2017 Chicago Spring Hoops – PLAYOFFS (March 9)

Updated: March 15, 2017

What. A. Night. We started the night with 14 Teams still vying for the Spring Hoops League Crown… By night’s end we were left with our Final4 and there were many twists and turns along the way!  We had buzzer beaters. We had Overtimes. We had 40 point-scorers.. Thursday Night had everything you could ask for.. We are going to break down all the action below as well as give a preview to the Final4 and Championship to be played on Thursday March 23!

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Playoff Review

Opening Round

11. Team Halperin (Badger Bowl Gold) v. 14. Team Golman (SLA Insurance)

Winner plays 6. Team Kaplan (Badger Bowl Neon) in Round of 12

As mentioned in the Playoff Preview, these two Teams did not meet in the Regular Season. The Winners would be matched up with Team Kaplan in the Round of 12. Team Halperin came out with an aggressive mindset, as they finally had their complete roster in tact.. Justin Ward led with 24 and Axel Playner would go for 13 in this one. They controlled much of the Game despite a heroic effort from Todd Neuhausen who had 26 for Team Golman. Team Halperin would survive 74-67 and move on to their second Playoff Game of the evening!

For Team Golman, they came up a bit short but played well in their final Game of the season. They were short on numbers and just ran out of gas in this one. This is a squad with many All Sports Series vets that we will likely see at different points this Summer. Thanks for playing!


 12. Team Winegardner (Sushi Kushi Too) v. 13. Team Colmery (StudentCity)

Winner plays 5. Team Tucci (Ian’s Pizza) in Round of 12

This one was back and forth throughout.. Both Teams badly wanted to advance to the Round of 12 here and you could tell with each Team giving 100% on both ends of the floor. Both groups had big rotations in this one and it allowed for the energy to remain high for all forty-four minutes. Mike Palmer went for 17 points for Team Winegardner while Captain Freddy Colmery led the way with 11 for his club. It stayed tight until the end and Team Winegardner hit a couple more shots in the final stretch to hold on to the Win.. They’d advance to the Round of 12!

For Team Colmery, they had some definite bright spots and it was good to see a lot of them back after their first appearance since the 2015 Champaign League. This is a group with a lot of talent that we will see back soon. Thanks for playing!


Round of 12

5. Team Tucci (Ian’s Pizza) v.  12. Team Winegardner (Sushi Kushi Too)

Winner plays 4. Team Reich (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) in Elite8

Team Tucci took the court against a fairly gassed Team Winegardner and held no prisoners in doing so.. Captain Tucci would score 32 and help lead his Team to the big W. Jeffrey Cannan would go for double digits in the second straight Game for Team Winegardner. Team Tucci only had 5 guys though and the question would be.. Was anything left in their tank for their Elite8 Game with Team Reich!?

For Team Winegardner — they couldn’t re-create the magic that they found in the Flag Football Playoffs last Fall but they fought hard and got a chunk of nice Wins this Season. It will not be long before we seem them back whether it is on the Hoops court out on the gridiron. Thanks for playing!


6. Team Kaplan (Badger Bowl Neon) v. 11. Team Halperin (Badger Bowl Gold)

Winner plays 3. Team Unger (Barn & Co.) in Elite8

This is really where the night began to get truly interesting… Team Halperin was coming right off of what was likely their most complete effort of the Season, just minutes prior in the Opening Round.. Team Kaplan watched them look very formidable.. Normally, when this happens you’ll see the Team who is riding the momentum, start hot and then fade as they wear down.. In this instance, it was the exact opposite.. Team Kaplan came out strong.. However, they couldn’t maintain it and went ice cold at the worst possible time.. Captain Brett Kaplan would score 18 for his Team while Brian Harris would score 16 for Team Halperin. Team Halperin also got double figures in this Game from Captain Joey and a couple of others.. They were able to build a lead out with a handful of minutes to go and hold on! Team Halperin won their second Playoff Game in two hours and were headed for their third later in the evening — in the Elite8 against 3. Team Unger!

For Team Kaplan, they had a really great season. A ton of highlights including the Preskill Game where they defeated Team Unger in a thrilling Overtime session. They just went cold for 15 minutes on this night and that was enough to fall to a better than their record would indicate Halperin crew. Team Kaplan will be back next session, so they will not be down for long! Thanks for playing!


7. Team Karmin (Farm Lake Barn) v. 10. Team Amzaleg (Biaggi’s)

Winner plays 2. Team Schmack (Shamrocks) in Elite8

Team Amzaleg defeated Team Karmin back in Week 1.. That was a close Game decided in final minute of the Game.. They get to have a Rematch here with a spot in the Elite8 on the line. Team Karmin came out with a strong 7-man rotation here. The same could not be said about Team Amzaleg who actually had to play this game short-handed folks. They kept it interesting and actually led early in this one.. Ian Bohan had 31 and was a big reason why.. Eventually the numbers game was just too much and Team Karmin would catch-up and take over.. The Wiz Jonathan Horwitz had 28 and Roshan Thakker 20 to lead their group to the W! They’d face #2 Team Schmack in the Playoffs.

For Team Amzaleg, it was a disappointing end to a nice season for them. They had a lot of new pieces on the Team and it took them a bit to get going but they proved to be a strong Team by season’s end. They are going to come back for the next session and you can expect some real success out of them next season! Thanks for playing!


8. Team Shaffer (Badger Bowl Red) v. 9. Team Buchanan (Tremendous Upside)

Winner plays 1. Team Darcy (Badger Bowl Lime) in Elite8

These two squads battled in the Regular Season and were all too familiar with one another heading into this one.. A spot against top seeded Team Darcy hung in the balance.. This Game went back and forth throughout. Team Buchanan had the depth advantage here and tried to get the ball down low and around the basket. For Team Shaffer they tried to push the pace a bit and get open shots from distance.. As we got down the stretch it was clear this Game was going to be decided by a key possession or two.. Team Shaffer had the ball with about 10 seconds to got and the Game was knotted  at 52. Captain Ian Shaffer had the ball on the right wing.. He dribbled to the corner before launching a 3 that would fall through the hoop as time expired! #8 Team Shaffer would advance to the Elite8! Captain Ian would finish with 15 as would Bryan Nickow (which included an NBA 3ball) and Jeremy Bauer had 14 in the Win. Would they have enough in the tank for Game 2?

As for Team Buchanan, they had their first go around in All Sports Series and had some success. It was a heart-wrenching end to their season but they played well. Jason Kellerman was their leading scorer with 15 in their final Game. They have a solid Team and hopefully we’ll see them back out there soon. Thanks for playing!




1. Team Darcy (Badger Bowl Lime) in Elite8 v. 8. Team Shaffer (Badger Bowl Red)

Team Darcy came into the Playoffs as the overwhelming favorite.. They were undefeated in the Regular Season and really won most of those Games by a very wide margin.. Enter the scrappy underdogs #8 Team Shaffer.. Would they be the Team to shock the world? Nope. Not on this night.. With only 5 guys and in their second Game, nothing was left in the tank.. Brendan Ferrari had 16 and Doug Wollney had 15 in the easy W.. 1. Team Darcy cruised to the Final4.

For Team Shaffer, they can’t be upset with their exit.. They got an amazing Round of 12 W thanks to the huge shot from Captain Ian.. They were just outmanned in the Elite8, nothing they could do. You can expect to see all of these guys back with us in one form or another this Summer! Thanks for playing!


4. Team Reich (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) v. 5. Team Tucci (Ian’s Pizza)

When the final Standings came out and the Bracket was put in place, this was the Game that everyone hoped would happen and it was the clear Main Event for Night 1 of the Playoffs. #5 Team Tucci did their part by easily getting past #12 Team Winegardner in the Round of 12.. These two Teams met in the Regular Season and it saw Team Reich pull away from Team Tucci thanks to a huge second half.. They would win by 20 points on that night.. We knew Team Tucci had more to offer which is what made the Rematch so compelling..

Well, this Elite8 match-up picked up right where their Regular Season Game left off.. Team Reich was on fire early.. Toussaint Knox ended with 23 while Captain Derek Reich and Tremell Adams both had 17.. Many of those buckets came in the 1st half.. At halftime, it was all but over.. Team Reich was up 28 points… We play two halves for a reason though.. Team Tucci refused to lose, spearheaded by 3balls from Captain Alan Tucci and Phil Hayes they started to mount a comeback.. They got within striking distance with a handful of minutes to go.. We were in for a wild finish. Both Phil Hayes and Tommy Fernitz would end with 18, many of those in the second half.. Captain Alan would notch FORTY TWO in this one.. And they’d need every single point.. As Regulation wound down, Team Tucci actually climbed to within 3 points.. Phil Hayes would tie it up with a 3 off the glass from the right wing and to Overtime we’d go! In the extra session, the momentum would carry over and #5 Team Tucci pulled off the stunner in this Instant Classic! They will move on to the Final4 and take on #1 Team Darcy for a spot in the Championship Game!

For #4 Team Reich, they head home earlier than expected in their second All Sports Series go around.. They played virtually perfect basketball from Week 3 on and just got cold for 20 minutes against the wrong Team.. In most cases, they hold on and live to fight another day.. Team Tucci just caught fire. These guys will be back soon and will undoubtedly win a Championship soon. Thanks for playing!


3. Team Unger (Barn & Co.) v. 11. Team Halperin (Badger Bowl Gold)

These two Teams were coming into this Elite8 match-up with an entirely different mindset..  3. Team Unger had a BYE to this point. They were fresh.. Meanwhile, 11. Team Halperin had to win not one but two Games, earlier in the night, just to get here! These two Teams battled in Week 6 and saw Team Unger come away with a 12pt victory. Team Halperin was as hot as they had been all season though and this was not going to be an easy Win for the favored Team Unger. This Game would go back and forth.. Judd Barron had 21 for Team Unger and Ryan Lederman had 19 points. Meanwhile for Team Halperin – Justin Ward dug down deep to go for 20 points and Brian Harris had 17.  This was truly anyone’s Game until the last handful of minutes, when Team Unger just finally wore Halperin’s crew down.. Team Unger would make some key free throws and they got the Win to advance to the Final4!

For Team Halperin, what else is there to say about this group? Not many Teams can say they Won multiple Playoff Games in All Sports Series let alone won multiple in just one night. They pushed one of the League’s elite and really showed everyone what they are capable of earlier in the night with knocking off #6 Team Kaplan. This group, wth a minor tweak or two, has enough to win the next session! Thanks for playing!


2. Team Schmack (Shamrocks) v. 7. Team Karmin (Farm Lake Barn)

The final Elite8 match-up to review was actually played first chronologically.. We saw #7 Team Karmin knock off #10 Team Amzaleg in the Round of 12, by a nice margin and were feeling good headed into this Elite8 showdown. A spot in the Final4 was in the balance. This Game like many that we saw over the course of the night, stayed close for its entirety. Neither Team really pulled away from the other at any point. Both Teams wanted it badly and it was one of the more fun Games to watch during the marathon that was last Thursday Night.

Abram Sexson went for 15 and Pat Gamboney had 14 for Team Schmack. For Team Karmin, Roshan Thakker went for 20 in his second straight Game and Anthony Horton was in double digits as well. Down the stretch it was anyone’s game.. Team Karmin just came up big with the Game on the line. All Sports Series vet Brandon Lathon came-up clutch with a key And-1 down the stretch that helped seal the deal for Team Karmin who became advances to the Final4 as the lowest remaining seed alive! They will take on #3 Team Unger for a spot in the Championship Game on March 23!

For Team Schmack, they were just a possession or two away from the Final4. They have a really really solid Team and could have won more Games in the Playoffs. It just wasn’t meant to be on this night. We will hopefully see them back in All Sports Series soon! Thanks for playing!


That’s it for the Playoff recap. Thanks to everyone for playing and Good Luck to the Final4 Teams remaining!