2017 Chicago Summer THURSDAY Hoops – Week 2 (June 22)

Updated: June 29, 2017

On Thursday Night we got back to the courts for Week 2. When the night had ended only 3 Teams remained unbeaten: Berkson, McNichols and Rhum (and Jimmy Butler was Minnesota bound).. The Top-3 stayed the same but we have a lot of shaking up in the middle of the Rankings! Scroll down to see them below..

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Power Rankings

1. Team Dean (Sunset Foods) – 1-1

As predicted, the Defending Champs followed their Week 1 Lossy by taking care of Team Lerman this week and getting back to .500. Watch out for this Team as they continue to pick up momentum as the season continues. They lost in Week 1 during the Spring and then went on a 9-Game tear to win the whole thing. Michael Mulroe dropped 24 points and Mark Haas added 21 en route to a 73-57 W. Up next for them is an undefeated #4 Team Berkson and that will be The Bucket List Game of the Week!


2. Team McNichols (The Bucket List) – 2-0

Holding down the #2 spot this Week was Team McNichols. They came into Week 2 with a chip on their shoulders as they thought they deserved to be the #1 after Week 1 (and maybe they were right). They likely still deserve it now, as they defeated the offensive powerhouse Team Neuhausen by a score of 82-71, however we still give some credit to the Defending Champs (for now). Romeo Magloire looked impressive again as he scored 24, and Captain Chris McNichols added 22. They will face Team Rhum in Week 3 to try to defend their Top-2 spot in the Power Rankings. This will be a c0-Main Event of the evening.


3. Team Rhum (Rockin’ Refuel) – 2-0

Slotting in at #3 is an undefeated Team Rhum. They took care of business again in Week #2 as they beat Team Schwartz by 24 points. Captain Adam Rhum led the scoring with 17 points. This is an encouraging sign for them as they usually have late-season success but start slow, they could be inline for a top seed come August should they keep this up. Next Thursday is the highly anticipated battle against #2 Team McNichols.


4. Team Berkson (StudentCity) – 2-0

This youthful Team is out to a 2-0 start and comes in at #4 this Week after easily beating Team Mones on Thursday Night. They played lock down Defense and only let up 28 points in the entire Game. Andy Stempel and Mitch Talbot combined for 26 points, nearly as much as the entire opposing team. Defending Champs and #1 Team Dean is slated on their schedule for next week. It’ll be by far their hardest test of the young season, if they win, it’ll put the whole League on notice.


5. Team Neuhausen (Live Clean CHI) – 1-1

After cruising to a victory in Week 1, Team Neuhausen they couldn’t quite keep up with the impressive Team McNichols in Week 2. They battled hard the whole game, but ended up coming up a little bit short, losing by 11 points. Calvin Kang lit up the score sheets again scoring 21 points, and Paul Aynilian added 22 of his own. They look to get back into the Win column next Week against Team Zhang.


6. Team Kaplan (Karyn Collection) – 1-1

Team Kaplan found themselves on the right side of the scoreboard this week as they picked up their first Win of the season against Team Zhang. With the Win they move up and into the Rankings. They shot the lights out of the ball en route to a 103-72 victory. Daniel Turner and Scott Plotnick scored 20 and 19 points, respectively. Up next is a battle against Team Schwartz.


7. Team Mones (Schweitzer Title) – 1-1

After a win in Week 1, Team Mones faced a tough opponent in the Undefeated #4 Team Berkson. They had trouble putting the ball into the cylinder, only scoring 28 points in the Game. Alex Garvey had 11 points to lead the team in scoring. Sometimes the ball just won’t stay down and they need to just put this one in the rearview mirror. Hopefully they can turn it around next week against Team Lerman.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Lerman (SLA Insurance Blue) – 0-2

Team Lerman fought hard once again this week, but could not finish out the game, losing by 16 points to the Defending Champs Team Dean. Luke Jacobson was impressive again, scoring 16 of the team’s 57 points. They have had a really tough schedule to start the season with two Top-3 Teams. They look to turn it around and find their first W next week against Team Mones.
Team Schwartz (Biaggi’s) – 0-2
Team Schwartz has faced two tough opponents in the opening weeks of this season, and took another defeat against Undefeated #3 Team Rhum this Week. There was not one dominant scorer on this team, but Jason Vismantas had 9 points and Jon Sider followed with 8 of his own. They were missing a few starters on Thursday Night but should be back to 100% soon. They play Team Kaplan next week to try and grab their first dub of the summer.
Team Zhang (SLA Insurance White) – 0-2
Even though they scored 72 points in Week 2, it wasn’t enough to stop an impressive offensive performance by Team Kaplan. George Santinzo was the League’s Leading scorer this week, dropping 27 points, which is very promising for the team going forward. Team Zhang looks to end this 2 game losing streak next week against Team Neuhausen!

That’s it for Week 2! See everyone for Week 3!