2017 College/Prep 16″ Softball – Playoffs! (July 30)

Updated: August 3, 2017

On Sunday afternoon we Crowned the very first College/Prep 16″ Softball Champs in HP! It was a full day of intense Playoff action and when the dust settled it was the #5 seeded Team Beltrano who won 3 straight Games on the day to shockingly grab the Crown.  Big Congrats goes out to them! Just shows you just need to get a little momentum going.. They had lost 4 straight Games coming into the League’s final day but they flipped the switch and will forever be known as the first ever Champs! We’ll break down all of the action below.. First, want to just Thank Everyone for playing this Summer!

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Playoff Review

Opening Rd:  7. Team Mordini (NKFI) v. 8. Team Marras (ALX Salon) 

Team Mordini and Team Marras took part in extra Opening Round Game with #2 Team Valvassori awaiting the Winner. These two Teams were very evenly matched and it was going to come down to a play or two late to determine the Winner.. We actually were tied after 7 innings here and needed extras.. The 8th inning wasn’t enough either to break the tie, so to the 9th we went.. Team Mordini held Team Marras in the top half of the 9th and then got to take their swings in an attempt to earn the W. Hallvard Lundevall had a huge day at the plate for Team Mordini and helped their crew drive in the 6th and Winning Run! Team Mordini would move on to face #2 Team Valvassori.

For Team Marras, it was no doubt a tough way to go out in the Playoffs but it was surely a memorable finish to the season. They played well. Especially Robby Nardini who scored and drove in a run. Brennan Reback hit a HR in this one as well for them. They didn’t get the result they wanted but they played well and we’ll hopefully see them back out there next Summer. Thanks for playing!



Elite8: 4. Team Balkan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 5. Team Beltrano (Danley’s Garage)

Just as the Opening Round Game was heading into extra innings we also had the Quarterfinals starting on Diamond #1 between #4 Team Balkan and #5 Team Beltrano. These two Teams met all the way back in Week 1 and played what was a very competitive Game to begin their All Sports Series’ careers. Team Beltrano got the win that day. Fast Forward to the Playoffs and these two Teams were heading in different directions.. Team Beltrano had dropped several Games in a row before Sunday and Team Balkan had notched a few Wins heading into the day.. You can usually throw that all out the window when the pressure of the Playoffs come around.. These two Teams stayed close early and it wasn’t until a big inning for Team Beltrano that they’d separate from one another.. Team Beltrano was able to close it out and earn their first Playoff W.  They would move on to play #1 Team Pulfer in the Final4.

As for Team Balkan, had a couple 50/50s gone their way it may have been a different afternoon for them but it just wasn’t meant to be. They showed late in the season what they are capable of and hopefully they can stay together as a unit because they are a very solid Team that could really do some damage in the future. Thanks for playing!


Elite8: 2. Team Valvassori (Sarkis Café) v. 7. Team Mordini (NKFI)

Team Mordini was flying high after their first Playoff W of the season and momentum is a crazy thing.. They were not intimated by the powerhouse that is Team Valvassori. Both Teams played well in the field early.. The innings kept flying by, with the score tied at 0. We got to the 4th and 5th and 6th.. No score.. Finally Danny Bazelon would drive in Hallvard Lundevall to give the Cinderellas a 1-0 lead going into the home half of the 7th. Team Valvassori who were among the favorites entering the day, needed a run to keep their season alive.. With 1-out, it had seemed that Captain Chris Valvassori had scored the tying run, but he was called out for contact to make the 2nd out of the inning. Team Mordini was able to shut it down from their and grab an improbable victory to send them to the Final4! Anything can happen, especially in Softball.

For Team Valvassori, it was a crushing blow in what was really a great season. It ended too soon and that is always a tough pill to swallow. They have played for years and still are searching for that elusive Crown, but it will come. They sorely missed David Laser’s bat in the line-up on this day (not the physical bat – but him) as he was the spark plug for them in many ways.. They will be back, maybe as soon as the Chicago Flag Football League this Fall.


Elite8: 3. Team Wellek (Spikeball) v. 6. Team Herz (CEA Study Abroad)

As an upset was brewing down on Diamond #2 with Team Valvassori getting up-ended by the Cinderella Team Mordini squad, these two Groups took the field for a spot in the Final4. Team Wellek pounced on Team Herz early in the Regular Season but Team Herz strong some Ws together late and was a much more formidable foe heading into the Playoffs.. As this one got started, it was much of the same from their Regular Season matchup however.. Team Wellek got the bats going early and never really looked back. Their dominance in College/Prep Playoff Games would continue here and they’ve move on to the Final4 and get to take on Cinderellas #7 Team Mordini.

For Team Herz, this has been a group that has a had a ton of success over the past few Summers in HP. This was their first go of it in the 16″ Softball League but they had made name for themselves in the “All Sports” Leagues since 2015. These guys will be back and you can expect big things from them in 2018. Thanks for playing!



Final4: 1. Team Pulfer (StudentCity) v. 5. Team Beltrano (Danley’s Garage)

It is no secret that this was a Rematch that was widely buzzed about. These Teams played in the Regular Season finale and there was some bad blood that would linger into the Playoffs.. Both Teams were able to put the emotions to the side and just play (to their credit) and with a spot in the Championship Game on the line.. Team Beltrano earned a 3-0 lead thanks in large part to a couple key at bats from Jack Brierton and Matt Brown in the middle innings.. Team Pulfer just couldn’t keep it going on Offense. Never really strung together hits. They would eventually score 2 and make it 3-2, but Team Beltrano would score an insurance run heading into the bottom of the 7th, where Team Pulfer would need 2 runs to extend their season. They were able to drive home one but left a man on base when the 3rd out was recorded and Team Beltrano had won their second Playoff Game of the day en route to the Championship Game.

For Team Pulfer, it was a bitter end to a great Regular Season where they went Undefeated. Many of these guys have been in All Sports Series for a long time and they are still searching that illusive Crown. It just wasn’t meant to be on this day. They will be back whether next Summer or sooner, and maybe in one of the Chicago Leagues. Thanks for playing.


Final4: 3. Team Wellek (Spikeball) v. 7. Team Mordini (NKFI)

With Team Beltrano clinching the first spot in the Championship, we needed to figure out who their Opponent would be.. Team Mordini had won 2 Games already on the day and was playing their best ball at the perfect time.. Team Wellek on the other hand, are the defending College/Prep “All Sports” Champs and all they do is seemingly win Playoff Games. Something had to give.. Team Wellek as they have during most of the Season was able to start fast here and the exhausted Team Mordini who had basically played 16 innings straight of 1-run softball just didn’t have enough in the tank to catch up.. Team Wellek was going to the Championship!

For Team Mordini, they didn’t end with the ultimate prize but when all was said and done they tied for the 2nd most Eliminations on the day and made a really fun and improbable run to the Semis. This is a group that if they can stay together as comprised on the Playoff day can have a serious shot at the Crown a year from now. Thanks for playing!



Championship: 3. Team Wellek (Spikeball) v. 5. Team Beltrano (Danley’s Garage)

So after 6 Playoff Games and 3 hours of mostly nail-biting Softball we were left with just two Teams. Likely not who bracketologists would have pegged considering the dominance of the Top-2 seeds during the Regular Season but that is what Playoff Softball is all about. Team Beltrano had used Defense to secure 2 wins earlier in the day while Team Wellek relied mostly on their bats to get here. Something had to give..

Team Beltrano struck first and then again.. They were able to build a nice lead through the middle innings. It was 7-2 in the 5th.. Team Wellek was able to make it 7-3 in the Bottom half of the 5th and had RISP but failed to drive in anymore.. In the 6th, Team Beltrano scored again, making it 8-3 and that is where the score would finish.. Team Beltrano won the Crown! More on them in a second.

For Team Wellek, this core had won 6 straight Playoff Games dating back to last season, before this Championship Game.. That is incredible. All great things must come to an end and their focus will immediately shift to Defending their Crown on Wednesday Nights in the “All Sports” League. They will be back and right in the mix of things a year from now for the 16″ Softball title as well. Thanks for playing.

For the Champs, Team Beltrano, first off – Congratulations! They truly earned the title with 3 straight Wins on the day. They were able to get past fellow-Northbrookers in Team Balkan to start the day, and then keep their emotions in check in the Semis, defeating previously Undefeated Team Pulfer to get to the Championship Game. They were then able to dish Team Wellek their first Playoff Loss in 2 years to grab the Crown. Truly deserved on a day where their Defense really dictated the tone. This is a group that can win it again next year, a scary proposition for the rest of the League. Thanks for playing and Congrats again.


That concludes an incredible first Summer of the 16″ Softball League. Thanks again to everyone for playing and see you soon!