2017 Madison Hoops – Week 4 (Oct. 17)

Updated: October 24, 2017
Week 4 is in the books! We had a clash of the unbeatens on Tuesday Night and Team Theta Chi came out on top to become yet another new #1 Team. They have more than deserved it, starting their All Sports Series careers with four straight Wins!  We’ll see some other shake-ups in the Rankings as well.
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Power Rankings

1. Team Theta Chi (MacTaggart’s Orange) – 4-0

They have outlasted each and everyone of the other Teams in the League. At 4-0, they are in sole possession of first place in the Standings and the only Team left with a 0 in the Loss column. They also sort of made it look easy as they ended up defeating #2 Team KSig SO by 16 points. Daniel Wichman had 12 and Noah Stern had 11 in this one. Important to note they did this without leading scorer Brad Burling.  These guys can realistically start chasing a perfect Regular Season. Just 3 Games left.. They’ll take on #3 KSig JR (their biggest test left) on Tuesday Night and then Team Sammy JR/SR on THURSDAY Oct. 26!


2. Team KSig SO (StudentCity) – 3-1

They fell in a Game they definitely wanted to get during Week 4 but they are still 3-1 and hold a W over #3 Team KSig JR – so for now they hold the #2 spot. Cole Rodby played well again on Tuesday Night with 17 points but it just wasn’t enough against #1 Theta Chi. These guys have two Games to look forward to in the next handful of days.. First up is #4 Fiji on Tuesday Night and then Team DU on THURSDAY Oct. 26! Nothing like getting right back on the court following a tough Loss.


3. Team KSig JR (Ian’s Pizza) – 3-1

Sticking at #3 this week is Team KSig JR, who bounced back nicely from their Week 3 Loss. They won 53-39 over Team DU. Peter Poggioli re-appeared for the first time since Week 1 and scored 24 points to lead them in scoring – that was enough for the 2nd highest total in the League on Tuesday Night. He also has the 2nd highest average in the entire League through Week 4. They have their biggest Game left this coming Tuesday Night against #1 Theta Chi in the StudentCity Game of the Week and then they take on Sammy FR/SO on THURSDAY Oct. 26!


4. Team Fiji (Biaggi’s Purple) – 2-2

The Defending Champs are officially back on track here. They started a bit sluggish, clearly a case of a Championship hangover, but have gotten going here in the middle part of the season.. They are now back to .500 and looking to continue to climb over the past few weeks of the Season. This past Tuesday, they defeated Sammy FR/SO by 18. Kenji Passini had 26 – which was the highest number in the entire League on Tuesday Night. Tony Stella had 14 as well. They face #2 KSig SO on Tuesday Night in what should be a great Game and then quickly come back on THURSDAY Oct. 26 against Team DU.


5. Team AEPi (MacTaggart’s Blue) – 1-3

Hopping up and into the Top-5 this week is Team AEPi who earned their first W of the Season on Tuesday Night. They had a great showing and defeated Sammy JR/SR by 16. Max Dahl, Jake Taitelman and Jack Baron each scored 10 points on the night to help get them to the Winner’s Circle. There is still time for them to get back and over .500 before the Playoffs. They need to continue to win to do so.. Next up for them is Sammy FR/SO on Tuesday and then on THURSDAY Oct. 26 they face current #2 KSig SO.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team DU (The Bucket List) – 1-3

Team DU had the unenviable task of taking on an angry KSig JR squad who had just lost their first Game of the Season, the week before. They just couldn’t muster up enough Offense to take down #3 KSig JR in this one. Thomas Maguire was in double figures to lead them in scoring. They now set their sights on what will be a big week for the League. They take on Sammy JR/SR on Tuesday in a Game between two 1-3 squads and then on THURSDAY Oct. 26 they will play #4 Fiji.  Big week coming up.


Team Sammy FR/SO (Biaggi’s Gray) – 1-3

Sammy FR/SO took on Defending Champs Fiji on Tuesday Night – a group that is rounding into form currently – and they didn’t get their desired outcome. They did get a strong showing from Matthew Budkofsky who scored 20 points in Week 4. They look to rebound in what will be a busy week. First, they take on #5 AEPi – who they share a 1-3 record with – and then they will play #3 Team KSig JR on THURSDAY Oct. 26.


Team Sammy JR/SR (CEA Study Abroad) – 1-3

Sammy JR/SR is going through a bit of a rough patch here as they have lost 2 straight and 3 of their first 4 Games. We have seen so much from this group over the years – you can assume they are going to bounce back. This past week they fell to AEPi. Jared Nossen had 16 points to lead the way. 3 guys also had a dozen including Captain Jacob Dinetz, but they just couldn’t get past AEPi. They have 2 Games this week and maybe by week’s end they will be back to .500.. They play DU on Tuesday Night and then #1 Theta Chi on THURSDAY Oct. 26 where they will try to sleigh the beasts.


That’s it for Week 4. Good Luck this week on Tuesday and THURSDAY!