2017 Chicago Summer THURSDAY Hoops – Week 1 (June 15)

Updated: June 20, 2017

Welcome to the very first ever edition of the Chicago Summer THURSDAY Hoops Power Rankings! All Sports Series has officially begun it’s 8th Summer and it will be our biggest yet (by far)! It is our 7th in Chicago and this Thursday Hoops League is brand new for 2017!  We have 10 Teams vying for the Crown on Thursday Nights and we have a host of quality squads including: Team Dean, the reigning and defending Champs of Thursday Nights from the Spring, then there are other past Champs such as Team Rhum (aka Team Gutman). There are veteran groups from THE Chicago Hoops League like Team Schwartz who has been in All Sports Series forever and Team McNichols who is making their first appearance in a Summer Hoops League in 2017.  We also have a couple of squads that are familiar with All Sports Series from Summer Leagues in HP and campus Leagues around the country but are debuting in the Chicago Leagues this Summer.. Both Teams Berkson and Lerman fall into that category.. Two squads that are very familiar with one another – Teams Mones and Zhang – actually competed as one Team with us in this past Spring Hoops League but have splintered into 2 groups this Summer.. This leaves two other notable veteran groups.. Team Kaplan who is playing in their third straight Hoops League on Thursday Nights and is bringing back a stellar core with some fine additions and last but not least, the group that won Opening Night – Team Neuhausen who is comprised of several All Sports Vets who are playing together for the first time.. Including Calvin Kang who went for FORTY-TWO in Week 1!  So there you have it.. Each and every Team in the League has pieces who have played before.. No Rookie squads that are easy pickings. This is going to be fun!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-7 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Sport Summer Leagues > Chicago Summer THURSDAY Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Dean (Sunset Foods) – 0-1

As we mentioned at the top, Team Dean won the most recent Chicago Spring Hoops League and, thus, they are the reigning Champs who deserve the #1 spot.. However, the Champs took a defeat in Week 1 to an impressive #2 Team McNichols squad. They were up 23 points in the 1st half, but their lead was slowly chipped away en route to an 78-83 Loss. Dan Monckton had 27 points and one ferocious slam dunk. This team will definitely be fine, just need some time to work in a few new pieces to the core. Fully expect them to bounce back next week. They will face Team Lerman in Week 2.


2. Team McNichols (The Bucket List) – 1-0

They have a gripe to start the season as they just beat the #1 Team in the League.. Sometimes, a little extra motivation goes a long way though. This Team played an incredibly impressive game in Week 1. No surprise, as they have been a big-time piece of our Hoops scene over the past 12 months. They showed true grit, and battled back from a 23-point first-half deficit to beat #1 and Defending Champs Team Dean by 5 points. Led by Romeo Magloire (who had 26 points), they showed that they can shoot their way back into any basketball game, no matter the size of the lead. This is their first run in the Summer Hoops league, and you can expect them to perform quite well. They take on the #1 ranked Offense Team Neuhausen next week.


3. Team Neuhausen (Live Clean CHI) – 1-0

Coming in at #3 is Team Neuhausen. Even though it was their first time playing together, Team Neuhausen looked like a veteran squad on the court. That can be attributed to the significant amount of talent on the floor. They handled Team Schwartz easily by a score of 100-75. The most impressive performance of the night was from Calvin Kang who dropped 42 points, 32 of which were in the first half. Not far behind was Connor Grotton with 33. This is an offensive powerhouse that will be difficult to stop. Next week is the highly anticipated battle against #2 Team McNichols.


4. Team Rhum (Rockin’ Refuel) – 1-0

The 2015-2016 Champions of THE Chicago Hoops league are back in action and wasted no time asserting their dominance once again. This Team of mostly Highland Park and Deerfield alumni beat GBN-alum Team Lerman 53-41 on Thursday night. They were down early but got into a rhythm near the end of the first half. Marin Kukoc lead the scoring with 17 points. Watch out for this very dangerous Team. Up next for them is a battle with familiar foes #7 Team Schwartz.


5. Team Berkson (StudentCity) – 1-0

Although they are one of the youngest groups in the league, Team Berkson is a veteran All Sports Series squad. Playing in many Champaign Campus Leagues over the years has helped them ease right into the Thursday Hoops League, where they got a 58-54 win against a solid Team Kaplan. Andy Stempel led the scoring with 23 points, and the rest of the scoring was distributed evenly. This is a solid squad that shares the ball well. Up next for them is Team Mones in Week 2.


6. Team Mones (Schweitzer Title) – 1-0

Team Mones had this game marked on their calendars right when the schedules came out. It was Rivalry night at the Windy City Fieldhouse as Mones played their friends and former Teammates – Team Zhang. This Team comprised of many Glenbrook South-alumni beat their familiar foe by a score of 47-45. Matt Siegel led the Team with 16 points while Brian Siegel added 13 of his own. These guys are very solid and likely under radar a bit. They will play #5 Team Berkson in Week 2.


7. Team Schwartz (Biaggi’s) – 0-1

Team Schwartz has been in All Sports Series for about as long as any squad in any of the Leagues. They are always a major part of the Chicago Hoops Leagues. This veteran squad was slotted against the Offensive powerhouse Team Neuhausen during Week 1. This is going to be a dangerous team as they have a solid, veteran core and also added some new pieces to the puzzle for this year. Sam Gage scored 33 points and Jon Sider added 13. Expect them to be in the Winner’s Column soon. Team Schwartz will play the strong #4 Team Rhum in Week 2.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Kaplan (Karyn Collection) – 0-1

This is the 3rd straight season for Team Kaplan in the Thursday Hoops Leagues, and they have had a lot of highlights.. The veteran squad got off to a tough start, losing by 4 points to Team Berkson. Led by newcomer Adam Block with 18 points and Free Agent acquisition Daniel Turner with 13, Team Kaplan held their own but couldn’t pull off the W. They look to bounce back in Week 2 against Team Zhang.


Team Lerman (SLA Insurance Blue) – 0-1

This is a young group of GBN alumni and they are participating in their first Chicago League. Do not let their young age fool you.. These guys have been around All Sports Series for years and are always at or near the top of the Standings. They got off to a quick start and a big league against veteran Team Rhum, but couldn’t hold on in the 2nd half and ended up losing by 12. Luke Jacobson led the scoring with 17 points, mostly from behind the arc. These guys are going to be just fine, as it will take them a couple weeks to get adjusted but they have too much depth and athleticism to be held down for long. They play Defending Champs #1 Team Dean in Week 2, one of those groups will surprisingly start 0-2.

Team Zhang (SLA Insurance White) – 0-1

They dropped a heartbreaker to Rivals and former running-mates Team Mones by only 2 points in Week 1. This is going to be a competitive ball club going forward, as they added new pieces like DaRon Greason (who scored 16) and George Santizo. Be careful of this Team as they begin to develop more team chemistry and experience going forward. They look to bounce back against Team Kaplan in Week 2.
That’s it for Week 1 . See you on Thursday Night!