad he’d have to bring into make an impact.. That is exactly what he has done. We cannot wait for an impending Playoff Rematch between them and Team Darcy when both Teams are at full-strength.. Last Week, Team Dean got their 3rd straight W against previously unbeaten Team Horwitz and, it was a statement. They won by 40 and it didn’t even seem that close.  Tim Traversa led them with 21. They get Team Glass on Thursday Night.


4. Team Horwitz – 3-1

Team Horwitz suffered their first defeat of the Season on Thursday Night at the hands of Team Dean. For starters, Team Horwitz did not play well. They’ll be the first to admit to it.. Team Dean on the other hand, was flying on all cylinders.. It happens. It’s a good reminder for them to stay hungry and that there is a ton of solid competition out there each week. Roshan Thakker had 15 in the Loss. They will look to get back on track in Week 5 against #5 Team Shlofrock in what could end up being the best played Game of the Week…


5. Team Shlofrock – 2-1

We touched on it in the open but Team Shlofrock beat Team Darcy through the first 38 minutes or so.. They just couldn’t hold on for the final 6.. They showed the rest of the League that they are for real and it will also put the top squad on notice, that they won’t just walk to the Crown.. Jake Lerman scored 22 in an impressive night against the League’s best squad.. If they turn in the same caliber performance on Thursday, they will defeat #4 Team Horwitz. Should be a good one.


6. Team Jiminez – 2-2

Launching up to #6 after their second straight W is Team Jiminez who is really rounding into shape here. They have a lot of new pieces to integrate but the talent is evident. They got a 3pt W against the strong Team Halperin in Week 4. Certainly their most impactful win in the Hoops League to date. They look to make it 3 in a row against the 0-4 Team Indy squad in Week 4.


7. Team Deutsch – 1-2

Team Deutsch got their first W of the Season on Thursday Night. It will allow them to take a deep breathe and really settle in without having a losing streak on their shoulders to start the season. This Team is very talented and now that the rust has been shaken off for a few of them they are going to be very tough. They haven’t even seen the debut of what most will peg as their best player – Jamie Nikitas. They are going to have a very strong second-half. Team Watts looms in Week 5, led by Captain and sometimes Teammate Mack Watts.


8. Team Watts – 1-3

Team Watts picked up Win #1 on Thursday Night. They defeated Team Glass by a score of 70-41 and must have felt very good to get their first W.  They now can start looking to stock-pile them as they march toward the .500 mark. This is a group that can win out. They are talented enough. They will try and make it two straight Wins against Team Deutsch, a group that also just go their first W last week.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Glass – 1-3

Team Glass had a bad week. Forget the result. They had some injuries to key contributors and are going to have to replenish for the back-half of the season. Want to give a big “Get Better Soon” to Chris Tanko and Brian McWeeney.  They need to just totally erase last Thursday from their memory and get ready to go this week. They have the tough Team Dean on-deck in Week 5.


Team Halperin – 1-3 

Team Halperin dropped a close one against an ascending Team Jiminez club. Jeff Shukis had 17 but in general they are still trying to figure out how to work in a lot of new pieces. All are talented, they just need time. The positive is, they have it. They get a good Team Kaplan crew in Week 5, who also is sitting with a 1-3 record.. Neither Team pictured itself at 1-4, so it should be a nice battle on Thursday Night.


Team Indy – 0-4

Team Indy is still improving as a group. We have said it numerous times already but it just takes time to gel together on the basketball court. They have some playmakers and it is a group that is capable of winning some Games in the back-half of the season. They will take on the 2-2 Team Jiminez squad in Week 5.


Team Kaplan – 1-3

Team Kaplan was under-manned on Thursday Night, without many of their rotation and they just could not get it going on the Offensive end. Each possession was a struggle against Team Unger. Captain Kaplan led them with a dozen points in this one. They now have to look ahead to a Game with fellow 1-3 Team Halperin. This one could be very important come Playoff time!


That’s it for Week 4. Good Luck to everyone in Week 5!