2017 Madison Hoops – Week 1 (Sept. 26)

Updated: October 3, 2017

On Tuesday Night, All Sports Series returned to Madison for its 5th year!  Madison was one of two of the original Campus Leagues for All Sports Series. Defending Champs Team Fiji return to try and earn Back2Back Crowns.  Team AEPi is once again playing in Madison and looking to regain the Crown that they held for 3 years previously. We also have two Teams from the Sammy house and the same goes for Kappa Sig. DU is represented in the Hoops Leagues again this Fall and the 8th Team is a new group to the Madison League – Team Theta Chi. From the looks of everything on Tuesday we are in store for a very competitive and well-matched season!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-5 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically..  Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Campus Leagues > Madison League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Weekly Highlight Video presented by StudentCity!

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Power Rankings

1. Team KSig JR (Ian’s Pizza) – 1-0

Coming it at #1 to start the 2017 Season is last year’s Runners-Up once again led by Luke Libert – Team KSig JR! They got a small piece of redemption during Week 1 when they upended their Championship foes from a year ago in Team Fiji. These guys were among the best Teams a year ago, as evidenced by their run to the title Game, and now they are back with some experience for their second go-around in All Sports Series. You can expect them to stay at or near the top of the Rankings throughout the Season. They get Team AEPi in Week 2.


2. Team KSig SO (StudentCity) – 1-0

Making a huge splash in their All Sports Series debut on Tuesday Night was the Ksig SO. They break into the Rankings at #2 to start the season. Certainly an impressive start. Kappa Sig has had a ton of success in All Sports Series throughout the years but their house is still searching for that first Crown. These guys chase only their older bros. as the Juniors came in at #1. They are Captained by Owen Walken. Willfred Audley had 15 and Truman Faversham went for in Week 1. They look to keep up the hot start against DU in Week 2.


3. Team Fiji (Biaggi’s Purple) – 0-1

The Defending Champs start the season at #3 even after a Loss in the Championship Rematch during Week 1. They had a bunch of turnover but still have some of the roster in tact from the squad that held the Crown last Fall. Captain Grant Bailey takes over for the graduated Randall Pulfer. These guys are going to be just fine and realistically deserve to start the Season in the Top-3 even if they are trailing by a Game in the Standings. They look to pull back to .500 next week when they play #4 Theta Chi.


4. Team Theta Chi (MacTaggart’s Orange) – 1-0

Another debut on Tuesday Night was made by Team Theta Chi. Their house has played in many of our other Leagues around the country but this was the Franchise’s first appearance in Madison! Brad Burling scored 21 to help lead them to an exciting Week 1 Win over AEPi by a score of 58-57. They look to make it to 2-0 when they take on Defending Champs Team Fiji.


5. Team Sammy FR/SO (Biaggi’s Gray) – 1-0

Rounding out the Top-5 this week is Team Sammy FR/SO who were also making their first ever appearance in All Sports Series.  Led by Captain Matt Berger who went for 25 in Week 1, they got a one-possession W over Team DU.  These guys have a lot to live up to as the current group of JR/SRs from Sammy’s have had quite the run in All Sports Series over the years. Those guys are routinely at the top (despite this week’s Ranking) and it’ll be interesting to see if the young pups can stay ahead of their older bros. More interesting – those two Teams will lock it up in Week 2!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi (MacTaggart’s Blue) – 0-1

Team AEPi is back once again this Fall and Captained by Jordan Marsh for the second straight year. Max Goshen was their leading scorer a year ago and things picked up right where they left off. He had 14 to lead them in Week 1 and Captain Jordan had 11. Max Dahl turned in 10. They came up just 1 point short to Team Theta Chi in Week 1, it was a really well played Game though. These guys look to get back to .500 in Week 2 against #1 Team KSig JR.


Team DU (The Bucket List) – 0-1

Team DU is back in 2017 and this year Jack Wells has assumed the Captain roll. He was also their leading score with 14 points in Week 1. They fell by a bucket to Team Sammy FR/SO but it was a great Game and they should be encouraged about what is ahead for them this Season. They get Team KSig SO in Week 2 where they’ll look to claim their first W of the Season.


Team Sammy JR/SR (CEA Study Abroad) – 0-1

So this was the hardest Team in the League to place in Week 1. Captain Jacob Dinetz and Co. have been apart of All Sports Series for years – they are the most veteran group in the League. They were among the favorites to win the Crown in 2016 and before that in 2015 they almost had a perfect season.. They fell in Week 1 by 6 to Team KSig SO and we had to acknowledge some of the big debuts we saw in Week 1. Daniel Ostrower had 15 to lead them in scoring. Guaranteed this squad will be up into the Top-3 in no time. Next week they’ll take on the younger Sammy’s – FR/SO!