2018 HP Prep Flag Football – Playoff Preview (Oct. 27)

Updated: October 31, 2018

We have arrived, at long last, upon the 2018 HP Prep Flag Football League postseason. This is great news for all 8 of our Teams as it is essentially a brand-new season for each of them. The caveat however is that each game from here on out will be do-or-die as the Winners from each of these games move on to the next round, while the losers from each game will have to pack it up for the Winter. It feels like we were just talking about the preseason and getting high hopes about our squads. But now we are heading into the postseason, and the HP Prep Flag Football playoffs are about to get underway. With all 8 teams ready to fight for their shot at the title, let’s take a hard look at how this crazy game of poker is going to play out. It’s time to strap in; sorry Jim Mora, we are talking about Playoffs. Let’s go!

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Playoff Preview:


Elite8: #1 Team Scornavacco vs. #8 Team Segal

Team Scornavacco completed the perfect Regular Season and had a Week 6 BYE to rest up for the Elite8 round coming up on Saturday afternoon. They went 6-0 and were simply dominant in doing so. Noah Prebish leads the League with 14 TD Passes and that was just 14 of his League Leading 22 Total TDs. Gio Diaz led the league with 10 TD grabs and was tied for the most Defensive TDs in the League with 2. These guys are as high-powered as it gets. The questions become, can anyone slow these guys down? Their first test in the 2018 postseason will come against #8 Team Segal. Team Segal comes into this game with an 0-6 overall record but have been getting better and better as the season has rolled along. Team Segal is led by Captain and field general Rocky Segal. Captain Rocky was tied for the league lead in Rushing TDs with 7. This guy can fly up and down the field and can cause havoc for a Team Scornavacco squad. This will be the first and last meeting between these two squads this year and while #1 Team Scornavacco will be the heavy favorites to make it to the Final4, they cannot and should not overlook a feisty Team Segal crew. As they say, anything can happen!


Elite8: #2 Team Kirsch vs. #7 Team Goldman

Team Kirsch earned the #2 seed thanks to an overall points differential tiebreaker with Team Dincin and as a result get to take on #7 Team Goldman in the Elite8 Round Game. #2 Team Kirsch finished the regular season with a solid 4-2 record, but one of their two losses did come at the expense of #7 Team Goldman just two weeks ago. Captain Ben and his team leading 9 Total TDs will be looking to avenge their loss to Team Goldman back in Week 5. A win for #2 Team Kirsch will see them advance to the Final4 on Saturday, November 11th and await the winner of the #3/#6 match-up. A loss will see them pack up their bags a lot sooner than they expected and say sayonara to their 2018 campaign. #7 Team Goldman enters the 2018 postseason as the overall #7 seed as they lost their head-to-head tiebreaker with Team Baum. They’ll enter the postseason with an overall 2-4 record but a huge Week 5 win over #2 Team Kirsch should give them lots of motivation heading into this Elite8 round match-up. Josh Mack and Adam Glickman led Team Goldman in the regular season with 3 Total TDs each and Team Goldman will be leaning on them heavily in this match-up if they plan on advancing to the Final4 round.


Elite8: #3 Team Dincin vs. #6 Team Baum

Team Dincin will enter the 2018 postseason as the #3 seed as they lost the overall points differential tiebreaker with Team Kirsch, and as a result get to take on #6 Team Baum in the Elite8 Round Game. These two squads played just last Saturday, and it wasn’t pretty for Team Baum. #3 Team Dincin had a great day to finish the Regular Season, shutting out #6 Team Baum by a final score of 42-0. It’ll be a new day and a new Game however and Team Dincin should not overlook Team Baum who has shown they can play with the League’s best. Team Dincin is led by Dylan Weiskirch and his 17 Total TDs (2nd overall in the league) and will be a handful for Team Baum. Playoff Games do however have a way of getting crazy and if Team Baum can put some pressure on the favorites early, who knows what can happen. Only one spot in the Final4 is available for these 2 Teams. The eventual Winner is looking at a likely matchup with #2 Team Kirsch. We didn’t get to see Kirsch vs. Dincin in the Regular Season and that would surely be a fun one with a spot in the Championship on the line! But as we have stated before, anything can happen in the Playoffs!


Elite8: #4 Team Marmitt vs. #5 Team Lowenthal

The #4/#5 Elite8 round match-up has a chance to steal the show on Saturday and will be our Game of the Week! The 4/5 Game is usually a very even match-up and these two Teams are more than capable of turning in special Playoff performances. These two Teams met all the way back in the end of September (Week 2) and on that day #4 Team Marmitt squeezed out a win versus #5 Team Lowenthal by a final score of 12-6. With that Week 2 victory, Team Marmitt gained the head-to-head tiebreaker over Team Lowenthal and will enter the postseason as the overall #4 seed. But that was then, and this is now, and this will be a totally different Game in which anything can happen. Team Marmitt will be led by Jason Bold and his 8 total TDs on the year while Team Lowenthal will be led by Jonathon Weiserman and his 8 total TDs on the year. These two squads are so evenly matched that either of these clubs could not only win this game but can take the title home this year. Both Groups need to be locked in here to get the Win. The Winner will move on to the Final4 where they will presumably assume the role of David v. the Goliath known as #1 Team Scornavacco. First things first, their Elite8 match-up awaits!


That’s it for the Playoff Preview! Good Luck to everyone on Saturday for the Playoffs!