2017 HP Prep Flag Football – Championship Saturday (Nov. 18)

Updated: December 7, 2017

On Saturday Nov. 18 we Crowned the very first All Sports Series HP Prep Flag Football League Champions! Four Teams entered the final afternoon of the Fall, all with hopes of being the last Team standing. We want to start out by Congratulating the 2017 Champs – #2 Team Lehrman!! We’ll breakdown all of the action below – but before doing so – we want to Thank all of the Teams and Players who participated with us this season! Hope to see you back soon!

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Championship Saturday Review:

Final4: 1. Team Goldberg (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 4. Team Dincin (Biaggi’s Brown)

Team Goldberg came into the Playoffs as overwhelming favorites. They destroyed the competition in the Regular Season and finished undefeated, earning a BYE to the Final4. Unlucky for them, they had several players absent on this final day and it really impacted their level of play. Team Dincin did not feel bad for them as they wanted a spot in the Championship Game.. They were the aggressors early – got the lead – and never looked back. Dylan Weiskirch played really well at QB for them in this one. They ended up taking it by a score of 20-0 to shock the League! On to the Championship they would go.

For Team Goldberg, there is no doubt in anyone’s minds who the best Team in the League was at full strength – but that is why we play the Games. These guys were incredible all season and they are just starting out in what should be very illustrious All Sports Series’ careers. Thanks for playing guys!


Final4: 2. Team Lehrman (Camp Ojibwa) v.  6. Team Saps (Biaggi’s Gold) 

News of the upset spread to this field as both Teams knew that #1 Team Goldberg wasn’t going to make it to the Championship – that put even more pressure upon these groups as suddenly – their odds of winning the whole thing drastically improved. Team Lehrman and Team Saps both played well in this Game. Noah Prebish helped keep the Team Lehrman offense moving and accounted for 3 total tds through the air and on the ground. Kyle Powers had a nice Game for Team Saps here as well. The closing moments of this Game brought a play we have never seen in All Sports Series. Team Saps trailed 21-13 and were driving with under a minute left. They completed a ball to get a first down in the middle of the field and hurried to the line to spike it and stop the clock.. Knowing that the spike was coming – Gio Diaz (playing D-Line at the time) – dove at the line of scrimmage once the ball was snapped and miraculously CAUGHT THE SPIKE ATTEMPT! It was an Interception on the spike and that secured the W for Team Lehrman – and they were off to the Championship Game as well!

For Team Saps – it was a tough final play as they felt they had a chance to tie it up and force OT in the final seconds – it just wasn’t meant to be on this day.. They had a nice season – finishing in the Final4 of a competitive League is definitely an accomplishment. We hope to see them back with us soon. Thanks for playing!


Championship: 2. Team Lehrman (Camp Ojibwa) v. 4. Team Dincin (Biaggi’s Brown)

So the stage was set for the winner-take-all Championship Game. #2 Team Lehrman and #4 Team Dincin – who was fresh off of de-throning Team Goldberg.  Only one Team could go down as the first ever Champs.. Team Lehrman would strike first.. Noah Prebish ran in a TD, just inside the pylon and followed up with the PAT. Through half it was mostly Team Lehrman. Team Dincin would eventually score but they just didn’t have enough time and Team Lehrman would be victorious by a final score of 20-6! More on the Champs in a bit..

For Team Dincin – they have to be proud of what they accomplished. While they didn’t win the whole thing, they finished 2nd and were the only Team to defeat the imposing Team Goldberg all season long. This is a group that can build upon this Playoff run and earn a Crown down the road. Thanks for playing!

Now to the Champs Team Lehrman! They had such an impressive run to the Crown! They outscored their Playoff opponents by a combined score of 81-21. That is dominance. Their Offense stayed aggressive and it allowed their Defense to play with confidence and the lead.. While they may not have ended up playing against the Teams people thought would be there in the end (Teams Goldberg or Gerszonovicz) they took care of business with who was put in front of them. Congrats again to the Champs!


That’s it for the season. We hope to see everyone back here soon. Good Luck on finals!