2018 Bloomington Hoops – Week 6 – Playoff Preview (April 8)

Updated: April 13, 2018

We have finally made it! The Regular Season has been completed and it is time for the second-season to begin! The Playoff Bracket is set. The Playoff Bracket is set. You can view the Bracket here. The Regular Season wrapped up on Sunday night and with it, gave us our final standings and seeds for the Playoffs. Over the next two weeks we will Crown the second Bloomington Hoops League Champs! Team Delts JR (Grant Miller) and Team Delta Chi JR (Noah Berkowitz) grabbed the Top-2 seeds in that order. This league is so evenly balanced that honestly anyone here can take down the whole thing! We’d also like to give a quick shout out to Blake Schwartz of Team AEPi SO who claims our Bloomington Hoops regular season scoring title (minimum 4 games played)! Well done sir! We’re going to preview all the Round of 12 and Elite8 matchups below!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Playoff Preview

The Playoffs will last 2 weeks. The Bracket is set-up where the Top-4 Teams have already qualified for the Elite 8 round. The Teams seeded 5 and below takes part in the Round of 12 on Sunday Night. Two teams will also play twice on Sunday. We will also have 2 teams in the Final4 when everything is said and done on Sunday evening.


Round of 12:

#8 Team Delts SR (Matt Braschi) vs. #9 Team Kappa Sig JR (Luke Mailliard)

Winner plays #1 Team Delts JR (Grant Miller)

Well the 8/9 match-up should be the most even match-up of the Round of 12. Both Team Delts SR (Matt Braschi) and Team Kappa Sig JR (Luke Mailliard) enter the Playoffs at 2-4. These guys will be meeting each other once again after last week’s epic game. By the final score of 48-46, Team Delts SR recorded a huge victory over Team Kappa Sig JR with a bucket with just over 1 second remaining to help seal the deal. Team Kappa Sig JR will likely be frustrated with their draw as they know that a victory on Sunday night would have helped them avoid the #1 seeded team in the Elite8 round. For Team Delts SR, they must be elated with this victory as the win brought their record up to 2-4 and secured the #8 seed. Captain Matt Braschi leads his SR crew into battle on Sunday evening with his 14.2 PPG average while on the other side Captain Luke Mailliard has been on a tear lately and brings his 15.3 PPG average into this affair. Captain Luke had a monster night on Sunday, dropping 24 points and will need to do the same again coming up this Sunday if he wants to carry his squad into the Elite8 round. Many Seniors will be leaving IU after this. Can either squad get rolling on Sunday Night and slay the #1 team in the Elite8 round after their opening round game? Both Teams have enough to do so…it only takes one Game to shock the world!


#8 Team Delts SR (Matt Braschi) vs. #9 Team Kappa Sig JR (Luke Mailliard)

Team ZBT SR (Matt Siegel) and Team AEPi FR (Griffin Lowy) will battle it out for the right to get to #4 Team Sammy SR (Jack O Keefe) in the Elite8. These two squads met back in Week 5 during the regular season and the SR class of ZBT crushed the freshman from AEPi by a final score of 79-52. On that night, Cam Clearfield of Team ZBT SR led all scorers with 17 huge points to help lift his squad to victory. They will be looking for a repeat performance out of him coming up on Sunday if they plan on getting by a winless AEPi squad and advance into the Elite8 round next week. For Team AEPi, they did not record a win during the regular season, but they battled each game (except for their forfeit last week). These guys are led by their captain Griffin Lowy and his 13 PPG season average. They have the talent to win games and will need to get everyone on the same page to get by a very good SR squad from ZBT. The winner of this game moves on to next week’s Elite 8 match-up against #4 Team Sammy SR (Jack O Keefe) and an opportunity to take down the 2018 Bloomington Crown!


#7 Team Kappa Sig JR (Ryan Brennan) vs. #10 Team AEPi SO (Blake Schwartz)

Winner plays #2 Team Delta Chi JR (Noah Berkowitz)

These two squads will be paired up for the first time this Season. Captain Ryan Brennan leads his squad into this do or die game and will be looking at his guys to step up big on Sunday night. Christopher Casaburo led this squad with 14 PPG during the regular season while Travis Katona averaged 10 PPG. Team Kappa Sig JR will need big time performances out of these two guys as well as Captain Ryan’s veteran leadership if they plan on winning and advancing to the Elite8 on Sunday against #2 Team Delta Chi JR. Winner of this game moves on to play again on Sunday night while the losing team will have their season end abruptly. For AEPi SO and Captain Blake Schwartz, they will be looking towards Steve Levine and his massive 22 PPG season average to carry the load in this Round of 12 match-up. Steve has been their leading scorer this season including a 30-point outburst a couple of weeks ago. If he can stay hot, they have a good chance of moving on and setting up an Elite8 match-up against #2 Team Delta Chi JR on Sunday night.


#6 Team Delts SO (Brandon Barthel) vs. #11 ZBT SO (Blake Weltman)

Team Delts SO (Brandon Barthel) and Team ZBT SO (Blake Weltman) will meet for the first time this season with the right to get to #3 Team Evans Scholar SO (Justuss Boice) in the Elite8 in Week 2. Team Delts SO comes into this match-up with a 3-3 regular season record and winners of two straight games. Team Delts SO is led by their floor general and Captain Brandon Barthel and his 15 PPG regular season average. The squads leading scorer during the regular season was Benjamin Feldman and his 20.3 PPG average. Benjamin however has not played a game since week 3 and this squad will need his services on Sunday night if they plan on getting by a good ZBT SO squad. Team ZBT SO and captain Blake Weltman have had a tough go this season as they come into this postseason with a 1-5 regular season record. They’ve also had some tough times getting enough available bodies to field a legal team so hopefully the Playoffs will motivate these guys to get out there on Sunday and make a run at this Crown! Michael Davis had a monster 25-point performance a few weeks back and this squad will really need his help on Sunday night to get by a very tough SO crew from Team Delts. The winner of this game moves onto the Elite8 round in Week 2.



#1 Team Delts JR (Grant Miller) vs. Winner of #8 Team Delts SR/#9 Team Kappa Sig JR

Team Delts JR (Grant Miller) will take on the Winner of Team Delts SR and Team Kappa Sig JR on Sunday night. #1 Team Delts JR will be favorites no matter who their opponent is and not just in the Elite8 but throughout their Playoff run. These guys enter the 2018 postseason with a 5-1 regular season record and it’s no secret that they have been playing some great basketball this season. They must stay focused though. We have seen powerhouses get up-ended in the Playoffs before and tough teams await them. They are led by Ryan Ruff and his 19.5 PPG regular season average. He has had two 20-point performance during the regular season and his crew will be looking towards him to provide the offensive fire power needed to bring home the championship!


#2 Team Delta Chi JR (Noah Berkowitz) vs. Winner of #7 Team Kappa Sig JR/#10 Team AEPi SO

Team Delta Chi JR and Captain Noah Berkowitz enter the 2018 postseason with a 5-1 overall regular season record and just missed out being the #1 overall seed by Strength of Schedule. These guys have 4 players that averaged double digits points during the regular season, led by Captain Noah’s 13.5 PPG regular season average. During the regular season, Team Delta Chi did beat potential opponents Team AEPi SO by a final score of 65-56 back in Week 2. They did not face Team Kappa Sig however during the regular season. These guys have the firepower and experience to take down the title and will need to take it one game at a time. The winner of this match-up moves along to the Final4 next Sunday with an opportunity to call themselves 2018 Bloomington Hoops Champs!


That’s it for the Playoff Preview. Good Luck to all of you on Sunday night!