2017 College/Prep “All Sports” – Championship Wednesday! (Aug. 9)

Updated: August 11, 2017

On Wednesday Night we CROWNED the 2017 College/Prep “All Sports” League Champs. This League was the first ever All Sports Series (since 2010) and some grizzled vets who have gotten close so many times before, finally won the big one! We need start by giving a gigantic Congratulations to the 2017 Champs – Team Tickman!  They won 3 Games across 2 sports on the Final Wednesday Night of the Season to take home the Crown! We will break down all of the action below. Thanks again to everyone for a great Summer.

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Playoff Review

Elite8 Flag Football

4. Team Gerszonovicz (Baker Boys) v. 5. Team Tickman (Once Upon)

For scheduling reasons we needed to move this Elite8 Game to the final Wednesday Night, meaning we had a Final5 and not a Final4 to whittle down.. The Winner here would move on to play #1 Team Zisook in Softball and both Teams wanted that spot desperately. These may be the best two Football Teams in the League and we were in store for a great Game.

The opening drive for Team Tickman got off to an ominous start as all-world QB Andrew Sledd got sacked in the end-zone for a Safety, Team Gerszonovicz would get a 2-0 lead and that is where the score would stay for much of the first half.  Eventually, Team Tickman would drive the field and with a yard to go from the end-zone got a sneak from Captain Zack to take the lead 6-2.  QB Seth Gilford would leave Team Gerszonovicz down the field for a key 2nd half drive and he hit Taylor Smetana for a score. After the 1pt conversion was good, Team Gerszonovicz held the lead 9-6.  Team Tickman would get the ball with just a few minutes to go.. Season on the line.. Andrew Sledd took over with his feet. He routinely beat the Defense to the edge and turned the corner, grabbing big chunks of yardage on each scramble. The biggest play of the Game though came through the air when Sledd hit a fade to David Laser along the sideline, Laser reached out and hauled one in just before falling out of bounds. This set them up with a key 1st and goal from about the 5. Eventually he would score and Team Tickman once again led, 12-9.  Team Gerszonovicz had a couple timeout and under a minute to drive the field.. They simply ran out of time and Team Tickman was the one punching their ticket to the Final4!

For Team Gerszonovicz, they got so close yet again. This group has been so close to the Crown for several seasons now. They are right there and still have a few shots left at it. Most of them will venture to Champaign or Bloomington this Fall and we’ll see many of them during the school year before they make one final run at the College/Prep Crown next Summer. Thanks for playing!


Final4 Softball

1. Team Zisook (Rockin’ Refuel) v. 5. Team Tickman (Once Upon)

With #5 Team Tickman’s comeback W in Flag Football just minutes before, they were feeling awfully good coming into this Final4 match-up with  #1 Team Zisook. This is a spot that Team Zisook has been counting down the days for.. This is where they got knocked out last Summer and they battled all Summer long to get back here.. The Winner would move on to the Championship Game. Team Tickman got the upper hand early and led it throughout.. Team Zisook would find themselves down 3 runs heading into the 6th.. They couldn’t score a run there and that is where the lead stayed until the 7th.. In the 7th they got some base-runners and actually scored 2 runs to bring the Game to 8-7 Tickman.. With 2 outs to go, they needed another couple of hits, but Team Tickman got a key out and would move on to the Championship!

For Team Zisook, it is a disappointing end to the season, without question.. They got so close to the Championship Game once again but just haven’t been able to get over this hurdle.. They are among the elite in the College/Prep scene — year after year they are favorites — they will be favored to take the Crown again in 2018. Just need to shake it off and get ready to try and take what is theirs next Summer. Thanks for playing!


3. Stotter (First Bank of HP) v. 7. Team Fialkow (SLA Insurance)

Both Teams needed Softball Wins to get to this Final4 Softball Game.. #3 Team Stotter needed come-from-behind heroics last week to get past #11 Team Herzog while #7 Team Fialkow won in Extra Innings against #10 Team Gordon before decisively defeated #2 Team Slovis on their way here.. We had two of the best Softball Teams in the League competing here for a spot in the Championship. Team Fialkow once again jumped out to an early lead, but Team Stotter was comfortable playing from behind as evidenced by last week’s W.. Team Stotter was able to build a little momentum in the 4th but it was curbed and Team Fialkow was on their way to yet another upset Playoff W! Team Fialkow was headed to their first Championship Game!

For Team Stotter, it was a great Rookie campaign as a unit. They had a ton of talented players and past All Sports Series’ vets but to get to the Final4 in their first Summer is a true feat. They will be back in the future and contenders for the Crown. Thanks for playing!


Championship Flag Football

5. Team Tickman (Once Upon) v. 7. Team Fialkow (SLA Insurance)

When the Playoffs began, would anyone have guessed that none of the Top-4 would make the Final?  Brackets were certainly busted on the way to the Championship Game but #5 Team Tickman and #7 Team Fialkow definitely earned their spot in the Championship. Team Tickman defeated #12 Team Baer, then #4 Team Gerszonovicz and #1 Team Zisook to get here.. #7 Team Fialkow beat #10 Team Gordon, #2 Team Slovis and #3 Team Stotter – all of them coming on the Softball diamonds. This Game would be played on the gridiron where Team Tickman and QB Andrew Sledd were the more comfortable of the two combatants. Both Teams have played for many years and this was finally their opportunity to breakthrough and hold the Crown..

Team Tickman grabbed an early lead thanks in large part to the legs of Andrew Sledd who showcased his speed on numerous scrambles.  From early on in this one, Team Tickman set the tempo and the route was on.. Team Tickman would win the 2017 “All Sports” League Championship! More on the Champs in just a bit!

The Runners-Up, Team Fialkow had an amazing run. They won 3 Playoff Softball Games, including knocking out the #2 and #3 seeds in the past couple of weeks. Their Wins were an all-around Team effort as well.. Defense was vital and it showed off their depth. They have the talent to make it all the way next year and with an addition or two for Football may be the odds-on-favorite. We’ll see many of these guys during the school year at various campuses. Thanks for playing!

For the Champs – Team Tickman!  They had to Win 4 Playoff Games this Summer. They knocked out 4 Teams including the #4 seed and #1 seed all on Championship Wednesday and that was BEFORE the Championship Round. This core of Zack Tickman, Parker Rijos, Jake Prizant, Jon Chaikin, Sam Shrago and Joshua Pascal have been playing together for years.. They made the Championship as youngsters about 4 years ago but left without the Crown and have been chasing it ever since.. The additions they made in the past year or two including all-everything Andrew Sledd, Brandon Krawitz, Kyle Lewis made them one of the deepest Teams in the League and in August they really turned the corner.. They earned the Crown and now will turn their attention toward Leagues in Chicago as they graduate from the College/Prep scene. Congrats and Thanks for playing!


Thanks to everyone for another fantastic Summer. We’ll see you on Campus or in 2018!