2017 Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops – Week 2 (June 20)

Updated: June 23, 2017

The Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops League got back to the courts on Tuesday Night for Week 2. The second set of the Games is usually very telling.. We can see if first-impressions are here to stay or if some Teams flipped the script a bit. As we exited Week 2, four Teams were left Undefeated including – Teams Dean (the reigning Spring Champs), Clark (last Summer’s Runners-Up), Unger (last Spring’s Runners-Up) and then All Sports Series Rookies Team Schultz.  We are in store for some shaking up at the top!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Dean (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 2-0

Team Dean holds down the #1 spot for the second straight Week to open the season. They did have a setback last Thursday Night in the other Summer Hoops League, but that doesn’t effect them one bit in terms of these Power Rankings. In Week 2, they won by 19 over the solid Team Geocaris crew. After 2 Games, they are 3rd highest scoring Team in the League and the 2nd best Defensively in terms of Points Against. Pretty tough to beat.. They will take on the surprisingly 0-2 Team Darcy who they have been awaiting a Rematch with for months. This is a match-up of our 2 Spring League Champs and it would be really something to see Team Darcy start in an 0-3 hole.


2. Team Clark (Schweitzer Title) – 2-0

Team Clark stays at #2 following a double-digit W over Team Rubin on Tuesday Night. They are one of four Teams at 2-0 and have looked extremely impressive early on. This is a group that should actually improve, believe it or not, as the season goes on.. They have many first-timers to All Sports Series and there is usually a feeling out process early on. They just happen to be talented enough to Win during that stretch.. Next Tuesday, they will face another favorite, #3 Team Maione in The Bucket List Game of the Week!


3. Team Maione (Rockin’ Refuel) – 1-1

As we just mentioned, #3 Team Maione will go head to head with #2 Team Clark in an early season clash that will serve as the co-Main Event along with Team Dean v. Team Darcy. Anyways, back to Team Maione and their Week 2.. They almost got over the century mark on Tuesday, finishing with 98, as they got back to their Winning ways after a rare letdown in Week 1. Adding Dylan Richter to this already high-powered Offense makes them virtually unstoppable. They are going to be a part of a shoot-out with Team Clark come Tuesday.


4. Team Unger (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) – 2-0

Team Unger got a really, really nice Win on Tuesday Night. Their opponents continue to under-estimate them but they continue to just win Games. It is not a mistake that they went to back to back Spring League Championship Games earlier in 2017. These guys are just so solid. They soundly defeated a strong Team Shlofrock squad and we may look back on this one as a key Game in Playoff seeding later in the Summer. They will try to get to 3-0 against Team Schur.


5. Team Schultz (Biaggi’s) – 2-0

Team Schultz has had about an impressive of a debut as you can ask for in All Sports Series. They have now won their first 2 Games, but that doesn’t even tell the full story. On Tuesday Night, they defeated Team Darcy. A group that won the first Spring League of 2017 and a group that accumulated an 18-Game Win streak earlier in the year. To come in and beat a group that has won a recent Crown in your second Game is they type of thing that grabs people’s attention and vaults you into the Top-5. They will take on Team Geocaris and try to get to 3-0.


6. Team Shlofrock (Sandusky Lee) – 1-1

As we stated last week, Team Shlofrock has a TON of talent but they are playing their first few Games together.. They will experience a few lumps early in the season. They played #4 Team Unger on Tuesday, a Team that has been to two straight Spring League Championship Games (and has played 20+ Games together in the past couple of months).. They didn’t get the result they wanted but it will be a good learning experience for them. Don’t have to worry about them, a bounce back is looming. Team Farris is up next for them.


7. Team Darcy (The Bucket List) – 0-2 

Normally an 0-2 start means a group heads to the Unranked section.. Well, Team Darcy is not your normal Team.. They have had an out-of-character start to the Season.. Considering in the Spring they rattled off a combined 14-0 record in two Regular Seasons. They have faced tough competition though early, including the impressive Rookies, Team Schultz. They could be staring at an 0-3 start as well with #1 Team Dean upcoming in a clash of the past couple of Champs.  However, this could be the perfect opportunity for them to get going..


8. Team Schur (SLA Insurance) – 1-1

Team Schur hops up and into the Rankings following their Week 2 W over Team Farris. Oh, it was by FIFTY-NINE points, their Win. Not too shabby. They went over the century mark on Tuesday Night and through two weeks, they are the highest scoring Team in the League. They have always been a scrappy group, but they have some added firepower this Summer and you can expect them to continue to rise up the Ranks. They have the tough #4 Team Unger in Week 3.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Brystkowski (CEA Study Abroad) – 0-2

Team Brystkowski has had a tough Schedule to start their first Chicago Hoops League campaign. Most recently, they needed to go against Team Maione (one of the CHI Hoops League scene’s best Franchises). They battled them throughout the Game but just couldn’t match their firepower. They will look to get their first W of the Summer in Week 3 against Team Rubin, who is also searching for their first Win.


Team Farris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue) – 0-2

Team Farris had a rough Week 2. It happens for Rookie squads in All Sports Series. Just need some time to get acquainted with the speed, rules etc. Team Schur is a quality opponent and it will serve them best to just put this last one in the rear-view mirror. On to the next one. They look to bounce back against Team Shlofrock.


Team Geocaris (Chipotle) – 1-1

Team Geocaris dropped their first Game on Tuesday Night to Defending Champs and #1 Team Dean. Nothing to get too down about from that regard. They, like most Teams in the League, struggled to keep Team Dean slowed down. They will have another tough Game with #5 Team Schultz in Week 3 where they will try to both dish the Schultz squad their first All Sports Series Loss and get themselves back up and over .500 as well.


Team Rubin (Chicago Trolley) – 0-2

Last but not least is Team Rubin who fought hard with #2 Team Clark on Tuesday Night. They didn’t come away with the Win but they showed that they can compete with the Top Teams in the League. This is a group that is going to get Wins this Summer. They have too much talent on the Roster not to. There is obviously a ton of really good competition but they will figure it out. They face Team Brystkowski in Week 3 — one of those Teams will leave with their first W.


That’s it for Week 2. Have a great weekend!