2018 Chicago Summer 16″ Softball – Playoffs Week 1 (August 26)

Updated: August 31, 2018

We are now just one week away from Crowning the 3rd ever Chicago 16″ Softball League Champs! When the final run crossed home plate on Sunday afternoon, #1 Team Maione punched their ticket back into the Championship Game! Defending Back-to-Back Champions #3 Team Holzman squeezed out 2 wins on Sunday afternoon but could not get that important 3rd straight victory and will now need to advance through the Loser’s Bracket to make it 3 chips in a row! Shout out to Brad Tivin of Team Holzman who CRUSHED 7 Home Runs on Sunday afternoon! We are going to review all the action from the Opening Rounds from this past Sunday below…

Scheduling Note: No Games this Sunday, September 2nd (Labor Day)

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-7. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video. Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Sport Specific Leagues > Chicago 16″ League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

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Playoff Review

Opening Round G1 (Winners Bracket):

#4 Team Russell vs. #5 Team Rhum

In last week’s Playoff Preview, we mentioned that the match-up between Team Russell vs. Team Rhum would be one of the headliners for Day 1 of the Playoffs. This was a very interesting match-up on paper between two teams that can beat the big boys on a good day or fall to any other team on a bad day. At the end of the day, #5 Team Rhum easily beat the drum of victory. By the final score of 10-1, #5 Team Rhum cruised by #4 Team Russell and advanced out of the Opening Round. Captain Adam Rhum led the charge for Team Rhum in this victory, going 2-3 with 3 RBI’s and a run scored. Zach Pearlstein was also on fire in this one for Team Rhum, going a perfect 4-4 at the dish with 2 RBI’s and a run scored. Team Rhum would move on and take on #1 Team Maione in the next round. For Team Russell, they had a very rough day at the plate scoring just 1 run driven in by Daniel Bolton. With this loss, Team Russell will now have to go to Loser Bracket territory and Win 5 in a row, FIVE, to earn the Crown once we get back from the Labor Day break.


Opening Round G2 (Winners Bracket):

#3 Team Holzman vs. #6 Team Shapiro

#3 Team Holman came into the 2018 Chicago 16’’ Softball League Postseason as huge favorites to get out of the Opening Round, and they certainly did not disappoint. By a final score of 15-8, #3 Team Holzman would pick up the big victory and advance to the next round. Captain Andrew Holzman fired a warning shot with 2 K’s in a game that quickly changed from being tied at 3-3 after 2 innings into an all-out trashing. 8 different players knocked in a run for #3 Team Holzman in this one, led by Danny Goldin’s 3-4, 4 RBI performance at the dish. The victory also foreshadowed an AWESOME day by Brad Tivin for #3 Team Holzman as he crushed 2 of his 7 total HR’s on the day in this one. #3 Team Holzman would move on and take on #2 Team Lessem in the next round. For Team Shapiro, they held strong for the first couple of innings in this one, but they ultimately would let this one get away. Leadoff hitter Ben Pineless did everything he could do to keep his squad in this game, going 2-3 with 3 RBI’s and 2 Runs Scored. Unfortunately, this squad just did not have enough offensive fire power to keep up with the heavy hitters of Team Holzman. With this loss, Team Shapiro will now have to go to Loser Bracket territory and Win 5 in a row, FIVE, to earn the Crown once we get back from the Labor Day break.


Round 1 G3 (Winners Bracket):

#1 Team Maione vs. #5 Team Rhum

It was a HOT one on Sunday afternoon and the heat really started turning up when #1 Team Maione stepped onto the field to face #5 Team Rhum. By a final score of 4-3, #1 Team Maione squeaked by a tough bootlegging Rhum-Runners group hell bent on delivering the goods. Unfortunately for #5 Team Rhum, Frank Maione’s and Austin Natkin’s blasts in the 4th inning was the power surge #1 Team Maione was desperately needing and searching for. #1 Team Maione would advance by the hairs of their chin on a sweltering hot afternoon and move on to play in essentially what would be the Semi-Final game. For #5 Team Rhum, they were so close to knocking off the #1 Team in the league and causing some serious chaos for the remainder of this postseason. Alec Wise did most of the damage for #5 Team Rhum in this one, knocking in 2 of the teams 3 runs. With this tough luck loss, #5 Team Rhum will now have to go to Loser Bracket territory and Win 5 in a row, FIVE, to earn the Crown once we get back from the Labor Day break.


Round 1 G4 (Winners Bracket):

#2 Team Lessem vs. #3 Team Holzman

#2 Team Lessem was awaiting the winner from the #3 Team Holzman vs. #6 Team Shapiro match-up. Unfortunately for #2 Team Lessem, a 10-run first inning sealed the fate of Team Lessem early in this one with every player in #3 Team Holzman’s line-up scoring at least once in the top frame. After that it was a tough row to hoe in the scorching sun for Team Lessem, who ultimately fell 16-9 in a game that never really tightened up after that. 9 different players also drove in at least 1 run for Team Holzman in this game, led by non-other than Brad Tivin and his 4-5, 2 HR, 2 RBI and 2 runs scored performance. The 2 jacks in this one would bring his HR total on the day to 4! But little did we all know; his afternoon was nowhere near being done! For #2 Team Lessem, it was a tough game to start their 2018 postseason off with. Jordan Schwartz knocked in 3 runs while Alexander Brown and Zachary March knocked in 2 runs of their own to try to help their squad keep pace with the smashers from Team Holzman. However, it just was not meant to be on this day. #2 Team Lessem will now have to move down to the Loser’s Bracket and Win 5 in a row, FIVE, to earn the Crown once we get back from the Labor Day break.


Round 2 G7 (Winners Bracket):

#1 Team Maione vs. #3 Team Holzman

So much would be on the line in this game, regardless of what the match-up would be. The winner of this game secures a spot in the Championship Game on Sunday, September 9th and needs just 1 more victory to declare themselves 2018 Chicago 16’’ Softball Champs. The loser of this game on the other hand would move down to the Loser’s Bracket and would need to pull off 3 victories in a row on Sunday, September 9th to declare themselves Champions. As the previous rounds started to shape up, the two most deserving teams, #1 Team Maione and #3 Team Holzman, found themselves in this game on the brink of a finals slot in the blistering finally to the day. The pop-up lemon-aide stand was a good metaphor for how everyone squeezed lemons to make lemon-aide out of this scorcher of a day. And the game lived up to the hype with Frank Maione of Team Maione producing characteristic gems in the field while Brad Tivin for Team Holzman powered 3 more blasts from the dish. The confines of Walter Payton HS simply were too small for this towering figure on this day as he would finish his afternoon with 7 total HRs! AMAZING and record setting afternoon by this man! An 11-run second inning put Team Maione up 11-3 early, and it looked as though #3 Team Holzman would wilt, an easy prospect down big on a hot day in their third game. But NO! #3 Team Holzman answered as they usually always do with 6 big runs in the top frame to make it a game again. This one would stay tight from there going into the 7th inning knotted up at 13 apiece when #1 Team Maione erupted for 8 runs. To add insult to injury in this 8-run inning, Brad Tivin went down with a shoulder strain on a toss from center, which was ultimately just too much for a hard fighting Team Holzman team to overcome and handle. By a final score of 21-15, #1 Team Maione was on their way on a well-deserved trip to the finals on Sunday, September 9th! Just 1 victory away from that elusive title. For the Back-to-Back Champs #3 Team Holzman, it was a fantastic overall day with a very tough finish. This crew will now have to move down to the Loser’s Bracket and Win 3 games in a row (2 against #1 Team Maione) to earn their 3rd straight crown once we get back from the Labor Day break.


That’s it for the Playoff Review. Have a great Labor Day and good luck to all on the final day of Playoffs on September 9th!