2017 Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops – Week 6 (July 25)

Updated: July 28, 2017

Week 6 provided some incredible moments for the Tuesday Hoops League. We had a 3OT classic between Spring Champs Team Dean and Team Schur. Team Dean ended up grabbing the W to close out the night. We also saw Rookies Team Schultz assert their dominance even further after a fantastic W against 2-time Runners-Up Team Unger. This week we are going to move to a Playoff Scenarios piece breaking down potential seeds following next week’s Regular Season finale.

All 12 Teams will qualify for the Playoffs. The Top-6 seeds all qualify instantly for the Elite8. The Bottom-6 seeds will compete in 2 Opening Rounds to try and snag one of the other two Elite8 spots.. Teams 9-12 will play in Opening Round 1 where the Winners will meet Seeds 7 and 8 in Opening Round 2.

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Schultz (Biaggi’s) – 6-0

Team Schultz has gone 6-0 to start their All Sports Series careers and now control the #1 seed heading into the Regular Season finale. They haven’t quite locked it up just yet.. If they win against Team Shlofrock, it is theirs. However, if they Lose AND Team Clark wins, we’ll have two teams tied at 6-1 to finish the season. They didn’t play head to head so we would need to go to a Strength of Schedule tiebreaker. Either way, they have locked up a top-2 seed.


2. Team Clark (Schweitzer Title) – 5-1

Team Clark enters Week 7 with an outside shot at the #1 seed. As outlined above, if they Win and Team Schultz Loses, then they would tie them a force a Strength of Schedule tiebreaker for the #1 spot.. If they Win against Team Dean on Tuesday, they can finish no lower than 2nd.. Should they Lose though — there are 3 Teams who could pass them.. For starters, Team Dean would hold a head to head Win over them and have the same record. Team Maione trails them by just a Game and Team Maione also has a W over Team Clark.. Team Shlofrock is still just a Game Back as well.. In an absolute worst case scenario they could somehow fall to 5th but a lot would have to go wrong.. They look to close it out with a big Win over Team Dean in Week 7.


t-3. Team Dean (Crystal Lake CDJ), Team Maione (Rockin’ Refuel) & Team Shlofrock (Sandusky Lee) – 4-2

As we mentioned above.. All 3 of these Teams could catch Team Clark for a tie for 2nd at 5-2.. Everyone will be watching Team Dean v. Team Clark in Week 7 in this grouping as that holds many of the cards.. Should Team Clark Win, then the highest these Teams could finish is 3rd. However, if Team Dean Wins then both Teams Maione and Team Shlofrock could force a multi-team tie in 2nd behind #1 Team Schultz. Now, should any of these Teams Lose in Week 7, then the three 3-3 Teams (Darcy, Schur and Unger) could force a crazy log-jam in the middle of the Standings.. At least one of those Teams are going to finish 7th or lower and, thus, have to play an extra Opening Round Game prior to battling a top-seed. Not where these groups want to be…


t-6. Team Darcy (The Bucket List), Team Schur (SLA Insurance) & Team Unger (Dr. Jacob D.D.S Purple) – 3-3

We said it above but these Teams have a huge week upcoming. Team Schur and Team Darcy will square off. The Winner is going to be in good shape Playoff wise but the Loser could really fall into a predicament seeding wise to start the Playoffs. Depth is huge thing come Playoff time and you don’t want to have to play extra Games.  With Wins, these clubs can reach the Teams currently tied for 3rd. However, they haven’t locked-up Top-6 seeds yet — one of them can’t get a Top-6 seed and it is possible 2 of them won’t depending on how Teams Geocaris and Rubin perform on Tuesday Night. Huge potential swing there..


t-9. Team Geocaris (Chipotle) & Team Rubin (Chicago Trolley) – 2-4

These two Teams can’t get to the Top-6, but they still have a shot of climbing into the 7 or 8 spot with Wins on Tuesday Night. They actually take on one another.. So the Loser is going to start in Opening Round 1 and have to play a bunch of Games to start the Playoffs. The Winner has a really good shot at catching at least 1 of the Teams currently tied for 6th. Lot to play for in Week 7!


t-11. Team Brystkowski (CEA Study Abroad) & Team Farris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue) – 0-6

We know that these two Teams are going to start in Opening Round 1 as the 11 and 12 seeds. Key momentum can still be gained in Week 7 and there is still jockeying for seeding amongst these two. They will actually lock horns in Week 7 so one of these groups will head into the Playoffs with their first W of the season and some newfound confidence!


Those are the scenarios! Good luck in the finale!