2017 Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops – Week 5 (July 18)

Updated: July 22, 2017

The talent on Tuesday Nights shined once again in Week 5. We had multiple 30 point scorers and the top Teams in the Rankings continue to impress.. All of them are chasing Rookie-squad and #1 Team Schultz who is the sole Undefeated Team left in the League! It is going to be a fun stretch run.

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Schultz (Biaggi’s) – 5-0

Team Schultz is the epitome of the phrase “Live by the 3-point shot or die by the 3-point shot.” However, Team Schultz has been living and thriving from outside the arc this season, en route to a 5-0 start. This incredible shooting team most recently beat Team Dean 99-74. Dan Sheehy, had 21, including 5 3-pointers. Team Unger will try to hand them their first loss next week.


2. Team Clark (Schweitzer Title) – 4-1

Team Clark got out to a slow start in Week 5, quickly going down by 17 points to Team Darcy. They chipped away at the lead and never gave up, eventually tying the game at 76 with 15 seconds left and the ball. They won the game on a layup with 8 seconds left. Captain Rodney Clark had 30 points. Up next for them is Team Shlofrock.


3. Team Shlofrock (Sandusky Lee) – 4-1

Team Shlofrock picked up their third win in a row this week, beating Team Geocaris by the score of 70-58. Omar led the team in scoring with 16 points. Team Shlofrock looks to keep up with Teams Clark and Schultz in the standings and will have the opportunity to do so next week against Team Clark.


4. Team Dean (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 3-2

Team Dean was slotted against a very tough Team Schultz this week. They played them very tough for most of the game, but the game got away from them in the end en route to a 25 point loss. Courtney Griffin is a force to be reckoned with, scoring 26 points with a nice combination of layups and 3-pointers. They look to get back into the win column next week against Team Schur.


5. Team Maione (Rockin’ Refuel) – 3-2

Team Maione found the win column once again after losing their game last week, beating Team Rubin 101-89 in a high scoring affair. Great Teams bounce right back after a Loss and they have shown the ability to do that for years now. Dylan Richter and Chris Wroblewski had 25 and 24, respectively. Up next for them is Team Geocaris.


6. Team Darcy (The Bucket List) – 2-3

Team Darcy came out to a hot start in Week 5, taking a 17 point lead against Team Clark in what seemed like 5 minutes or less. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on and ended losing by only 2 points. The Tim and Tom Dunlavy combo is a dangerous one, combining for 35 points in this game. They will play Team Brystkowski next week.


7. Team Schur (SLA Insurance) – 3-2

Team Schur got up and over the .500 mark with the W this Tuesday, beating Team Brystowski 59-41. Alex Sacks was great on offense, scoring 21 points for his squad. Up next for them is the tough Team Dean.


8. Team Unger (Dr. Jacob D.D.S Purple) – 3-2

Team Unger absolutely destroyed Team Farris this week, doubling their score by winning 100-50. Judd Barron had 30 points, including eight 3-pointers. This may be the Week we turn back to and see as the momentum starter as they get going on the stretch run. Up next for Team Unger is the undefeated Team Schultz.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Brystkowski (CEA Study Abroad) – 0-5

Team Brystowski has yet to win a game this year, dropping their 5th game in a row to Team Schur this week. They hung with the tough Team Schur, but just couldn’t pull ahead. Jacob Lightman led the team with 12 points. They go for win #1 next week against Team Darcy. They are a talented bunch, they just need to stay at it.


Team Farris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue) – 0-5

Team Farris is the other winless team this year.. They just need to keep focusing on what is ahead and not what has happened. Joey Koo was the bright spark in their offense, scoring 18 points while Anton Jeludkov added 17 of his own. They will try to beat Team Rubin next week.


Team Geocaris (Chipotle) – 2-3

Team Geocaris played in a back and forth game against Team Shlofrock this week, but couldn’t pull out a victory, losing by 12 points. David Zale led the team with 14 points. They will play the strong Team Maione in Week 6.


Team Rubin (Chicago Trolley) – 1-4

Team Rubin scored a ton of points in Week 5, but their 89 points weren’t enough to top the 101 points of Team Maione. It was an up and down Game.. Not the kind you want to get into with Team Maione. Captain Alex Rubin led all scorers with 33 points. Up next for them is the winless Team Farris.


That’s it for this Week. Thanks and have a great week.

-Holden and Jonah