2017 East Lansing Leagues – (Feb. 19)

Updated: February 23, 2017

Sunday brought forth another action packed day in East Lansing. After the third week of Hoops Games just two Teams remain unbeaten — Team Rijos and Team Theta Chi. There are 3 Teams that sit just a Game back of them so there is a ton still left to be decided in the race for the #1 seed as the Season is just ramping up.. As for Soccer, we saw Team Hamers make one of the stronger Debuts in recent memory. More on all of this below!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Indoor Soccer Recap

We had a full slate of Games on Sunday afternoon.. We saw Team Hamers compete in a Double Header where they took on both the SAM Soccer club and Team Alrashedi.  They wasted little time jumping out as front-runners in the League as they won both Games by a wide margin! Captain Travis Hamers had a hat trick in Game 1 and also should be congratulated on his GMing ability.. Charlie Coon combined for 7 Goals in the two Games for Team Hamers and now has the League Lead in Goals following Week 2.  As for the other Teams.. Matt Schwartz of Team SAM Soccer had 2 goals in their Game against Team Hamers and Saif Alghafli of Team Alrashedi scored for the 2nd straight week. We’ll see Team Spare Time Entertainment take the “pitch” for the first time this coming Sunday as they take on the 2-0 Team Hamers while Team SAM Soccer and Team Alrashedi will have a Rematch from their competitive opening day Game.


Hoops Power Rankings

1. Team Theta Chi (Campus View Apartments Black) – 3-0

Team Theta Chi got a big-time Win in their showdown with former #1 SAE on Sunday. They didn’t just win, but won going away, with the final score showing a 20+ margin of victory. Justin Kosak made his debut and it was a strong one with 24 points. Marshal Alexander-White also went for 16 in the W. Captain James Claborn was in double figures once again as well. These guys have looked extremely impressive to start the season. They will likely be pushed more than they have been to date in Week 4 when they take on fellow 3-0 squad #2 Team Rijos.


2. Team Rijos (Campus View Apartments White) – 3-0

Team Rijos got to 3-0 on Sunday Night after defeating Team SAM1. Captain Parker Rijos was over 20 points scored for the 3rd straight Game as he has the highest average of any Player in the League with 3 Games played.. They played well on Defense, holding Team SAM1 to just 38 points in this one.. They now look ahead to a clash with #1 Team Theta Chi in the StudentCity Game of the Week! Not only will the Winner be Ranked #1 next week but they will be ride into Spring Break as the final Undefeated Team in the League.


3. Team SAE (Spare Time Orange) – 2-1

Team SAE Lost for the first time this season.. The season is long and that will happen. They have been extremely impressive to start the season and great Teams know how to bounce right back up Losses. Expect them to do the same this coming week.. Charles Strehl went for 20 in the Loss. They take on #4 Team Pi Kapp in Week 4!


4. Team Pi Kapp (Campus View Apartments Blue) – 2-1

Team Pi Kapp bounced back from a defeat in Week 2 and got back to the Winner’s Circle in Week 3 with their defeat of Team AEPi in the first Game of the Day on Sunday. Captain Austin Murray had 14 and Andrew Reames had 11 to help lead them to the victory. They have a big Game coming up in Week 4 as they take on #3 Team SAE..


5. Team SAM2 (Schweitzer Title) – 2-1

Team SAM2 got their 2nd straight Win in Week 3. They took on familiar foes – Team SAM3 and doubled them up in doing so. They had a very strong performance defensively. Dean Sallan was their leading scorer on the day and helped lead to the Win. They look to make it 3 straight when they take on yet another SAM squad.. SAM1.. They’d certainly have bragging rights around the house if they can defeat the other two groups in back to back weeks!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi (Ella Designs) – 0-3

Team AEPi left without a Win on Sunday but played well against Team Pi Kapp. Ben Mendlen was their leading scorer for the 2nd Game in a row and continues to average over double figures. Cole Eisenshadt made his All Sports Series debut and 10 points in the process. They look ahead to Week 4 where they will try to get their first Win of the season against Team SAM3 who is also looking for their first Win of the Season.


Team SAM1 (Campus View Apartments Red) – 0-3

Team SAM1 has been in every Game they have played in thus far, they just haven’t gotten their first Win. They are a talented bunch and the Wins will come later on in the Season. There is plenty of time for them.. Alexander Kay went for 13 to lead his Team in scoring on Sunday and Benjamin Weinstock was also in double figures. They have a Rivalry matchup with fellow Team SAM2 on Sunday where they look to both get their first Win and prevent their buddies from getting 3 straight Ws.


Team SAM3 (cea Study Abroad) – 0-3

Team SAM3 took on their fellow bros. of SAM2 on Sunday Night. Eli Hamer was their leading scorer in Week 3. This one was a fun affair for all involved. They now look ahead to Week 4 where they will take on Team AEPi.  Both Teams are still searching for their first Win and one of them will certainly get it this coming Sunday!


That’s it for Week 3. Good Luck to everyone on Sunday!