2017 College/Prep “All Sports” – Week 3 (June 21)

Updated: June 23, 2017

The College/Prep League returned for Week 3 on Wednesday Night.  We had our first outdoor Games of the Season as half the League ventured to the Softball diamonds, while the others played Hoops on Wednesday.  We will see the very top of the Rankings stay the same this Week as Teams Zisook and Stotter won again.. There will be some shaking up in the middle of the Rankings though! Scroll Down to see..

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Power Rankings

1. Team Zisook (Rockin’ Refuel) – In 1st with 53 points

Team Zisook remains undefeated and at #1 after a huge 6-2 win Wednesday night against Team Fialkow in Softball. Jordan Krawitz was a major component in the teams victory with a perfect on base percentage (3/3) and also a Home Run. This Team is proving they are a dominant force in not only basketball and volleyball, but in softball as well. They are now having their 3rd straight fantastic start to the Summer (dating back to 2015). Next week they will meet Team Sernick on the gridiron for their first football game.


2. Team Stotter (First Bank of HP) – In 2nd with 47 points

#2 Team Stotter had an excellent Win over Team Sernick in Week 3 by putting up an impressive 14 runs in Softball. Gabe Krause, who was 4 for 4 while batting and also had a Home Run, led Team Stotter at the dish. Team Stotter is clearly a powerhouse in the League and is chasing only Team Zisook to get the top spot in the Rankings. The Team will try to continue their dominance next week against Team Fialkow in Flag Football.


3. Team Wellek (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) – In 8th with 15 points

Team Wellek had an impressive Win in hoops over Team Gordon during Week 3 and the “Championship hangover” is officially over. Shane Cooper had 19 points and Sam Meitus had 21 points on Wednesday night. Their team has struggled so far this season, but their roster is filled with athletes and is full with Championship experience. Next Week they face Team Tickman in Flag Football, which many believe may be their best sport.


4. Team Gerszonovicz (Baker Boys) – In 3rd with 26 points

After nearly slaughtering their opponent in Softball during Week 3 by putting up 12 runs, Team Gerszonovicz has jumped up to #4 in our weekly Power Rankings. Captain Justin Gerszonovicz, Addison Jacoby, and Jake Price led their team with a batting percentage of .750 each with Home Runs from Gerszonovicz and Jacoby. This Team is built with a strong core of phenomenal athletes that should keep them in the Top-5 for the rest of the Summer. Next week they will hope to continue their roll against #5 Team Gordon, playing one of their strongest sports, flag football.


5. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.) – In 4th with 21 points

Patrick Scanlon put up 34 points in his hoops debut a couple weeks back and then 26 in his second contest this past Wednesday. He has proven to be an elite hooper in this League, but he and the rest of Team Gordon could not get past the Defending Champs – Team Wellek in Week 3 with their 67-56 loss. This team is filled with great athletes such as Paul Gion and Captain Eric Gordon that will be sure to keep their squad as one of the top teams down the road this Season. The will face off with Team Gerszonovicz on the Football Field in attempt to rise past them in the power rankings. This will also be the StudentCity Game of the Week!


6. Team Liss (Testing Timers) – Tied for 5th with 18 points

Team Liss absolutely dominated the Hoops court in their head to head debut during Week 3 with a 25-point win over Team Herzog. The Trio of Oren Alima, Nick Karis, and Kurt Karis led the team with a combined 79 points. They simply could not be stopped. Team Liss has proven their skills in basketball and jumped up to #6 in the Rankings as a result, but will they be able to execute in Flag Football during Week 4 against the new squad in the League, Team Slovis?


7. Team Sernick (Chipotle) – Tied for 5th with 18 points

Team Sernick had a rough Week 3 with a Loss to #2 Team Stotter on the Softball diamond (Stotter 14 – Sernick 4). Despite Justin Banzuly’s great game at the plate (3-3) and a Home Run, the squad couldn’t get the Win. They have done enough though to stay Ranked despite the Loss. Next week the Team will try to work their way up the Power Rankings against #1 Team Zisook in Flag Football.


8. Team Fialkow (SLA Insurance) – Tied for 5th with 18 points

Holding the final spot in the Rankings is Team Fialkow. Though Danny Ahern had himself a day, with 3 hits and also a Homer, the Team had a disappointing loss to the 1st place squad, Team Zisook, in Softball. Team Fialkow has already been put against some of the best teams in the League and proven that they are strong competitors in All Sports Series. This Team could be in to the Top-5 if they can pull off a big Win against #2 Team Stotter in Flag Football during Week 4.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Baer (Sushi Kushi Too) – Tied for 10th with 0 points 

Will get their first action of the Season on Wednesday Night in Flag Football!


Team Herzog (StudentCity) – Tied for 10th with 0 points

Team Herzog is still getting comfortable in the League as is often the case with Rookies.  Cameron Zoub put up 25 points in their first Hoops Game against Team Liss, but they still lost the game 96-71. They have plenty of time to get in to the Rankings and gain ground in the Standings. Next week they will try to make their way up the leaderboards against the newcomers, Team Baer, in Flag Football.

Team Slovis (Sunset Foods) – Tied for 10th with 0 points

Will get their first action of the Season on Wednesday Night in Flag Football!


Team Tickman (Once Upon) – In 9th with 12 points

Team Tickman had a tough loss to Team Gerszonovicz on Wednesday Night. Despite the loss, Kyle Lewis and David laser were both 3 for 3 hitting with a Homerun for each during Week 3. This Team is good enough to Win the whole thing they just need to get a Win and gain some momentum. They hope to do so against the Defending Champs Team Wellek in Football during Week 4.


That’s it for Week 3. Have a great weekend!