2017 College/Prep “All Sports” – Playoff Preview (July 22-26)

Updated: July 28, 2017

We have reached the best part of the Summer. The Playoffs have arrived! In under two weeks we will Crown the College/Prep League Champs for the 8th time! 11 Teams are trying to take the Crown away from Team Wellek (who will start as the #9 seed this Season) and there are a bunch of possibilities as we head toward the Championship on August 9. It was a busy last week as we had make-up rain Games on Saturday and most Teams played multiple Games in the final Wednesday of the Regular Season as well..

When the dust settled we were left with the final Standings and Team Zisook finished in first by a wide margin. Along with them, Teams Slovis, Stotter and Gerszonovicz rounded out the Top-4 and all earned a spot in the Elite8 as a result.  Team Zisook was also afforded the opportunity to pick the sport for both the 8/9 Game and for their own Game against the 8/9 Winner. They went with Hoops. #2 Team Slovis was given the same option (with basketball being wiped away) for the 7/10 group and they went with Softball. Team Stotter chose Softball as well for the match-up between 6/11 and their Game against the 6/11 Winner. That left Flag Football for the 5/12 Game and #4 Team Gerszonovicz against the 5/12 Winner. We’ll break it all down below..

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Playoff Preview

Opening Rd Hoops:  8. Team Liss (Testing Timers) v. 9. Team Wellek (Dr. Jacob D.D.S)

This is as interesting of an Opening Round Hoops Game as we could of asked for. First you have the Defending Champs trying to Repeat from a significantly harder position than where they started a year ago. Then you have Team Liss who has been really really good in Hoops this Season. They have a few guys who can fill up the score sheet. The Defending Champs are going to be pushed early this year and these young guys are going to be hungry for their first ever Playoff W. The Winner will then take on #1 Team Zisook right after.


Elite8 Hoops: 1. Team Zisook (Rockin’ Refuel) v. Winner 8/9

Team Zisook went with their bread and butter early and who can blame them.. For years they have been among the best Hoopers in the College/Prep League and it is no surprise that they chose Hoops, no matter who their potential opponent may be. This could be a shot at retribution for them as they fell to Team Wellek in an amazing Final4 Game a year ago.. Only one of them can make it back to that stage in 2017. Should be a great night of basketball.


Opening Rd Football:  5. Team Tickman (Once Upon) v. 12. Team Baer (Sushi Kushi Too

Team Tickman had a very nice second half to the Regular Season and come into the Playoffs with a ton of momentum – specifically on the Flag Football gridiron. These guys have navigated through the All Sports Series Playoffs before and reached the Championship Game a few years back.. They are still searching for their first Crown though.. Team Baer on the other hand is about to embark on their first set of All Sports Series Playoff Games. It would be a huge kickstart to their Franchise to get an upset W here. The Winner will actually move on to Championship Wednesday where they will take on Team Gerszonovicz in the Elite8 Flag Football… The Winner there will move on to the Final4 and maybe even the Championship!


Elite8 Football: 4. Team Gerszonovicz (Baker Boys) v. Winner 5/12

Team Gerszonovicz was the only Top-4 seed who was unable to choose the sport for their Elite8 match-up.. However, after the Top-3 seeds decided, Team Gerszonovicz was left with Flag Football which very well could have been their decision anyways. These guys know how to Win Football Games and have won numerous of them over the years. They are going to have to Win 3 Games on Aug. 9 to win the whole thing, but with a schedule full of Football and Softball they have a great shot at earning their first Crown!


Opening Rd Softball: 7. Team Fialkow (SLA Insurance) v. 10. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.)

Two Northbrook groups with several All Sports Series vets will go toe to toe for a spot in the Elite8 here. Team Fialkow has faired well in Softball this Summer. Team Gordon has won Playoff Softball Games in past Summers.. This is truly a toss-up Game.. The Winner here will play yet another Northbrook Team – #2 Team Slovis who had the best July in League history. They are as hot as ever.. So whoever Wins this one is going to have a tough test. Captains Jonah Fialkow and Eric Gordon are as good as they come.. Can they push the right buttons to win not one, but two Games on Wednesday Night!?


Elite8 Softball: 2. Team Slovis (Sunset Foods) v. Winner 7/10

Team Slovis shot up the Standings in the past few weeks. After rainouts and bye weeks early in the season they had a really back-heavy Schedule and utilized a TON of Games in July to just leapfrog nearly everyone in the League all the way to the #2 Seed. They are going to get the Winner of Teams Fialkow and Gordon in Softball with a spot in the Final4 on the line. Can anyone slow them down!?


Opening Rd Softball: 6. Team Sernick (Chipotle) v. 11. Team Herzog (StudentCity)

Team Sernick enters their 2nd stint in the All Sports Series Playoffs and they will take on the newcomers Team Herzog who are getting their first piece of All Sports Series’ Playoff action. Each Summer a double digit seed shocks the world.. Team Sernick is really solid and determined not to be the victim of an upset but Team Herzog has come on a bit late in the Summer. This should be a fun one. The Winners will take on #3 Team Stotter on the Softball diamond as well.


Elite8 Softball: 3. Team Stotter (First Bank of HP) v. Winner of 6/11

Team Stotter had the choice to go with Flag Football or Softball and went with Softball. They will take on the Winner of the #6 Sernick v. #11 Herzog Game. This is their first Playoff appearance as a group whoever many of them have Playoff experience as parts of different Teams. They have been among the favorites all season long and are expected to be apart of the Final4 on Aug. 9. Can they meet those expectations!?


That’s it for the Preview. See everyone on Wednesday Aug. 2! Good Luck!