2018 Chicago Summer TUESDAY Hoops Playoff Preview – (July 31)

Updated: August 3, 2018

On Tuesday evening we concluded the Regular Season of what was a fantastic Summer League. The #1 and #2 seeds were decided on Tuesday night with Team Maione securing the overall #1 seed by beating #2 Team Deutsch. There was then a 3-way tie for 3rd place with Team(s) Darcy, Dean and The Movement. We’re going to breakdown all the match-ups for next week’s Opening Round and Final4 games. By the end of the night on Tuesday we will be left with just 2 squads left standing. Just to remind everyone – the 3-6 seeds compete in Opening Round 1, then the Winners there moving along to the Final4 to decide who will meet in our Championship game coming up on Tuesday, August 14th. There will be a TON of great action coming up on Tuesday Night!

Quickly, for those participating in their first All Sports Series League…Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings…Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-6…You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video. Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League…Go to Sport Specific Leagues > Chicago Summer Hoops League…Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there…

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Playoff Preview

Opening Round:
#4 Team Darcy vs. #5 Team Dean

In what has the billing of possibly being the best game of the night coming up on Tuesday, #4 Team Darcy and #5 Team Dean square off in Opening Round action. Both squads finished the regular season with identical 3-4 records. #4 Team Darcy got the nod over #5 Team Dean based on H2H records. These two squads met back in Week 5 with Team Darcy securing a big 90-71 victory. Will history repeat itself? Team Darcy will be coming in riding high off a huge 20-point victory in Week 7 against Team Berkson and will try to ride this momentum in this do-or-die match-up coming up on Tuesday night. They will also try to ride the coattails of the teams leading scorers, Tim Dunlaey and Sam Martinez. If these guys are hitting on all cylinders on Tuesday night, they will be very tough to beat. Team Dean comes into the Playoffs with the #5 seed. They were 3-1 through 4 weeks but have lost 3 straight games to end the regular season. A 4th straight defeat on Tuesday night will mean the end of their season. They will hope to have back the services of their leading scorer, Courtney Griffin, in this very important match-up as he has missed the last two ball games. The winner of this game moves right along to play #1 Team Maione in the Final4 for an opportunity to clinch a spot in the Championship game.


Opening Round:
#3 The Movement vs. #6 Team Berkson

The Movement got the nod for the #3 seed over Teams Darcy and Dean thanks to their superior H2H record during the Season. Unlike the rest of the “favored” Teams in the above Opening Round match-ups, they are not limping into the Playoffs. In fact, it is the exact opposite – they are coming in Winners of 2 straight and playing their best ball of the Summer. Not many people were giving The Movement much of a chance entering this Summer season as All Sports Series Hoops newbies, but they have proven all their haters wrong. They begin their postseason campaign on Tuesday night with a match-up against #6 Team Berkson. These two squads met less than 10 days ago, and The Movement walked out of WCFH with a solid 13-point victory. The Movement will be led by the leagues leading scorer, Ron King. Ron comes into the playoffs with an amazing 32 PPG average. He was not able to dress in Week 7 but they will certainly need his services on Tuesday night if they have any chance of moving forward through these playoffs. #6 Team Berkson finished the regular season with only 1 win to their name. However, that win was against #1 Team Maione. That tells me that they can beat any of these squads at any time. They’ll need a lot of chips to fall into place, but crazier things have happened. These guys have been here before and everyone now starts with a 0-0 record. Team Berkson will be led by Andrew Stempel and his 28 PPG regular season average. Andrew dropped a 45 BURGER on Tuesday night in their regular season finale and will look for a repeat performance coming up on Tuesday night. The winner of this game moves right along to play #2 Team Deutsch in the Final4 for an opportunity to clinch a spot in the Championship game.


#1 Team Maione vs. Winner of #4 Team Darcy/#5 Team Dean

Here’s the deal. 2 more Wins earns them the Crown. These guys just ripped through the regular season, going 6-1 and if they can make it 8-1 they will add another All Sports Series Crown to their mantle. They will take on either #4 Team Darcy or #5 Team Dean here in the Final4 with a spot in the Championship on the line. They will be heavily favored in this match-up and if they can withstand the initial surge of whoever their opponent is, who will come in hot from a W, they will be just fine. During the regular season, #1 Team Maione beat #4 Team Darcy by 25 points back in Week 4 and beat #5 Team Dean by 23 points in Week 6. Every player on Team Maione’s roster finished the regular season with at least 10 PPG. Pretty amazing and one of the main reasons why this squad is the favorite to win it all. Anything less than an opportunity to play in the Championship will surely be devastating.


#2 Team Deutsch vs. Winner of #3 The Movement/#6 Team Berkson

Team Deutsch closed out the Regular Season with a tough loss on Tuesday night to #1 Team Maione and will enter the 2018 TUESDAY Summer postseason with a 5-2 regular season record and the overall #2 seed. They are going to be favorites coming up on Tuesday night in the Final4 round against either #3 The Movement or #6 Team Berkson. During the regular season, Team Deutsch beat up on #3 The Movement back in Week 4, beating them by 16 points. In Week 5, Team Deutsch crushed #6 Team Berkson by 33 points. The squads leading scorer and leagues overall second leading scorer (minimum 5 games played), Brian Oddo, paced Team Deutsch all season long and ended the regular season averaging just under 28 PPG. Team Deutsch will look to get similar production out of Brian coming up on Tuesday with a chance to book their tickets into the Championship game.


That’s it for the Preview. Good luck to everyone in the Playoffs on Tuesday!