2017 Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops – Week 1 (June 13)

Updated: June 16, 2017

All Sports Series has officially begun it’s 8th Summer and it will be our biggest yet (by far)! It is our 7th in Chicago and the 3rd Summer for this particular TUESDAY edition of the Chicago Summer Hoops League.  There are 12 Teams vying for the Crown on Tuesdays this Summer and is is a VERY deep field.. It doesn’t take long to see all of the past Champions in the crowd.. First, are the Defending Champs from last year’s Summer Tuesday Hoops League – Team Maione, who will be led by Captain Brad Deutsch in 2017 while Anthony Maione goes and gets married.. Then, there are the 2015 Summer League Champs Team Darcy, who added to their trophy case this past Spring with another Championship. The most recent Team to earn a Crown is Team Dean who just won a Spring League Championship a few weeks ago.

You then have last Summer’s Runners-up Team Clark and 2x Spring League Runners-Up Team Unger.  Usually doesn’t take this long in the intro to mention Team Schur (formerly Team Sternberg) who has a really great roster up and down, chalk full of All Sports Series vets. The same can be said for Team Geocaris and Team Rubin who have been around for years now.. Need to carve out some room to talk about Team Shlofrock who is essentially an All Star type Team from THE Chicago Hoops League. This group hasn’t played together before but they have could be the most talented in the League.  Entering their first League in Chicago is Team Brystkowski who has played as Team Sammy in the Ann Arbor League before. They are the youngest group in the field but have a bunch of talent.. We then have 2 Rookie squads – Team Farris and Team Schultz – both are eager to make their presence felt! It’s going to be a great Summer!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-8 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Sport Summer Leagues > Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Dean (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 1-0

Normally, the #1 spot is reserved for the League’s Defending Champs, yet we have an interesting dilemma here.. Technically, Team Maione is the defending Champs for the Tuesday Summer League.. However, Team Dean is the most recent Champs in any of our Hoops Leagues. As luck would have it, those 2 Teams met on the court on Tuesday Night in what was a battle for the #1 spot in the Rankings (even if they didn’t realize it at the time).  Team Dean got up early and put it on Team Maione. They opened up a 20 point lead.. Something we’ve never really seen happen against Team Maione. It’s as impressive of a Week 1 as you can ask for as they picked up right where they left off. They will likely be without big man Tim Traversa for sometime as he went down with a knee injury in this one. We hope he is better soon! Marian Knezovic had 23 in the Win. Michael Mulroe had 14. These guys will need to grab some cases of Rockin’ Refuel as they also are playing in the Thursday Hoops League this Summer. Need to recover quickly! Next Tuesday they will take on Team Geocaris.


2. Team Clark (Schweitzer Title) – 1-0

Coming in at #2 this week is Team Clark. It is no surprise to see Team Clark in the top few spots to begin the Summer as they were in the Championship Game of this League a year ago. However, they are a mostly revamped roster and you’d expect them to take a bit of time to get going.. None needed here. They defeated one of the most prolific Hoops squads we have in the All Sports Series landscape Team Darcy during Week 1. Devin Demby led with 18 and Captain Rodney had 16. It was great to see Chris Clark back on the court again after suffering a knee injury in the League a year ago. Welcome Back! This will be a statement Win that should catch the eyes of everyone in the League. They take on Team Rubin in Week 2.


3. Team Darcy (The Bucket List) – 0-1

How does a Team that dropped their first Game of the Season start at #3? Allow for the explanation. Team Darcy is entering their 5th Season in All Sports Series’ Hoops Leagues. They have won 2 of those Leagues (their first and their third.. which bodes well for their 5th).. They have made the Final4 in all four of their seasons and at one point this Spring they had gone on an 18-Game Win Streak which is the longest we have ever had in the Chicago Leagues.  They are one of the favorites and will be all Summer long. Even with a Loss to the tough Team Clark. Sam Martinez was the 2nd highest scorer in the League on Tuesday with 26 points. They missed Doug Wollney’s athleticism on the perimeter. They’ll be eager to get another shot at Team Clark come Playoff time.  Team Schultz is on the docket for Week 2.


4. Team Maione (Rockin’ Refuel) – 0-1

Okay so here’s where the fall stops for the Defending Champs of the Summer TUESDAY Hoops League. They are going to go through some turbulence early on as they are working in some new pieces this Summer. Usual Captain Anthony is getting hitched this Summer and is not with the Team on a permanent basis, nor is usual steady hand Josh Berman.  Brad Deutsch has taken over Captain duties and brought in younger brother and All Sports Series vet Justin Deutsch into the fold. They still have former League MVP Chris Wroblewski (who had 20 on Tuesday) as well as Jason Battle and Andy Timson. Their core is in tact. Kevin Stineman is making his All Sports Series debut with them as well… So, some moving parts but they have plenty of time to get right.. They witnessed first-hand in Week 1 how the competition has taken a step up since last Summer. They get Team Brystkowski in Week 2.


5. Team Unger (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) – 1-0

Team Unger has had an exceptionally successful 2017 as a unit. They made it to the Championship Game in each of the two Chicago Spring Hoops Leagues we had. They left both of those Games still searching for their first Crown. This Summer, they made some really nice acquisitions in the form of All Sports vets Jack Wold and Brian Hruskocy. Ryan Lederman returned after a brief stint on the DL and had 15 for them in Week 1. They had 4 more guys in double figures to show their great balance including Ben Luger with a dozen and Captain Max Unger. Judd Barron who normally leads the Team in scoring had 11, but was their 5th highest point getter on the night. It was a strong Week 1. They look to continue it against what will be a tough test in Week 2 against Team Shlofrock.


6. Team Shlofrock (Sandusky Lee) – 1-0

Maybe the most interesting storyline of Night 1 was to see how the new version of Team Shlofrock would perform as a unit. Captain Jake has been running Teams for the better part of a decade but never has he had this much talent to work with.. Along with him are a few of his normal teammates – Brad Tivin, Jason Domash and Jake Lerman – all of whom were absent on Tuesday Night.  Now for the new pieces..  Sharpshooters Sam Leewood and Eugene Connor from Team Purimetla’s Sunday Night crew is joining them, along with their buddy Omar. They also have added one of the best scorers out there Lane Barlow as well as Alan Roberts from Team Wong’s Sunday Night crew.  This Team can hurt you with every guy on the Team and in multiple ways.  They already showed what they are capable of with downing the tough Team Schur in their first night together.. They will make a huge statement if they can go 2-0 and get the W over #5 Team Unger.


7. Team Geocaris (Chipotle) – 1-0

Team Geocaris of Load Delivered is making their return the Summer Hoops League scene after a brief hiatus a year ago. They have improved the Roster and fully intend to compete for the Crown. Along with Captain Tyler, they have All Sports Series vets David Zale and Eric Handrich which complete a really formidable front line. Handrich had 17 on Tuesday, Captain Tyler had 15 and Zale had 14 to lead them in scoring. They got a nice Week 1 Win over Team Brystkowski.  They look to earn everyone’s attention next week when they take on #1 Team Dean.


8. Team Schultz (Biaggi’s) – 1-0

Team Schultz is entering their very first All Sports Series League. It is very rare for a complete Rookie squad to have a lot of success early on, but they seem to be able to buck that trend. They looked very strong in their opening Game. They have scoring, they have an inside presence, athleticism and they can shoot. Dan Sheehy led the League in scoring with 28 points on Tuesday. Not bad for his debut. Dan O’Brien had 22 and Joel Pennington had 20. Captain Mike Schultz has a very nice 3-headed monster to work with there. They look to get to 2-0 against one of the League’s best in #3 Team Darcy.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Brystkowski (CEA Study Abroad) – 0-1

Team Brystkowski is entering their first Chicago-based All Sports Series League. They played in 2016 in our Ann Arbor campus League.  They are a very athletic bunch and just need some time to adapt to the big bodies that they will see in the Men’s Leagues. This group is going to win some ballgames. Adrian Levitt had 18 points to lead them in scoring. Gautam Visveswaran had 14 as well. Captain David and co. were a bit short-handed on Tuesday and just ran out of gas trying to defend the bigger Team Geocaris squad. Look for them to bounce back quickly. They get perennial favorites Team Maione in Week 2.


Team Farris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue) – 0-1

Team Farris is another group comprised of mostly Rookies who made their debuts in All Sports Series on Tuesday Nights. Dan Leonte who is a part of the Team Wong stable is playing with them but was absent on Tuesday Night. He will help provide some veteran knowledge. Anton Jeludkov led with a dozen for them in their Game against #5 Team Unger. Captain Matt and co. just need some time to learn the ropes and they will be just fine! They get Team Schur in Week 2.


Team Rubin (Chicago Trolley) – 0-1

Team Rubin led by All Sports Series vet Alex Rubin. They also have Trevor Thomas who has played in quite a few All Sports Series Leagues. The two of them led the Team in scoring during Week 1 but ran across a tough Team Schultz squad. These guys are going to be just fine and look to get back .500 against the tough #2 Team Clark.


Team Schur (SLA Insurance) – 0-1

Last but not least, remember it is alphabetical here.. They’d be #9 this week if we went so far..Is Team Schur. These guys have been apart of All Sports Series since the very beginning back in 2010 and 2011. They are a quality basketball team that can put out 5 guys who can hit 3s at a time. They keep you honest and work hard on both ends. They faced a Team with a ton of talent in Team Shlofrock on Tuesday Night and did so without Tyler Max, who will help them immensely. Alex Sacks scored 16 in his return to All Sports Series and Mack Watts had 14. They look to grab their first W of the season in Week 2 v. Team Farris.


That’s it for Week 1. Going to be a great Summer!