2017 East Lansing Leagues – (Feb. 12)

Updated: February 16, 2017

Now that the Super Bowl is over we could get back to action in East Lansing. The Soccer League kicked-off with their first week of play. We are going to recap that below.. We also had Week 2 for the Hoops League in EL.  We’ll have the Rankings for that below the Soccer Recap.

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Indoor Soccer Recap

Team SAM Soccer and Team Alrashedi got to take part in what was the very first Men’s Indoor Soccer Game that we’ve ever had.. Not just in East Lansing but anywhere in any of the several All Sports Series’ cities.  Team SAM Soccer ended up getting the Win in a hard-fought battle.. The final score was 6-4. Team SAM Soccer saw hat tricks from both Graeme Schulman and Mitchell Kontarev. Team Alrashedi played very well but just didn’t get the Win in Week 1.. They got Goals from Francisco Javier, who had 2, and both Hamad Alrashdi / Saif Alghafli.  Each Team will take on Team Hamers in their first Games this coming Sunday afternoon.


Hoops Power Rankings

1. Team SAE (Spare Time Orange) – 2-0

Team SAE looked very strong once again in Week 2. They defeated Team SAM1 on Sunday evening with a big thanks to John Hudgins who had 24 points in Week 2. Both Kyle Spink and Charles Strehl had double digits in scoring as well. They now look ahead to a Week 3 clash with Team Theta Chi in what will be the StudentCity Game of the Week!


2. Team Rijos (Campus View Apartments White) – 2-0

Another Team off to a 2-0 start is Team Rijos. Kamel Bazzi had 22 and Captain Parker Rijos had 21 in another impressive performance. With both the #1 and #3 Teams battling on Sunday night they should sit tight in the #2 spot if they can get to 3-0.. They will have a tough test with the feisty Team SAM1 squad.


3. Team Theta Chi (Campus View Apartments Black) – 2-0

Team Theta Chi is another undefeated Team and one that got the short-end of the stick on Sunday in Week 2. They will have a big-time matchup with #1 Team SAE on Sunday. The Winner there will claim the #1 spot in the Rankings after Week 3.


4. Team Pi Kapp (Campus View Apartments Blue) – 1-1

5. Team SAM2 (Schweitzer Title) – 1-1

They picked up their first Win of the season (and it will certainly be their easiest)!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order )

Team AEPi (Ella Designs) – 0-2

Team SAM1 (Campus View Apartments Red) – 0-2

Team SAM1 has been one of the toughest Teams in the League thus far but have had a really hard schedule to start the season with #3 Theta Chi and then #1 SAE. It will get easier.. Nick Griffith was their leading scorer with 14 in a strong Game for him. They get #2 Team Rijos in what should be the last of a terribly difficult start to the season.. They will have a much easier back half to the schedule and look for them to go on a real run then..


Team SAM3 (cea Study Abroad) – 0-2

Team SAM3 fell to Team Rijos on Sunday Night. Jason Sachse led the way in scoring. These guys can play they just need a bit more depth so they aren’t so gassed in the second half. They actually get to take on their fellow SAM bros. in Week 3 when they clash with the SAM2 squad!


That’s it for Week 2. Good Luck to everyone in Week 3!