2017 Madison Hoops – Playoffs Week 1 (Nov. 7)

Updated: November 14, 2017

The Playoffs started on Tuesday Night and we were treated to an incredible night of Hoops action in Madison.. We had fantastic finishes, we had upsets and when the night was over we were left with our Final4! Of course, we knew that #1 Theta Chi had already qualified for the Final4 on Tuesday Nov. 14 but the last 3 spots were still up for grabs during the first Week of the Playoffs. Let’s break down all of the Games below!

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Playoff Review

Open. Rd: 7. Team Sammy JR/SR (CEA Study Abroad) v. 8. Team Sammy FR/SO (Biaggi’s Gray) – Winner plays 2. Team KSig Jr

Our Sammy Bowl in the Opening Round meant that just one of these two Teams would make it to the Elite8 for a date with #2 Team KSig JR. This Game went back and forth. It was close throughout. Maybe call it experience or maybe call it desperation in their final All Sports Series’ moments as a unit but Team the JR/SR squad Captained by Jacob Dinetz found a way to Win late by a score of 48-46. Reed Wallach had 13 in the Win.  They would advance to the Elite8 which would take place immediately following this one.

For Team Sammy FR/SO, it was a great Game and something they can build upon as their All Sports Series’ careers are just getting started in Madison. They have some nice building blocks for a really successful run here.. Ryan Cradel had 14 points in the Playoffs and Captain Matt Berger finished the Season in the Top-8 for PPG. These guys will be back. Thanks for playing!


Elite8: 2. Team KSig JR (Ian’s Pizza) v. 7. Team Sammy JR/SR (CEA Study Abroad)

With little time to celebrate, Team Sammy JR/SR took the court against one of the favorites for the Crown – #2 Team KSig JR. The thing with playing back to back Games.. You do have momentum early on, as you feel good from the previous Win.. But, once that initial momentum surge ends – you have to be able to withstand a second Game and Team KSig JR successfully pushed the pace enough to really just run Team Sammy JR/SR out of this one.. Team KSig JR picked up the easy W here and would move on to the Final4 for the second straight season!

For Sammy JR/SR – they will exit the All Sports Series’ Madison Leagues without a Crown, no doubt a disappointment for them.. However, they had a GREAT run over the years. These Leagues were helped built upon their shoulders. They have been a pleasure to have in the Leagues and we hope to see them in Chicago Leagues in the near future. Congrats on finishing up school and thanks for playing!


Elite8: 3. Team Fiji (Biaggi’s Purple) v. 6. Team AEPi (MacTaggart’s Blue)

This was the battle of ex-champions.. The only 2 Teams to ever Win Championships in Madison.. Fiji had run right through AEPi to close out the Regular Season so many had figured this would be an easy W for the Defending Champs.. Only it wasn’t.. Fiji were without some starters including Captain Grant Bailey.. While AEPi got some guys back who missed Week 7. AEPi had 3 scorers in double figures – Max Dahl, Charlie Taxman and Ben Kohl. Despite a nice effort from Kenji Passini for Fiji, AEPi was able to pull off the shocker in the Elite8! They’ll move on to take on #2 KSig JR in the Final4 on Championship Tuesday.. AEPi is now just 2 Wins away from grabbing the 4th Crown in League history!

For the 2016 Champs – Team Fiji – it is definitely a disappointing end as they had come into the Playoffs red-hot and expected to successfully defend their Crown.. They know full well how hard it is to Win a Championship and it just wasn’t meant to be in 2017.. They’ll be back as they have several guys returning in 2018 and they’ll likely be even better than the #3 seed we saw this year. They’ll look to Win 2 of 3 Crowns next Fall. Thanks for playing!


Elite8: 4. Team KSig SO (StudentCity) v. 5.  Team DU (The Bucket List)

We touched on the first match-up between these two Teams during last week’s Playoff Preview. #4 KSig SO had defeated DU by 8 points all the way back in Week 2. We also said that the 4/5 Game has a chance to steal the show and this Game did not disappoint.. Both Teams brought it. Each group wanted desperately to get the first Playoff W in Franchise history and get a shot at knocking off #1 Theta Chi in the Final4. When all was said and done, #5 DU got some big time revenge by a score of 60-53 to earn the Playoff W! They’ll take on Theta Chi in the Final4!

For Team KSig SO, it’s a heartbreaking end to what was a phenomenal debut season in Madison. This group has a VERY bright future ahead of them. Playoff Wins are not easy to come by and they’ll use this as motivation to be even stronger in 2018. Captain Owen Walken will have his troops ready next Fall. Thanks for playing!


BYE to Final4:  1. Team Theta Chi (MacTaggart’s Orange) 

They were able to rest up last week and now know that they will take on #5 DU in the Final. They are just two wins away from the Crown!


That’s it for the Playoff Week 1 Review.. Good Luck to the Final4 Teams on Tuesday Night!