2017 Chicago Spring Hoops – Playoff Preview (March 2)

Updated: March 8, 2017

It is officially March and we are ready for the Madness that the Playoffs are surely going to bring us! As we exited last Thursday Night, 14 Teams still remain alive for the Crown. Including the Undefeated #1 Seed – Team Darcy. We saw Team Schmack and Team Buchanan survive the Opening Round for Chicago Sport & Social Teams and now they will enter the Playoffs — seeded based on their overall record — just like everyone else..

Here’s how the Bracket breaks down.. Teams seeded 11-14 will play in an Opening Round where the Winners of those two Games will advance to the Round of 12. There will be four Round of 12 Games on Thursday Night, with the Winners of those Games moving on to the Elite8 where the Top-4 seeds await them. Those Games are also to be played on Thursday Night. At night’s end we will be left with our Final4. We are off on March 16 but will return for the Final4 and Championship on March 23.  Here is a link to the 14-Team Playoff tournament — Click Here.

Last but not least, we have received significant interest about doing another League on Thursday Nights at Windy City once this League concludes… So that is what we are going to do!  Starting on March 30, we will offer another session with the details being the same as the League you currently play in.. Here’s a Link to Info on Registering


Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Playoff Preview

Opening Round

11. Team Halperin (Badger Bowl Gold) v. 14. Team Golman (SLA Insurance)

Winner plays 6. Team Kaplan (Badger Bowl Neon) in Round of 12

These two Teams did not meet in the Regular Season so we will have a first time match-up to tip-off the Playoffs.  Both of these squads will be disappointed with their Regular Season record but that can totally be wiped away with a Win here in the Opening Round. Both groups have enough in the tank to not just win this Game but go on and defeat 6. Team Kaplan (the winner of that would then face 3. Team Unger, but let’s worry about that later on).. Team Halperin has a host of double digit scorers most notably Justin Ward who gives them a nice element down low as well as Captain Joey Halperin. They will need to be on their A-Game to get past Captain Spencer Golman, Todd Neuhausen and co. This should be a good one!


 12. Team Winegardner (Sushi Kushi Too) v. 13. Team Colmery (StudentCity)

Winner plays 5. Team Tucci (Ian’s Pizza) in Round of 12

A tall task is in order for the eventual Winner of this Opening Round Game. #5 Team Tucci will take on whoever gets through this contest.. Team Colmery is led by Captain Fred, Vince Carballo and Nick Karayannis who will attempt to earn them their first Playoff W in a Chicago All Sports Series League. These guys did make a run back in the 2015 Champaign League Playoffs so they know what it takes to Win in the second season.. Speaking of which.. Team Winegardner is EXTREMELY familiar with getting Playoff Wins as it was just this past Fall that they went on a run as the #6 seed to claim the very first Chicago Flag Football League Championship. They will try to repeat that momentum starting this Thursday Night.


Round of 12

5. Team Tucci (Ian’s Pizza) v. 12/13

Winner plays 4. Team Reich (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) in Elite8

As mentioned above, #5 Team Tucci will be fresh and take on the Winner of 12. Team Winegardner and 13. Team Colmery. The Winner of this Round of 12 Game will then go on to face #4 Team Reich in the Elite8 later in the evening. So yes, if Team Winegardner or Team Colmery get past Team Tucci, they’d play 3 Games in one night.. The only issue in that scenario is Team Tucci stands in their way. Captain Alan leads a handful of guys capable of going for 20 in any given night. They have what it takes to the Win the whole thing.. Playing 2x in a night will not be ideal but they have the horses to go on and defeat #4 Team Reich, not many others do…


6. Team Kaplan (Badger Bowl Neon) v. 11/14

Winner plays 3. Team Unger (Barn & Co.) in Elite8

Team Kaplan looked very strong in the second half of the season.. If you erase the final 20 minutes of their Game against #1 Team Darcy a couple weeks back, it seems that they can beat anyone. They took a Week 7 Win and catapulted up into the #6 seed for the Playoffs. As a result, they will be fresh and get to take on the Winner of #11 Team Halperin and #14 Team Golman. They faced and defeated Team Golman earlier in the season.. Either way they should be the favorites in their Round of 12 match-up but need to have something left in the tank for an Elite8 Rematch with #3 Team Unger later in the evening.. Remember, they went to that classic OT Game just a couple weeks ago!


7. Team Karmin (Farm Lake Barn) v. 10. Team Amzaleg (Biaggi’s)

Winner plays 2. Team Schmack (Shamrocks) in Elite8

This Round of 12 Game is going to be a Rematch from all the way back in Week 1 where Team Amzaleg pulled away in the final minute of the Game from Team Karmin. Their paths will cross again, and this time with a spot in the Elite8 on the line. This of all the Round of 12 Games has the potential to go down to the wire..  Anthony Horton leads Team Karmin and will look to dominate in the lane on Thursday Night. Ian Bohan and Christopher Elder have been very impressive as of late for Team Amzaleg. This one is truly anyone’s Game and the Winner will then go on to play 2. Team Schmack in the Elite8. A Game that is very winnable for whoever comes out victorious here.. Have to take it one step at a time however.


8. Team Shaffer (Badger Bowl Red) v. 9. Team Buchanan (Tremendous Upside)

Winner plays 1. Team Darcy (Badger Bowl Lime) in Elite8

These two squads had a heated battle back in Week 4 which saw Team Buchanan earn a close victory. There will be no loved lost on either side when they take the court against one another in the Round of 12 on Thursday Night. A date with #1 Team Darcy in the Elite8 later in the night is on the line here.. Captain Ian Shaffer and Jon Nickow lead Team Shaffer in scoring and they are going to need to be firing from 3 in this one to keep pace with Team Buchanan who will have the size advantage in the paint. Andrew Desmarais and Jason Kellerman are the leading scorers for Team Buchanan. It is going to be anyone’s Game and could be the Game of Round!



1. Team Darcy (Badger Bowl Lime) in Elite8 v. 8/9

Team Darcy finished the season Undefeated and have established themselves as the clear front-runners for the Crown on March 23.  However, it’s not going to be easy.. We have seen Teams run through Regular Seasons before.. It’s a different ballgame in the Playoffs.. They know this as they won the Chicago Summer Hoops League back in 2015. They are hungry to get their 2nd All Sports Series Crown.. They will take on the Winner of 8. Team Shaffer and 9. Team Buchanan for a spot in the Final4. They are the most likely of any of the Top-4 seeds to make it through, but stranger things have happened, as they say…


4. Team Reich (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) v. 5/12/13

Team Reich was likely very pleased when they saw the Bracket come out.. They ended up with the #4 spot which means a BYE to the Elite8 and the need to only play 1 Game on Thursday evening.. They will be fresh and taking on the Winner of the 5. Team Tucci v. either 12. Winegardner or 13. Colmery Game.. They have faced all 3 of those Teams in the past 3 weeks as fate would have it.. Team Reich went 3-0 in that run and won by at least 20 points in each of the Games. They have every reason to be confident.. A big reason why was the League’s Leading Scorer was Tremell Adams. #5 Team Tucci will pose the largest threat and it will be a better version than the one they saw a few weeks back.. That may actually be the Game of the Night if Team Tucci takes care of business in the Round of 12.


3. Team Unger (Barn & Co.) v. 6/11/14

Team Unger finished the Regular Season with the #3 overall seed and other than the a brief blip in the middle of the season they have looked virtually unbeatable. Judd Barron finished 3rd in PPG during the Regular Season.  One of the Teams that they lost do during the Season was #6 Team Kaplan. It was an OT classic that saw Jake Preskill hit two 3s off the glass in the final stretch to sink Team Unger.. As fate would have it, it’s very likely they will play #6 Team Kaplan in the Elite8. 6. Team Kaplan will be tired, if they get that far, as they will have to surpass 11. Halperin or 14. Golman first.. Either way Team Unger will be fresh and ready to go!


2. Team Schmack (Shamrocks) v. 7/10

Team Schmack won a Playoff Game last week to get here and then qualified as the #2 overall seed with their Record. They have been on a tear as of late and look very impressive. People are not as familiar with them as they are on of the CSSC Teams, but they have a real chance to win the whole thing. A couple guys for them including Dan Miller and Jack Garrity are in double figures for them. They will take on the Winner of #7 Karmin v. #10 Amzaleg and will have their hands full with a spot in the Final4 on the line!


That’s it for this week. Good Luck and see everyone Thursday!