2017 Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops – PLAYOFFS (Aug. 8)

Updated: August 14, 2017

12 Teams entered Tuesday Night with hopes of surviving the evening and advancing to the Final4. Some Teams’ roads to the Final4 were going to be easier than others, but everyone had some work to do on this night.. We saw many Teams play 2 Games and 10. Team Geocaris knocked out multiple Teams on Tuesday Night, while taking part in 3 Playoff Games! We’ll review everything that went down below.. Want to quickly Thank everyone who wrapped up their season on Tuesday Night. Great to have you out there this Summer!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Playoff Review

Open. Rd1: 
10. Team Geocaris (Chipotle) v. 11. Team Brystkowski (CEA Study Abroad)

We mentioned in the Playoff Preview last week that this was a “toss-up” Game.. There always seems to be a double-digit seed that makes an un unexpected run as Cinderella come Playoff time and whoever won this Game had a great shot of doing just that.. Team Geocaris had beaten Team Brystkowski earlier in the season, but had also dropped 3-straight heading into this one.. The Teams battled all the way through in this one. The lead was traded back and forth. Alex Nadelman and Adrian Levitt each scored 23 to lead their respective Teams.. In the second half Team Geocaris built up a lead and Team Brystkowski would stay in but didn’t have enough to over take them.. #10 Team Geocaris would advance!

For Team Brystkowski, they improved a ton as the season went on.. It was an extremely competitive League and they now got their first taste of Chicago Hoops League action. They will appear next up in Ann Arbor in the Spring. Thanks for playing!


Open. Rd1:
9. Team Unger (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) v. 12. Team Farris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue)

Winner here would move on to face #8 Team Schur in the 2nd Opening Round.. Team Unger, who had made two straight Championship Games in the Spring was definitely the favorites here and they started out fast. Ryan Lederman had 22 and Judd Barron had 18. It was all that they’d need as they would advance and rack up yet another Playoff W.

For Team Farris, they didn’t get the desired results this Summer but they got better as the season progressed and were a pleasure to have in the League. We hope to see them back soon! Thanks for playing!


Open. Rd2:
8. Team Schur (SLA Insurance) v. 9. Team Unger (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple)

Team Unger got the decisive W in Opening Round 1 and it set up a really fun matchup with #8 Team Schur. The Winner would advance to play #1 Team Schultz in the Elite8 later in the evening. This Game was close early. Both Teams desperately wanted to Win here. Alex Sacks had 19 points to lead Team Schur and Scott Fenton chipped in with 15. Ryan Lederman and Judd Barron were the high scorers for the 2nd straight Game for Team Unger – each with 14 in this one. As the second half progressed, Team Unger’s first Game caught up with them as they lost their legs and couldn’t get shots to go down.. #8 Team Schur was able to survive and advance!

For Team Unger, it was a shorter Playoff run than we have seen them make so far in 2017 but this may have actually been their best Roster. This League was so deep and thanks to the tiebreakers they wound up with the 9-seed and had to play that extra game.. It takes a toll. They will be back soon and still a definite threat for the Crown! Thanks for playing!


Open Rd2:
7. Team Rubin (Chicago Trolley) v. 10. Team Geocaris (Chipotle)

#10 Team Geocaris W in Opening Round 1, set up another really interesting Game here – with #7 Team Rubin.  Team Geocaris had the momentum following their first Win on the night and stayed hot in the 1st Half. Team Rubin was also without Captain Alex Rubin in the first half and, thus, Geocaris and co. built up a nice lead early. Alex Nadelman had 17 for them and Dean Wiley had 16.  Into the second-half, Team Rubin would catch-up and Captain Alex entered the Game.. He would wind up with 20 points on the night.  Team Rubin made a furious comeback to tie the Game with just 30 seconds to go, after being down double-figures late.  David Zale would draw a foul with just a few ticks left for Team Geocaris – he’d sink the free throw – and earn #10 Team Geocaris their 2nd W of the night!

For Team Rubin, it was definitely a disappointing end to a really good run this Summer. Had they been at full strength, their Playoff run would have likely lasted longer but what they should focus on is a really stellar Regular Season in a League that featured a host of quality contenders. They will be back in the Fall Hoops League and look to make a run at the Crown then!


1. Team Schultz (Biaggi’s) v. 8. Team Schur (SLA Insurance)

#1 Team Schultz went Undefeated in the Regular Season and more than earned the #1 seed.  They awaited the Winner from the second Opening Round and #8 Team Schur advanced.. Team Schur utilized the momentum they had from their first W to really give Team Schultz a great run in the first half.. However, they were with only 6 guys and as the second-half progressed it was clear that Team Schultz was going to pull away with this one.. Joel Pennington led Team Schultz with 18. Mack Watts had 14 for Team Schur. The #1 Team would eventually get the 25 point W and lock up their spot in the Final4!

For #8 Team Schur, they leave with an Elimination for their mantle and a solid run this Summer. They obviously would have liked to go further but they ran into the Favorites on this night and just didn’t have enough to get past them. Many of these guys will be around the Hoops League scene later this year and they will definitely be a threat once again then. Thanks for playing!


2. Team Dean (Crystal Lake CDJ) v. 10. Team Geocaris (Chipotle)

#10 Team Geocaris was holding tight to Cinderella’s slipper after winning 2 Games already on the Night and entering their 3rd.. This one would be against #2 and Defending Spring League Champs – Team Dean.  Playing those guys on your 3rd Game is not an easy task (nor is it playing them on your first Game). Team Dean likes to push the pace and that is exactly what they did against the tired legs of Team Geocaris. Nicholas Steele had 30 and Michael Mulroe had 16 for Team Dean. David Zale had 21 for Team Geocaris, which is so impressive in his 3rd Game of the Night.  Team Dean was just too much, especially in the 2nd half and they grabbed the double digit W to punch their ticket for the Final4!

For Team Geocaris, they had a fantastic final night.. Not many Teams can win multiple Games in an All Sports Series Playoff run, let alone in one night.. Playing 3 Games is something only about a dozen Teams ever been able to do in All Sports Series and only a couple have managed to win them all. They should be proud of their run this Summer and we need to bid a farewell to Captain Tyler as he moves to NYC next month! Thanks to everyone for playing!


3. Team Maione (Rockin’ Refuel) v. 6. Team Shlofrock (Sandusky Lee)

We mentioned it in last week’s Playoff Preview — “this one could steal the show” — well it did.  Last Summer’s Champs #3 Maione began their title defense against #6 Team Shlofrock who was one of the most dangerous Teams in the League this year.. This very well could have been a Final4 or even Championship Game but the Bracket placed them together here in the Elite8.

Team Maione started off hot, specifically Chris Wroblewski who would finish with 39. They would open up a big lead in the middle of the first half. Team Shlofrock did not waiver however and made a run to end the half.. Lane Barlow had a Team-high 39 points to match Wroblewski. Into the second half, Team Maione would control a double digit lead and it stayed that way late.. Team Shlofrock got hot with a couple minutes to go and the lead began to shrink.. Team Maione would hit a free throw with under 4 seconds to go in Regulation to make it a 3-point lead..  Lane Barlow would take the in-bound pass and scurry up the right-side of the court before launching a bomb that banked off the glass and IN! The Game was tied and to Overtime we would go.. In OT, two minutes was not enough to break the tie and to OT2 we would go! Team Maione once again got the lead up 2 and Team Shlofrock would get a final chance to tie it up or win it.. They got 2 great looks and from their best shooters, but both would rim out and Team Maione would survive! Going back to the Final4 for the 3rd straight Summer! They will take on Reigning Spring League Champs Team Dean in the Final4.

For Team Shlofrock, they have to look back at this one and think, “we could have had it,” but they should be proud of the comeback they mounted and their entire season really. This group had a ton of talent but played their first game together just back in June. They gained chemistry quickly and gave the Defending Champs, all they could handle and then some.. We’ll virtually all of these guys on various Teams in THE Chicago Hoops League later in the year. Thanks for playing!


4. Team Clark (Schweitzer Title) v. 5. Team Darcy (The Bucket List)

Team Clark had defeated Team Darcy 2x in the Regular Season. Something that no one has ever been able to say about the 2x Champs before.. They definitely had the edge in the Regular Season but it is extremely difficult to defeat the same Team 3x in a season, especially one that is the caliber of Team Darcy.. In the first half these two teams close in what was a hotly contested Game. Both Teams gave their all on both ends. Into the second half the score remained close until Team Darcy went on a big run and that is what would give them W! Team Darcy was moving on to their 5th straight Final4! They have advanced in every League they have played in since 2015.. Can they grab their 3rd Crown next Tuesday?

For Team Clark, definitely a disappointing end to what was a Championship-level roster. They were really fun to watch this Season and have so much talent. Some of them will play later this fall in THE Chicago Hoops League. Thanks for playing!


That’s it for Week 1 of the Playoffs. Thanks to those finishing up and Good Luck to our Final4!