2017 College/Prep 16″ Softball – Week 1 (June 11)

Updated: June 16, 2017

Welcome to the College/Prep 16″ Softball League! All Sports Series is entering its 8th Summer in Highland Park but this is the very first season for the C/P 16″ League and it should be a great Summer! We have 8 Teams battling it out on Sunday afternoons for the first Crown in League history.  Many Teams are returning including the 2016 College/Prep “All Sports” Champs – Team Wellek – who are trying to win not one but two Championships in HP this Summer. We also see the return of Team Pulfer who are trying to make good for a Franchise that started a hand full of seasons ago and are still searching their first crown.. Teams Mordini and Herz also return to All Sports Series, making the switch over from the “All Sports” League to the Softball League.. We also will see Team Valvassori unite again with the goal of getting their core the first Crown in Franchise history. Then, we have a few new Teams.. Teams Balkan, Beltrano and Marras make their debuts in the 16″ League!  If Sunday is any indication we have a ton of great Games ahead.

Scheduling Note – We are OFF for Father’s Day on June 18 and will return on June 25. There will be a double header in july to make-up for Father’s Day off day.

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-5 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Sport Summer Leagues > College/Prep 16″ Softball League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Weekly Highlight Video presented by StudentCity!

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Power Rankings

1. Team Wellek (Spikeball) – 1-0

Well, Team Wellek didn’t waste anytime asserting themselves as the Team to beat on Sundays. This group comes in with more hardware in their All Sports Series trophy case than any other in the field and they plan on adding to it this Summer. They scored 25 runs so it is hard to point out one primetime performer.. It was a team effort.. Zach Nankin did hit a bomb of a HR though. Jack Okeefe also hit THREE HRs. In the field they were stellar as well, holding Team Herz to just 1 run.. These guys take on Team Mordini in Week 2 on June 25.


2. Team Pulfer (StudentCity) – 1-0

Team Pulfer has had many names throughout the years but their core has always remained the same and they have gotten incredibly close to the Crown on numerous occasions. They are likely in their final Summer in Highland Park before venturing to the Chicago Leagues.. This is their last opportunity as a unit to grab the Championship. They looked good on Sunday. Max Kaplan was perfect at the plate with 4 hits on the day. Andy Frankel was dealing from the mound and was a big reason why they held Team Mordini to No Runs on the day.. These guys have what it takes for sure. Team Herz awaits in Week 2 on June 25.


3. Team Valvassori (Sarkis Cafe) – 1-0

Team Valvassori, similar to #2 Team Pulfer, have been apart of All Sports Series forever. Once upon a time Captain Chris and co. were the youngest in the League and now a handful of years later they are grasping on to their final chances in the Highland Park Summer Leagues before moving down to Chicago. They have gotten close to the Crown before but are still searching for their first Summer Crown.  David Laser  was 3 for 3 at the dish with 2 RBI on Sunday afternoon. He helped lead them to a 6-5 W. Dillon Rudy had a clutch hit as well. They will face Team Balkan on Sunday June 25 for the second set of Games.


4. Team Beltrano (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-0

Team Beltrano is entering their first All Sports Series League this Summer. Captain Marco is leading a Team that was very solid in the field on Sunday, holding Team Balkan to just 4 runs in the Game. They got a couple timely hits that lead to most of their runs. Captain Marco actually had 2 hits and drove in a couple runs. Jack Donnelly was also 2 for 3 at the plate. Anytime you can start the Season with a W, it is a good thing.. They look to make it 2 in a row against #5 Team Marras in Week 2 on Sunday June 25.


5. Team Marras (ALX Salon) – 0-1

Team Marras is making their debut in All Sports Series. They do have a few All Sports Series vets on the roster such as Robby Nardini though and they will be in good hands with Captain Joey. They weren’t able to pick up the Win in their debut performance, falling 6-5 to Team Valvassori but they showed that they can hang with the best Teams. Ben Geren had a couple hits and knocked one in.. Justin Tucker also had a couple hits and scored both times he reached base. #4 Team Beltrano awaits in Week 2 on June 25 where Team Marras looks to get to the .500 mark.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Balkan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 0-1

Team Balkan made their All Sports Series debut on Sunday afternoon. They lost a close Game to Team Beltrano in Week 1 but showed a lot of promise. This is a group that is going to get into the Rankings here shortly. Josh Freeman went 3 for 3 with a HR in this one and helped the Offense quite a bit. Most of the Team had a nice day at the plate they just needed a few more timely hits. They look to snag their first W on Sunday June 25 against Team Valvassori.


Team Herz (CEA Study Abroad) – 0-1

Team Herz didn’t have their best day. They are All Sports Series vets – entering their 3rd Summer in the Leagues. Captain Eddie and co. moved from the “All Sports” League to the Softball League for 2017 and they have a talented roster. They were without much of it though on Sunday afternoon and fell to Team Wellek in Week 1.. Andy Pollack had a hit as did Deven Greenleaf. These guys will be just fine. They face #2 Team Pulfer in Week 2 on Sunday June 25.


Team Mordini (NKFI) – 0-1

Last but not least (remember alphabetical order) is Team Mordini. They faced the always strong #2 Team Pulfer on Sunday and just couldn’t manufacturer any runs. These guys have been in All Sports Series for a few Summers now and have had a lot of success. They are still searching their first Crown however.  Both Teddy Sutker and Daniel Echt had hits in this one. They will improve at the plate, just needed to shake some rust off. #1 Team Wellek is up next for them in Week 2 on Sunday June 25.


That is it for this Week. Looking forward to a great season!