2018 Bloomington Hoops – Week 1 (Jan. 28)

Updated: February 2, 2018

The 2018 Spring Bloomington Hoops league has tipped off at long last, and although much can’t ever be made of the first week of games, we still rank all 12 teams. On Sunday Night we tipped-off our 2nd Spring League in Bloomington! We have 12 Teams vying for the Bloomington Hoops League championship and all of them will have eyes on that coveted Btown crown. For most teams in the Btown Hoops league, the first week of action doesn’t change much. Yes, the results can force knee-jerk reactions from those on the outside but, for the most part, preseason analysis holds true after the (very) small samples from last season. Many Teams from last season have returned including AEPi, Sammy, Kappa Sig, ZBT and Evans Scholars. We also have a very nice mix of classes that will surely make this league competitive and interesting all-season long. We also do not have last Spring Champs in the league this season (The Big Cheeze) so the championship crown will be up for grabs! Strap on your seatbelts and get ready as this season is going to be a fun and crazy ride!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-9 with the 3 UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically…You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!) Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Campus Leagues > Bloomington League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Power Rankings

1. Team Delts SO (Brandon Barthel) – 1-0

Leading off the Week 1 Power Rankings at the top spot will be Team Delts SO led by captain Brandon Barthel. By the score of 81-61, Team Delts SO got a big W to open their 2018 Spring campaign. Captain Brandon Barthel had a great game to help earn the club their first victory this season putting in 20 points and Benjamin Feldman also netted 18 points to help their squad roll past Team AEPi FR. Team Delts SO opened a big lead in the first half and never looked back. The game also got a little chippy towards the end, but everyone kept their cool. Everyone was fired up on opening night and it showed. Next up for Team Delts SO and Captain Brandon Barthel after the Super Bowl BYE week is a match-up with a 1-0 Team Delts JR (Grant Miller). Big game for both teams.


2. Team Sammy SR (Jack O Keefe) – 1-0

Coming in at the #2 spot in the Week 1 Power Rankings is Team Sammy SR led by Captain Jack O Keefe. With a score of 63-49, Team Sammy SR got a very nice win to open their 2018 Spring Season. Captain and team leader Jack O Keefe had a nice game to help earn the team the win scoring 15 points while Bloom pitched in with 12 points to seal their first victory of the season. Impressive start to the season as Team Sammy SR had to open against another senior and veteran squad, Team Delts SR. Team Sammy SR was able to build a big lead in the first half and while Team ZBT SR was able to make a game of it in the second half, never relinquished their lead. Team Sammy SR will have another tough test in Week 2 as 1-0 Team ZBT SR (Matt Siegel) are next up on the schedule in Week 2 when we get back from the Super Bowl break.


3. Team Delta Chi JR (Noah Berkowitz) – 1-0

Rolling in at the #3 spot in the Week 1 Power Rankings is non-other than Team Delta Chi JR, captained by veteran Noah Berkowitz. With a score of 56-44, Team Delta Chi JR got a great victory to begin their 2018 season. Captain Noah Berkowitz had a good showing to lead the team’s Offense with 14 points, while Adam Swails went for 13 of his own. It’s only the first week and one game, but Team Delta Chi looked like a team that is going to be on a mission this season. They had to deal with a bigger Team Kappa Sig JR and dealt with that adversity like true champs. They’ll want to keep this winning momentum going as 0-1 Team AEPi SO (Blake Schwartz) are next on the agenda for Team Delta Chi JR in Week 2 when we return from the Super Bowl break.


4. Team Delts JR (Grant Miller) – 1-0

Team Delts JR, Captained by Grant Miller, got a very respectable W on Sunday night to open up their 2018 season, by the score of 64-56 over Team AEPi SO. Ryan Ruff, the leagues second leading scorer after Week 1, had a great game to help gain the crew the victory with 21 points. Matthew Schultheis also pitched in and help secure their first victory but putting up 14 points. Next up for Grant Miller and crew is a showdown with fellow housemates and #1 Team Delts SO (Brandon Barthel). The winner of this game will be guaranteed a top three spot in the Week 2 Power Rankings while the losers can potentially fall out of our Rankings altogether (depending on all other results). Huge match-up for standings and bragging rights in this one when we get back from our Super Bowl break.


5. Team Evans Scholar SO (Justuss Boice) – 1-0

Coming in hot at the #5 spot in the Week 1 Power Rankings is Team Evans Scholar SO. These guys are back for their second season in the Bloomington Spring league and will hope to improve upon their campaign from a year ago. With a score of 60-52, Team Evans Scholar SO and captain Justuss Boice got a nice victory to open their 2018 season. Captain Justuss had a strong night and led the squad to help earn them the W by dropping 18 points. Llogan Russell was also a huge contributor on this night as he also pitched in with 10 points of his own. 0-1 Team Kappa Sig JR (Luke Mailliard) are next on the schedule for Team Evans Scholar SO in Week 2 as they will look to make it 2-0 when we get back after the Super Bowl.


6. Team ZBT SR (Matt Siegel) – 1-0

Rounding off the top six winners in Week 1 is non-other than senior squad Team ZBT SR led and Captained by Matt Siegel. These guys probably have some grip coming in at the #6 spot in the Week 1 Power Rankings but unfortunately for them, their fellow housemates did not have enough players to field a team in Week 1 and had to take the forfeit win. These guys will get their first true test on the season in Week 2 when we return from the Super Bowl break as they square off against a 1-0 Team Sammy SR (Jack O Keefe) who is coming off a big W of their own in Week 1. Huge matchup early in the season that could potentially have major ramifications down the road.


7. Team Kappa Sig JR (Ryan Brennan) – 0-1

Team Kappa Sig JR and captain Ryan Brennan came into opening night on Sunday with high hopes and dreams for the 2018 Btown Spring season. Unfortunately for them, they left Twin Lakes Sports Park with a loss instead of a win, going down to Team Evans Scholar SO by a final score of 60-52. Despite the loss, it is still early, and Team Kappa Sig JR has plenty of games to go back to the drawing board with to try to figure out what went wrong in Week 1. Connor Haxton had a big opening night for these guys and tried to carry the load in this one as he accounted for 17 points. Team ZBT SO (Blake Weltman), who also are 0-1, are next on the schedule for Ryan Brennan and co. in Week 2 when we get back from the Super Bowl break.


8. Team AEPi SO (Blake Schwartz) – 0-1

The sophomores really played well on Sunday night but came up just a little shy, losing to Team Delts JR, 64-56. Sure, losing is never an easy pill to swallow, but these guys really have a lot of things they can hold their heads up on. None more than the leading scorer for Team AEPi SO, Captain Blake Schwartz, who poured in 24 points and leads the league in scoring after Week 1. If they continue getting this type of performance out of Captain Blake, these guys are really going to make some noise this season. Noah Wax also had a huge game putting up 20 points. Team AEPi has two of the three top leading scorers in the league after one week of play. Defenses are really going to have trouble stopping these two guys. Next up for Team AEPi SO is a showdown with 1-0 Team Delta Chi JR (Noah Berkowitz). Big game for Team AEPi SO as they want to avoid starting the season 0-2.


9. Team Kappa Sig JR (Luke Mailliard) – 0-1

Rounding off the Top-9 in the Week 1 Power Rankings is Team Kappa Sig JR led by veteran Luke Mailliard. This isn’t Luke’s first go-around for Luke and company and they know what it takes to win in the Btown Hoops league. Unfortunately for him and his crew on Sunday night, they came up just a little shy dropping a tough game to Team Delta Chi JR, 56-44. It’s only the first week, and Team Kappa Sig JR has lots of games left on the schedule to improve on the Offensive end. The leading scorer for Team Kappa Sig JR was Luke Mailliard who scored 10 points. They had ten different players all get on the scoring sheet in Week 1, they’ll just need more production out of everyone if they want to tally some wins down the road. Team Evans Scholar SO (Justuss Boice), who is 1-0, are next on the docket for Team Kappa Sig JR. They’ll want to step their game up in Week 2 when we get back from the Super Bowl bye if they plan on avoiding starting off the season 0-2.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi FR (Griffin Lowy) – 0-1

Team AEPi FR, led by captain Griffin Lowy, dropped a tough game on opening night losing to Team Delts SO (Brandon Barthel) by a final score of 81-61. In spite of the loss, it is still very early in the season and Team AEPi FR has plenty of opportunities remaining to fix the issues they had in Week 1. Even in a losing effort, Matthew Gold had a very nice week to lead the team’s Offense with 19 points, while Ben Bizar scored 14 points to try to keep their guys in this game. Next up is a match-up with a 0-1 Team Delts SR (Matt Braschi) who will also be looking to grab their first win on the 2018 season once we return from the Super Bowl break. Neither team will want to start their season off at 0-2.


Team Delts SR (Matt Braschi) – 0-1

Team Delts SR, led by All Sports Series veteran Matt Braschi, came into Week 1 with high hopes for their 2018 season. They unfortunately ran into a very determined Team Sammy SR squad and lost a tough one by a final score of 63-49. These guys were down big in the first half but fought their way back in the second. They regrettably came up just a little shy. Even with this Week 1 loss, it is still early, and Team Delts SR has plenty of weeks to improve both on the Offensive and Defensive end of things. Even in a losing effort, Collin had a solid showing with 17 points and Captain Matt Braschi accounted for 14 points. Next up for Team Delts SR is a critical match-up against an 0-1 Team AEPi FR (Griffin Lowy) squad who will also be looking to claim their first victory on this young season.


Team ZBT SO (Blake Weltman) – 0-1

Team ZBT SO and captain Blake Weltman forfeited to housemates Team ZBT SR (Matt Siegel) on opening night. They unfortunately did not have enough bodies available to field a squad on Sunday evening and will have to start their 2018 campaign at 0-1. They’ll look to bring in some fresh bodies in Week 2 after the Super Bowl BYE week as they get a tough matchup with a 1-0 Team Delta Chi JR (Noah Berkowitz) squad. They’ll need big performances out of everyone in Week 2 if they want to avoid starting off the season at 0-2.


That’s it for Week 1. We’ll see everyone back here in Week 2 on Feb. 11! Enjoy the Super Bowl!