2017 Chicago Spring Hoops – Championship Thursday (March 23)

Updated: March 30, 2017

On Thursday Night we Crowned our first ever Spring Hoops League Champs!  Have to give a gigantic Congratulations to Team Darcy who finished the perfect season with 2 impressive Wins on Thursday Night to claim the Championship.  They were also our very first Summer Hoops League Champs back in 2015.. This group is creating quite the trophy case.. We’re going to recap all of the action below!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Playoff Review


3. Team Unger (Barn & Company) v. 7. Team Horwitz (Farm Lake Barn)

Team Unger and Team Horwitz took very different journeys to the Final4. Team Unger cruised out to a hot start during the season and claimed the #3 overall seed. Team Horwitz got hot toward the end of the season and needed an upset over #2 Team Schmack to punch their ticket here..

The Game was close early on but Team Unger began to pull away as the first half came toward the end.. They were motivated by the Univ. of Michigan playing in the background and were simply on fire. Judd Barron was as good as we had seen all season long as he went for 37 and Ryan Lederman added 18. They shot their way right into the Championship Game.

For Team Karmin, they still need to be pleased the with damage they did down the stretch.. Roshan Thakker had 26 in the Final4 and Jon Horwitz had a baker’s dozen. They will be back in our next session under the Team Horwitz umbrella and looking to improve upon their stellar finish this season! Thanks for playing!


1. Team Darcy (Badger Bowl Lime) v. 5. Team Tucci (Ian’s Pizza)

The next semi-final, felt in many ways like what could have been the Championship before the season got underway.. As the Bracket was released we knew this Semi-Final would be the premier Game.. Team Tucci needed a comeback of 20+ over Team Reich and an OT session to qualify for the Final4 while Team Darcy hadn’t really been challenged in weeks as they cruised on in..

Captain Tucci had 31 and Phil Hayes had 23 – many came in the second half as they tried to keep up with the #1 seed by they just couldn’t get enough stops to ever really cut into a nice lead that Team Darcy had built up. Sam Martinez had 24, Doug Wollney had 19 and Tim Dunlavy had 15 in Team Darcy’s double digit W.  They would move on to the Championship to face #3 Team Unger!

For Team Tucci, they had a great run.. They just ran into a Team that has been firing on all cylinders and couldn’t slow them down. These guys will be title contenders in any League they are in.. We should see them back either this Summer or this Fall as a unit.. Sharpshooting Phil Hayes will lace ’em up for Team Horwitz in the next session of the Spring League. Thanks for playing!



1. Team Darcy (Badger Bowl) v. 3. Team Unger (Barn & Company)

The Championship Game was going to be a war of attrition. Both Teams looked stellar in the Final4 but playing a 2nd Game in one night is always taxing. Team Darcy had a larger roster so they would have the depth advantage on this night.. That certainly didn’t hurt. It also didn’t hurt that Team Unger was cold from the field for a stretch of the first half.. Team Darcy has proven that they are excellent with the lead.. Tim Dunlavy helped build that lead with his 19 in the final Game. Sam Martinez went for 13 as well. Despite Team Unger making a bit of a run in the second half, Team Darcy eventually suffocated that surge and would go on to claim the Crown!

For Team Unger, Captain Max and co. will be back for the next session and look to get just one more win than they did this Season. For a Rookie campaign (as a unit) they played well from start to finish and really turned some heads this season. These guys can play and you have to think a title is not so far off for them. Thanks for playing and see you back soon!

For the Champs – Team Darcy – this is one of the more impressive runs in recent memory. All 3 Playoff Wins came by double digits. They finished the season 10-0 and most of those were never in doubt. They will be back for the next session and it’s going to be interesting to see how many of these they can rattle off in a row! Congrats again and see you soon!


That’s it for the first session of the Spring Hoops League! Thanks again for playing!