2017 Chicago Spring Hoops – Week 1 (Jan. 19)

Updated: January 24, 2017

2017 will bring many “firsts” for All Sports Series and on Thursday Night we tipped-off the Chicago Spring Hoops League for the very first time.  We have a host of quality squads.. Many of which are extremely familiar with All Sports Series. The competition this season is going to tough!  Any number of Teams have a shot at holding the Crown come later in the Spring.. We’ll breakdown all of the Week 1 action below!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-7 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Sport Specific Leagues > Chicago Spring Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Darcy (Badger Bowl Lime) – 1-0

When looking at the Teams in the field during the pre-season it is no surprise to see Team Darcy sitting atop the Power Rankings after Week 1 and it will be no surprise to see them holding the Crown at the end of the Season.. They are the only group in the League to win a past All Sports Series League Championship.. They were the very first Chicago Summer League Champs back in 2015. They got what will end up being one of the best Wins of the Season on Night 1.. As they snatched a W away from another title contender Team Reich in the final seconds when Sam Martinez hit a step-back J with 3 seconds to go.. He also led the Team with 23 points on Opening Night. They take on #6 Team Amzaleg in Week 2.


2. Team Unger (Barn & Co.) – 1-0

Team Unger is not a name that many will recognize in the All Sports Series universe (yet..) Captain Max Unger has a few All Sports Series veterans in tow including All Star-caliber Judd Barron, which is a name many will recognize.  Captain Max’s squad went head to head with another title-contender, Team Tucci, on Opening Night and came out of it with a huge W to start the year.. Judd Barron led them in scoring with 27, Ryan Lederman had 19 and Max Unger had 17 as they put themselves on the map! They will be part of the Game of the Week on Thursday Night when they take on #4 Team Reich.


3. Team Halperin (Badger Bowl Gold) – 1-0

Many will remember Team Halperin from this past Summer’s Chicago Hoops League where they made a nice run in the Playoffs.. They are back this Spring with a revamped Roster and maybe the most complete Team we have seen under Captain Joey Halperin’s umbrella..  Big Man Justin Ward is a name many will recognize from other Hoops Leagues. He was their leading scorer with 16 on Thursday Night. Brian Harris, who is used to Captaining many of his own squads, is on this squad as well.. He had 14 points in his debut with Team Halperin. These guys have size and speed and can shoot. They can play with anyone in the League.


4. Team Reich (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 0-1

On the outside looking in at the Top-3 to start the Season is Team Reich. They are a group that many have pegged as the odds-on-favorites and will certainly factor in to holds the Crown later in the Spring.. They played in the first All Sports Series League this past Summer, in the Chicago Summer Hoops League, and put everyone on notice with their fast start to the season and tendency to go for 100+ points. They have a ton of firepower.. They reached the Final4 in their first season (in a deep 16-Team League).. They have returned looking to finish what they started in the Summer.. They ran into another favorite – Team Darcy – and just came up a point short.. Team Darcy had the last possession and earned the Win. Tremell Adams is a name everyone should get to know well.. He led the way with 20 and Captain Derek had 11 as well.. They are going to be just fine.. They look to grab one of the Top-3 spots in the Game of the Week against #2 Team Unger on Thursday.


5. Team Kaplan (Badger Bowl Neon) 1-0

Team Kaplan is Captained by Brett Kaplan who is pulling double duty as he also leads a Team in our massive Chicago Hoops League on Sunday Nights.. This group has a much different look, as many of his Sunday Night teammates are spread out throughout the Spring League.. Joining him is past All Sports Series Captain – Eric Shamberg as well as Josh Berman who is an anchor for one of the Chicago Hoops League’s finest squads – Team Maione.  This group left Thursday Night with the largest margin of victory in Week 1.. Not too shabby.. Both Josh Berman and Jake Preskill scored 21 in the route.. They look to get to 2-0 against Team Tucci in Week 2!


6. Team Amzaleg (Biaggi’s) – 1-0

Captain Oren Amzaleg is a vet of All Sports Series and specifically the Chicago Hoops Leagues.. He has made deep runs as a part of Team Kozin over the past few years but he like many on his squad are still searching for that allusive first Crown. He is joined by past Champs – Colin Rice and Charlmers Oscar – both of which were in double figures to lead Team Amzaleg past a feisty Team Karmin squad in a great contest. All Sports Series Rookies Matt Futterman and Ian Bohan also were in double figures and helped form a very balanced attack.. They made more plays late and earned the Week 1 W. They will have a tough test with #1 Team Darcy in Week 2!


7. Team Tucci (Ian’s Pizza) – 0-1

Rounding out the Top-7 is Team Tucci. This is a group that is going to go very deep into the Playoffs this Spring. They are among the favorites and falling in Week 1 to a very good Team won’t change that. Team Tucci has made a name for themselves over the past few years in the Chicago Hoops League and many are aware of their talent.. Captain Tucci is a past MVP of the Chicago Hoops League. He led all scorers in Week 1 with 33. He is joined by big man Drew Zahora who had 21 points and is a walking Double Double. They were without a great shooter – Phil Hayes – who is off on his honeymoon (congrats!!!!) and will be back soon. This is a group that should fly up the Rankings in no time.. They get #5 Team Kaplan in Week 2.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Colmery (StudentCity) – 0-1

Team Colmery return to All Sports Series after a hiatus for 2016.. Captain Fred and many of his Teammates were apart of the 2015 Champaign Men’s League.. They were quite successful that season and look to improve upon that.. They had a tough task with #3 Team Halperin in Week 1. Nick Karayannis had double figures to lead them in scoring.. They will be just fine and look to get on the Winning track in Week 2 against Team Golman.


Team Golman (SLA Insurance) – 0-1

Team Golman is led by Captain Spencer Golman, who was out sick, and they definitely missed their Captain in this one.. They struggled to really find an Offensive rhythm and that will happen in Week 1.. They needed to just shake-off the cobwebs.. They have nice pieces.. Sam Witt and Sam Hershman will be a nice duo as the season wages on.. They look to get their first Win of the season and get back to .500 against Team Colmery in Week 2!


Team Karmin (Farm Lake Barn) 0-1

Team Karmin is led by the returning Joe Karmin.. He leads a Team of All Sports Series vets including Jon Horwitz, Drew Sultan, Graham Conatser and the man that began the greatest Franchise in All Sports Series history — Dan Dorfman.  They are joined by a couple of All Sports Series Rookies who wasted little time making a difference as Roshan Thakker and Anthony Horton combined for 25 of the Team’s points.. Captain Joe had a dozen and Jon the Wiz Kid Horwitz had 11 as well. They came up just short as the Game was tied at 50 with under a minute to go with Team Amzaleg. They just couldn’t close that back and forth Game out.. They look to get their first Win of the Season in Week 2 against Team Shaffer.


Team Shaffer (Badger Bowl Red) – 0-0

Their season will start this coming Thursday and they will have a Double Header later in the Season.