2018 Chicago Fall TUESDAY Hoops Week 2 – (Oct. 09)

Updated: October 15, 2018

We got back to action on Tuesday evening for Week 2 of the Fall TUESDAY Hoops League! When the dust settled, we had two teams that were left undefeated, two teams at 1-1, one team at 1-2 and two teams that are winless in the 2018 Fall TUESDAY campaign. Team Plan B Especial (Loos) has lost their first two games and will have a big hole to climb out of but still have five regular season games remaining to make some noise prior to the playoffs beginning. Team Lakeview Lakers began their TUESDAY Fall campaign with a loss but still have six regular season games remaining on their schedule to climb up the standings and rankings. Team Monday (Ljuboja) meanwhile, have won two very solid games to start their 2018 campaign and stay in the #1 spot in the Week 2 Power Rankings. It has certainly been an interesting start to the season! In the grand scheme of things, odds are none of that really matters though. Teams rarely look the same in October as they do in November. But as far as early-season Power Rankings are concerned, it matters a great deal. On to our Week 2 Power Rankings…

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-5 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Chicago Leagues > Fall TUESDAY Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

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Power Rankings

1. Team Monday (Ljuboja) – 2-0

A week after picking up a very solid victory on opening night against an extremely good Team Knox crew, Team Monday picked up their second win in a row on the young season and stay in the #1 spot in the Week 2 Power Rankings. Team Monday recorded a blowout victory on Tuesday night by the final score of 68-48 over Team J-V Nation (Raja) to remain unbeaten on the young season. They really brought it in this game as three different players recorded double digit points and every available player was able to get on the scoresheet on Tuesday night. Captain Miodrag had another quality showing to lead the club’s Offense with 22 points, while the team’s leading scorer through the first two weeks, Liam Lesniak, pitched in with 18 to help seal the victory early in this one. Team Monday is looking like a team on a mission through the first two weeks of games. Next up for Team Monday is a showdown against Team Lakeview Lakers (0-1), in an important game for both of these squads.


2. Nothing Special (Patidar) – 2-0

Staying in the #2 hole in the Week 2 Power Rankings is Team Nothing Special. Led by Seth Parker’s 21-point performance on Tuesday night, Team Nothing Special picked up their second consecutive victory by beating All Sports Series Newcomers INDY Team #5 by a final score of 66-63 to remain unbeaten. Through the first two games of the season, Team Nothing Special has the lowest Points Allowed Per Game average, at 54.5 PPG. These guys can really bring it on the defensive end of the court on any given evening and teams will need to come up with great game plans if they plan on putting up some points against these fellas. Chris Lipari also had another big night on Tuesday evening for Team Nothing Special by posting 12 big points to help lead his squad to their second victory. The win takes Team Nothing Special record to 2-0 and sets up a trilling match-up in Week 3 against #4 Team J-V Nation (Raja) in what will be our Week 3 Game of the Week!


3. Team Knox – 1-1

Team Knox recorded a HUGE W on Tuesday night, their first of the 2018 Fall season. The win moves Team Knox into the #3 spot in the Week 2 Power Rankings. They were paired up in Week 2 with a winless Team Plan B Especial squad, who were coming off a Week 1 loss, and were able to leave WCFH with a dominating 118-44 victory. Anthony Pierce for Team Knox had a gigantic performance to lead the club’s Offense in this one with 24 points on Tuesday night. It wasn’t all about Anthony Pierce for Team Knox however as Alex Roberts had 23-points, Tremell Adams added 22 points and Captain Andre turned in a very good performance himself by chipping in with 21 points to seal their first victory this season. Team Lakeview Lakers (0-1) are next on the schedule for Team Knox who will be looking to snatch their second victory on the season and attempt to move into the Top-2 in the Week 3 Power Rankings. Big game for both squads coming up on Tuesday night.


4. Team J-V Nation (Raja) – 1-1

After a very solid performance in Week 1, Team J-V Nation and Captain Mo Raja came back down to earth in Week 2 as they struggled to get it going on both ends of the court, netting 22 fewer points than their total from Week 1. By a final score of 68-48, Team J-V Nation took their first loss on the season as they could not slow down a hot shooting Team Monday squad. They’ll need to find more offense and clean up a few things on the defensive end of the court if they plan on staying in the Top-5 in the Week 3 Power Rankings. The loss pushes them down to the #4 spot in our Week 2 Power Rankings. Even in a losing effort, Anfernee Tevin James had a nice game to lead the group’s Offense with 22 points, while Captain Mo netted 8 points. For Team J-V Nation, they will have a battle with Team Nothing Special (2-0) in Week 3 as they try to rebound from this tough loss in our Week 3 Game of the Week!


5. INDY Team #5 – 1-2

Staying put in the #5 spot in the Week 2 Power Rankings is non-other than INDY Team #5. They were tasked with a tough double dip on Tuesday evening and were able to walk out of Windy City Fieldhouse with a split. They suffered a gut-wrenching loss in game one of their double header but then were able to put that loss behind them quickly and record a very solid tally in the win column in game two. By the final score of 66-63, INDY Team #5 lost a heartbreaker in game 1 to Team Nothing Special. Bree Fuller and Carl Smith led the way for INDY Team #5 in this one, combing to score 35 of their teams 63 points. Luckily for INDY Team #5, they did not dwell on this loss for long and turned right around and recorded their first victory of the season in game 2 of their DH, beating Team Lakeview Lakers by a final score of 72-62. Bree Fuller and Carl Smith were the anchors on offense once again for INDY Team #5 in this one, scoring 15 points apiece. David Greer chipped in with 13 points while Ian Ryder and Daniel Lenders combined to score 21 to help bring this squad their first victory of the Fall TUESDAY Hoops league. Team Plan B Especial, who sport a 0-2 record, are next on the calendar for INDY Team #5 coming up on Tuesday night in what will be a very important game for both crews.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)


Team Lakeview Lakers – 0-1

Team Lakeview Lakers began their 2018 Fall TUESDAY campaign on Tuesday evening and unfortunately left Windy City Fieldhouse with a tough 72-62 loss to INDY Team #5. Losing by only 10 points to ##5 ranked team is not something to be ashamed about however. In this loss, Eli Sachs had a very strong performance to lead the crew’s Offense with 19 points, while Adom Dumanian did his part and scored 15 points to help keep his guys in the game. David Joseph and Brandon Nasatir also had solid contribution for Team Lakeview Lakers, combining to score 21 points. Team Lakeview Lakers will need to put this opening night loss behind them quickly as they have a scheduled double header coming up on Tuesday night. In the first game of their DH is a match-up against #3 Team Knox (1-1), followed by another very tough match-up against #1 Team Monday. A split at minimum in Week 3 for Team Lakeview Lakers can get them right back into the thick of things two straight losses on Tuesday night could leave them with a huge mountain to climb the rest of the season. Important games coming up for Team Lakeview Lakers.


Plan B Especial (Loos) – 0-2

Team Plan B Especial and Captain Ken Loos were unable to get much going on offense at WCFH on Tuesday night, as they lost a tough game to #3 Team Knox, 118-44. This loss pushes Team Plan B Especial record to 0-2 on the young season. Even in a losing effort, Anthony Nguyen and Westley Volk pitched in with 13 points apiece on Tuesday night, while Rawlings Riles was able to chip in with 7 points of his own. Team Plan B Especial battled with a veteran All Sports Series Team Knox squad on Tuesday night but came up short in what ultimately ended up as a blowout loss. While they dropped their record to 0-2 on this young season, they have played very good basketball and will be contenders all season long. Coming up on Tuesday night, they are going to have another tough test (as the All Sports Leagues are very deep) with INDY Team #5 (1-2) on the docket. A win here for Team Plan B Especial could move them up into the Week 3 Power Rankings, while a third straight defeat will undoubtedly leave them unranked.


That’s it for Week 2! Looking forward to another great week coming up on Tuesday night!