2017 HP Prep Flag Football – Weeks 3 & 4 (Oct. 7 & 21)

Updated: October 26, 2017

Been a while since we have had a Power Rankings article, thanks in large part to the unfortunate weather we have been having on Saturdays, but we finally get back to action this past weekend and had an action packed day.  This recap will include the 1 hour of Games we had all the way back on Oct. 7 before the storms rolled in.. Through the 4th weekend of the Season, Team Goldberg has clearly established themselves as strong favorites for the Crown.. Still tons of Games left though in what will be the final week of the Regular Season this Saturday! Scroll down for the Rankings below!

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Power Rankings

1. Team Goldberg (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 5-0

Well.. They just swept a triple-header on Saturday afternoon to get to 5-0. That’s right, a TRIPLE Header. Captain Goldberg and co. won by a combined score of 88-25 in those 3 Games and shut-out Team Gerszonovicz who many thought served the biggest threat to them this Season. QB1 Daniel Michelon has distanced himself from every other guy in the League when it comes to TDs. He has 22 on the Season with the next closest guy having 11.  That is production from the most important position on the field.. Ziv Tal, their most productive WR at this point, is actually tied for 2nd with 11 TDs. They have been dominant. Simple as that. They look to close out the season at 6-0 against #5 Team Saps on Saturday.


2. Team Lehrman (Camp Ojibwa) – 3-1

These guys had a double dip last Saturday and were able to go 1-1 in those Games. They gave Team Goldberg as much of a scare as anyone has thus far, falling 19-13. Before that Loss though, they had grabbed their 3rd Win of the season, as they dismantled #4 Team Dincin. Noah Prebish is tied for 2nd in the League in TDs with 11.  These guys have enough on Defense to stun Team Goldberg in the Playoffs. They look to close out the season on a high note with a Double Header.. They get Teams Kirsch and Goldman on Saturday.


3. Team Gerszonovicz (Twice as Fit) – 3-1

Team Gerszonovicz had been #2 entering this past weekend. They had won a Game back in Week 3 (a couple weeks ago now) against Team Goldman 27-0 – and they really looked as if they’d be the prime candidate to knock off Team Goldberg. Well, they got that chance this past Saturday and it didn’t go how they’d hoped. They fall to #3 as a result. They’ll likely get another crack at them during the Playoffs. Noah Shutan has been playing well for them and the scoring load has been split up over many parties. They need to just put this past weekend out of their minds and get ready for a Double Header to finish the year strong — They get Team Powers and Team Saps to close it out.


4. Team Dincin (Biaggi’s Brown) – 2-3

Up to #4 following Week 4 is Team Dincin. They have had a roller coaster ride over the past few weeks. All the way back in Week 3, they crushed Team Powers 34-0 to earn their first W of the Season. Then, this past weekend they went 1-1 in a Double Header against #2 Team Lehrman and #5 Team Saps. They didn’t play well against Team Lehrman, but their Defense was all over the place against Team Saps – winning 18-0! Dylan Weiskirch and Donnie Winger have been connecting for TDs at a rapid pace over the past couple of weeks. They look to finish the season at .500 and will do so if they can get past Team Kirsch on Saturday!


5. Team Saps (Biaggi’s Gold) – 2-2

Rounding out the Top-5 is Team Saps this week. They started out 2-0 on the Season but have since lost a couple in a row. They fell to new #4 Team Dincin by a score of 18-0 on Saturday afternoon. It was one that they wish they could have back. At 2-2 they are still in good shape moving toward the Regular Season finale. They will have 2 Games on Saturday – against #1 Team Goldberg and #3 Team Gerszonovicz. It will obviously be a tough day but if they can pull a split and go 1-1, they will put the entire League on blast that they are among the Teams capable of hoisting the Crown at Season’s end.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Goldman (Sushi Kushi Too) – 1-4

Team Goldman picked up their first W of the Season on Saturday! They earned it in a close battle with Team Kirsch. It was a Defensive fight as they won it 9-6. Sam Shachtman and Jackson Goldman have found the end-zone on numerous occasions and have been much of the firepower for them. As the Regular Season comes to a close, they have one Game left to focus on before the Playoffs begin. They will take on #2 Team Lehrman in what will be a tough test – and potentially an early Playoff Preview depending on how the seeds shakedown on Saturday.


Team Kirsch (SLA Insurance) 0-4

These guys dropped a heartbreaker to Team Goldman on Saturday afternoon, falling by a score of 9-6.  Team Kirsch enters the final Saturday of the Regular Season searching for their first W of the Season but they will have a couple of opportunities to pick up that desired Win. They will take on #2 Team Lehrman as well as #4 Team Dincin to finish off the campaign. All they need to do here is pick up a bit of momentum for their Playoff run.


Team Powers (Schweitzer Title) – 2-3

Team Powers exited Week 2 with a 2-1 record and was firmly in the Top-5. They’ve dropped a couple Games since then, most recently to #1 Team Goldberg and have fallen back a bit. They still have a bunch of talent and will have the opportunity to finish the season with a .500 record – which in a League with many competitive Teams – is a strong showing with a younger squad. They will take on #3 Team Gerszonovicz Saturday afternoon. If they can pull the upset, it will definitely turn some heads before the Playoffs!


That’s it for Weeks 3 & 4. We’ll see you out there for the Regular Season finale on Saturday!