2018 Chicago Summer 16″ Softball – Playoff Scenarios (August 12)

Updated: August 17, 2018

With this past Sunday’s games in the books, we are left with just one final week of the Regular Season games. We are headed toward the Regular Season Finale this Sunday (Aug. 19) and then the Double Elimination tourney will begin. As we turn to the final Regular Season week, there are several scenarios that squads are looking at in terms of their potential playoff seeds. We are going to turn this week’s Power Rankings into a Playoff Scenarios article. We’ll go down the Standings and present where each team may fall come the first Sunday of the Playoffs.

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Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Maione – 9-2

Math is very simple here. Win and they are the #1 overall seed heading into the 2018 postseason. That would also complete a fantastic 10-2 regular season. Now, should they have a hiccup in their Regular Season finale coming up on Sunday, they would fall into the #2 overall seed. Team Maione could have clinched the overall #1 seed that past Sunday but they suffered a tough loss to the hands of #3 Team Holzman by the final score of 8-6. The loss now puts tremendous pressure on these fellas to close out the Regular Season with a big victory over #2 Team Lessem to clinch that overall #1 seed. A second straight loss would push them down to the overall #2 seed (Team Lessem would have the better H2H record and would have a better overall winning percentage) and would have them reeling for answers come tourney time. To say this Sunday’s game is HUGE would be an understatement.


2. Team Lessem – 8-2

#2 Team Lessem sits in a very comfortable position in the sense that they control their own destiny. A win coming up on Sunday afternoon against #1 Team Maione would push their Regular Season record up to 9-2 and would see them clinch the #1 overall seed come Playoffs. They however did not do themselves any favors this past Sunday as they did not have enough available players to field a legal team and had to take a forfeit loss against Team Russell. In hindsight, this loss did not affect them in terms of securing the overall #1 seed as they still would need a victory this upcoming Sunday to clinch the overall #1 Seed. They are guaranteed to finish no lower than the #2 seed as they hold a +1-run differential (in the season split against Team Holzman) over the team sitting in 3rd right below them, Team Holzman. A tremendous regular season has put them in the driver’s seat and they for sure will be giving their all this upcoming Sunday as #1 overall seed is on the line.


3. Team Holzman – 7-3

A Game vs. Team Tap Dat will close out the regular season. They have wrapped up the #3 seed and are playing this weekend to try to stretch their current winning streak to 3 games after losing 3 straight decisions. They had a huge Sunday afternoon this past weekend as they took down Team Rhum by a final score of 6-5 before squeezing by #1 Team Maione 8-6. A loss in either of these games would have put tremendous pressure on this squad as they would have needed to fight and guarantee a W this Sunday for that overall #3 seed. Versus Team Rhum, this was a very tight game throughout with tough defense being played on both sides, but Team Holzman would prevail off a Danny Goldin 7th inning homerun to win it and snap that dreaded 3 game losing skid. Against #1 Team Maione, this was another tight one that came down to the end. More great D in this one including two Alec Permach gems. I’m sure this crew would have liked a top-2 seed going into the Playoffs, but they will be ready to defend their Back-To-Back crowns coming Sunday, August 26th.


4. Team Rhum – 5-5

Math is very simple here as well. A Win against Team Russell on Sunday afternoon and they are the #4 overall seed heading into the 2018 postseason. Should they have a hiccup in their Regular Season finale coming up on Sunday against Team Russell, they would fall into the #5 overall seed. They had an opportunity to finish as high as the #3 seed but took a very tough loss to #3 Team Holzman this past Sunday, falling by a final score of 6-5. It was a very tight game with tough defense being played throughout, highlighted by Andy Pollack’s web gem. Unfortunately, a 7th inning home run by Team Holzman would be their demise in this one and puts a lot of pressure on them to get a solid result on Sunday. They’ll need to shake this tough loss off quickly and try to secure an important victory on Sunday afternoon to lock up the #4 seed and finish the regular season with some positive momentum.


5. Team Russell – 5-5

Holding down the #5 spot and the longest active winning streak in the league is #5 Team Russell. Two big victories on Sunday afternoon has seen them raise their regular season record to 5-5 and has given themselves the opportunity to close out the regular season as high as the #4 overall seed. They first recorded a surprised forfeit victory over #2 Team Lessem before finishing their day with a solid 8-5 victory over Team Shapiro. Dale Zigulich went to the bump for a surprise spot start for Team Russell in this one, and came through for them big time, even notching a K. Captain Austin also had a homer that was inside the park to help push his squad to a very important 5th win. They’ll have 2 more games coming up on Sunday to close out their Regular Season with the first being the most important against #4 Team Rhum. A victory here would guarantee them the #4 seed while a loss would guarantee them the #5 seed. They’ll then close out their Regular Season campaign against Team Shapiro.


6. Team Shapiro- 2-8

Team Shapiro picked up their 2nd victory of the Regular Season on Sunday afternoon and guarantee themselves the #6 overall seed for the 2018 postseason. They suffered a tough 8-5 loss to Team Russell in their scheduled double dip on Sunday before picking up a forfeit W over Team Tap Dat. In their game against Team Russell, Charlie Marks had a nice day at the dish going 3-5 with an RBI. AJ Price and Andrew Mott both scored in this one, but they just could not find enough firepower at the plate to overcome a hot Team Russell crew. They get a rematch coming up on Sunday against Team Russell to close out their 2018 Regular Season campaign. They’ll want to secure a victory here so that they can bring some positive momentum into the postseason.


7. Team Tap Dat – 0-11

For Team Tap Dat, they want to just grab a W before the Playoffs for momentum. If not a W, then at least to play a solid ballgame and get to a point where they know they can Win one. They will take on the tough Team Holzman crew to close out their 2018 Regular Season.


That’s it for the Playoff Scenarios! Good luck to all on Sunday!