2018 HP Prep Flag Football – Week 2 (Sept. 29)

Updated: October 5, 2018

Week 2 in the HP Prep Flag Football League brought forth our 8th and final team and we got some tremendous action! Through the second weekend of the season, Team Scornavacco has clearly established themselves as strong favorites for the 2018 Crown. Meanwhile, as we exited the second Saturday of the season, we have 5 teams sitting at 1-1. Which teams will rise over the .500 mark and which teams will fall below the .500 after Week 3? It’s going to be a fun ride for the top couple of spots in the Playoffs! Scroll Down for the Rankings!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-5 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Highland Park Leagues > Prep Flag Football League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

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Power Rankings


1. Team Scornavacco – 3-0

Team Scornavacco is the only team left undefeated and rightfully so stays in our #1 spot in the Week 2 Power Rankings. These guys are for real and have certainly put the entire league on notice. Their latest victim was Team Dincin in Week 2. In a very hotly contested game in which both teams were for fighting (literally) for every ball, QB Lucas Platt put his squad on his shoulders and carried his crew to their 3rd consecutive victory. Lucas accounted for all 4 of his teams’ TDs, throwing for 2, rushing for 1 and taking a Pick all the way to the house! His 4 on the day brings his total to 5 on the season and is only 1 TD away from the league lead in overall TDs as a result. Max Goodart and Shael Plofsky both grabbed a TD in this one. They’ll look to stay undefeated and bring their winning streak up to 4 games when they take the field against #2 Team Goldman (1-1) in our Week 2 Game of the Week!


2. Team Goldman – 1-1

Rising 2 spots in our Week 2 Power Rankings is Team Goldman after their very solid 28-0 victory over newcomers Team Segal. QB Josh Mack was absolutely dominate in this start, throwing for 3 TDs. Josh was able to spread the ball around as all three of his TD passes went to different receivers. Luke Zucker, Adam Glickman and Benny Shachtman all were able to get on the receiving end of Josh’s throws. Team Goldman’s offense was clicking all game long but let’s not overlook that defense. They put up their first shutout of the season and in fact that was the first shutout so far this season in the entire league. These guys have the talent on both ends of the ball to make a legitimate run at the league crown. They’ll look to continue to build on this win in Week 3 when they face off against #1 and undefeated Team Scornavacco (3-0) in our Week 2 Game of the Week!


3. Team Marmitt – 1-1

Also moving up 2 spots in the Week 2 Power Rankings is Team Marmitt. By the final score of 12-6, Team Marmitt picked up a very dramatic first win on the season and brings their record up to 1-1. They did not have their best offensive showing in this game, but their defense was all over the place against Team Lowenthal – allowing only 1 TD! Jason Bold tossed his first 2 TDs on the year, one to Joe Dart and the other on a long bomb in OT to Jonathan Wasserman for the HUGE W! This win should give Team Marmitt a lot more confidence heading into Week 3 and they will look to get their record over the .500 mark when they take on #5 Team Baum (1-1) on Saturday afternoon.


4. Team Dincin – 1-1

Falling two spots in the Week 2 Power Rankings after taking a tough loss to #1 Team Scornavacco is Team Dincin. They had their chance this past Saturday to take down the #1 team in league and it didn’t go how they’d hoped. They fall to #4 as a result. They’ll likely get another crack at them during the Playoffs. Dylan Weiskirch has been playing lights out over the first two weeks and he added to his league leading TD total by throwing a TD pass to Jeremy Langsam while rushing in one score as well. That brings his total TD count to 6 through the first two weeks of the season! Team Dincin needs to just put this past weekend out of their minds and get ready to take down Team Segal (0-1) coming up on Saturday afternoon. A slip up here on Saturday could cost this squad dearly while a victory could see them rise back up in our Week 3 Power Rankings.


5. Team Kirsch – 1-1

Another squad that moved up two spots in our Week 2 Power Rankings is Team Kirsch. After their disappointing loss in their season opener, Team Kirsch rebounded very nicely in Week 2 and picked up their first victory on the 2018 campaign by taking down #7 Team Baum by a final score of 19-6. Jeremy was firing on all cylinders behind center on Saturday afternoon, hitting Gabe, Jeffrey Sun and Jeff Segar for nice TD passes. Their defense played great for the second straight Saturday, allowing only 6 points to a good offensive team. They’ll look to ride this momentum into Week 3 with a showdown against Team Lowenthal (0-2).


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Baum – 1-1

Dropping out of our Week 2 Power Rankings is Team Baum. These guys lost a tough game to Team Kirsch on Saturday afternoon, falling by a score of 19-6. They were struggling on offense all afternoon and were only able to muster up 6 total points. Max had a nice TD pass to Daniel but that was the only score that they were able to put up on the board. Meanwhile, they had a tough time stopping QB Jeremy from Team Kirsch and it ultimately cost them the ball game. They’ll have to put this loss in the rear-view mirror and focus on their next opponent, #3 Team Marmitt (1-1). A win here on Saturday afternoon can shoot them back up the rankings while another L would mean another week among the unranked. Big game coming up.


Team Lowenthal – 0-2

Team Lowenthal exited Week 2 still searching for their first win on the 2018 season. By the final score of 12-6, Team Lowenthal dropped their second consecutive game. Zach Fagenholz tossed a nice TD pass to Jonathan Wasserman for their only score on the day. They seem to be liking the number 6 because this is the second straight week that they put up 6 points on the scoreboard. Team Lowenthal still has a bunch of talent and will have the opportunity to finish the season with an above .500 record – which in a league with many competitive teams – is a very strong showing. They will take on #5 Team Kirsch (1-1) Saturday afternoon. If they can pull the upset, it will certainly shake up our Week 3 Power Rankings!


Team Segal – 0-1

Team Segal started their 2018 campaign on Saturday afternoon and unfortunately took their first loss on the season. By the final score of 28-0, Team Segal suffered a tough opening day loss to #2 Team Goldman. Team Segal comes into the 2018 season as the youngest assembled squad in the league and their inexperience showed on Saturday afternoon. These guys have the talent to keep up with any of the teams in the league, they just need more time playing together as a squad. Captain Rocky had a nice day behind center but could not muster any scoring drives against a very tough defensive crew. If Team Segal keeps developing their chemistry and figures out a consistent lineup, they will shock some teams in this league. They’ll have an opportunity to rebound coming up on Saturday afternoon when they take on #4 Team Dincin (1-1).


That’s it for the Week 1 Rankings. I’ll see everyone back on the field on Saturday, September 29th!