2018 HP Prep Flag Football – Week 3 (Oct. 06)

Updated: October 11, 2018

After three weeks of the HP Prep Flag Football league, we have a few answers and a ton of questions. Captain Ben and Team Kirsch look like they’re for real, but do they have what it takes to bring down Team Scornavacco, Team Dincin and Team Marmitt and take over as the top team in the league? Noah Prebish isn’t a one-game wonder after his record setting 7 TD performance on Saturday, but can he keep his hot streak going coming up in Week 4? Team Segal and Team Lowenthal are both winless through the first three weeks of play, but will either team win a regular season game this year? The answer to this last question is YES…they have a huge match-up against one another coming up in Week 4. We’ll learn the answers to the rest of these questions as we watch the rest of the season play out, but in the meantime, we’ve once again ranked every team in the league to give ourselves a better sense of how the season looks so far. Check out where all 8 HP Prep Flag Football teams stand heading into Week 4.

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-5 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Highland Park Leagues > Prep Flag Football League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

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Power Rankings


1. Team Scornavacco – 4-0

One word…WOW! By a final score of 106-0 (no, that is not a typo), Team Scornavacco set all types of records on Saturday afternoon, blowing out Team Goldman to take their record to a perfect 4-0. The 106 points is obviously a league high this season, but this is also the highest point total a team has put up in the history of the HP Prep Flag Football League! By the time half-time rolled around, this game was already in the books as Team Scornavacco held a 67-0 lead. Noah Prebish had a career day on Saturday afternoon for Team Scornavacco, totaling 7 total TD’s (3 Passing, 2 Rushing and 2 DTDS). Gio Diaz was all over the field as well, catching 2 TD passes while also returning a punt for a TD. Four games into the 2018 season, and we’ve yet to see a weak spot in the Team Scornavacco roster. While the road to the Championship Game in a difficult one, it looks as though Team Scornavacco are the early favorites to be playing in that game. They’ll look to improve to 5-0 when they take on Team Baum (1-2) coming up on Saturday afternoon.


2. Team Kirsch – 2-1

Moving up three full spots in our Week 3 Power Rankings after a dominating performance on Saturday afternoon is Team Kirsch. By the final score of 47-6 over Team Lowenthal, Team Kirsch won their second straight game and now sees their record sit at 2-1. Danzig and Captain Ben had nice games on Saturday afternoon as both were able to connect on two very nice TD scores. Jeremy also had a big day for Team Kirsch as he was able to toss a TD, rush for a score and return a punt for a TD to make it three total on the day. Team Kirsch ranks 2nd in points allowed through the first three weeks of the season, trailing only Team Scornavacco by .2 points! They have a strong offense to go with a very good defense, a combination that will certainly win you a lot of games. They’ll look to make it three wins in a row on Saturday afternoon when they take the field against #4 Team Marmitt (2-1) in our Week 4 Game of the Week!


3. Team Dincin – 2-1

Moving up one spot in the Week 3 Power Rankings after a convincing 42-12 victory over Team Segal on Saturday afternoon is non-other than Team Dincin. After a tough Week 2 loss to #1 Team Scornavacco, Team Dincin rebounded very nicely in Week 3 to pick up their second victory on the season. The leagues leader in overall TD’s after 3 weeks of play, Dylan Weiskirch, added to his league high on Saturday afternoon by tallying 5 TD’s to his name. Dylan absolutely dominated on Saturday afternoon, passing for two scores, rushing for two scores and took a pick six all the way to the house to bring his overall TD total to 11 on the year. Josiah Davis and Matt Blumer caught both of Dylan’s TD’s to get themselves onto the scoresheet on Sunday. Through the first three weeks of the season, Team Dincin is putting up 28.7 PPG, training only #1 Team Dincin in that category. They’ll look to keep that high-powered offense rolling in week 4 when they go toe-to-toe with Team Goldman (1-2) coming up on Saturday afternoon.


4. Team Marmitt – 2-1

It’s not often that a team wins a game and moves DOWN in the Power Rankings. That is the case however with #4 Team Marmitt this week. By the final score of 14-0, Team Marmitt picked up a solid W on Saturday afternoon, their second win in a row, to bring their record up to 2-1. Unfortunately, they just did not do enough to move up our Week 3 Power Rankings. Nonetheless, a win is a win and they got this win on the back of their defense, shutting out Team Baum. Jason Bold and Jeremiah Richards both caught TD passes on Saturday afternoon to help lead their squad to this important second victory. Through the first three games of the season, Team Marmitt is averaging the same exact amount of points allowed as points scored (10.7). That defense is for real but that offensive needs to start clicking here soon. They’ll have a big opportunity to move up our Power Rankings in Week 4 when they take on #2 Team Kirsch (2-1) in our Week 4 Game of the Week!


5. Team Baum – 1-2

Another squad that moves up in our Week 3 Power Rankings after taking a loss in Week 3 is new #5 Team Baum. Team Baum took the field against Team Marmitt on Saturday afternoon and got shutout by a final score of 14-0. The loss is their second in a row and drops their record to 1-2 on the year. They have really struggled to get it going on the offensive end through the first three weeks of the season, averaging just under 7 points per game. Team Baum will need a bit more consistency if they hope to contend this year. They’ll need to shake this loss off quickly and turn all their attention to Week 4 opponents, #1 and undefeated, Team Scornavacco (4-0).


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Goldman – 1-2

Let’s just say Week 3 was not a great week for Team Goldman. By the final score of 106-0, Team Goldman walked away from Wolters Field wondering what just happened. It went from bad to worse very quickly on Saturday afternoon as Team Goldman’s first three offensive possessions turned into touchdowns for their opponents. By halftime, this game was all but over as they were training by a score of 67-0. BUT you do have to give credit to where credit is due. Team Goldman could have easily just walked away at any point during this game and said that’s it…BUT they didn’t. They stuck in there until the very last whistle so big props to them for that. That tells me that they are not willing to give up and games like this do happen. They’ll need to just simply hit the reset button and come back to Wolters Field on Saturday afternoon with only one thing on their minds…Win! #3 Team Dincin (2-1) will be waiting for them.


Team Lowenthal – 0-3

For the third straight week, Team Lowenthal has put up the number 6 on the scoreboard. Unfortunately for them, they have taken a loss each of the first three weeks while putting up that number. By the final score of 47-6, Team Lowenthal has now dropped their first three games of the season and are still searching for their first win on the 2018 season. The only score of the game for Team Lowenthal came on a very nice TD pass from Jonah Long to Josh Mack. The good news for Team Lowenthal is that there are still 3 weeks in the regular season to turn their campaign around. The bad news for Team Lowenthal is that they only have 3 regular season games remaining to turn their campaign around. They need to start accumulating some wins and it needs to start in Week 4 when they host Team Segal (0-3) who will also be doing everything in their power to claim their first victory. Big game coming up in Week 4.


Team Segal – 0-2

In last week’s Power Rankings article, we mentioned that what we wanted to see improvement from Team Segal coming into Week 3. Well Team Segal delivered on our request. Even though they did not walk away with a victory in Week 3, dropping the game to Team Dincin by a final score of 42-14, we did see A LOT of improvement from this squad. Captain Rocky and co. were much more organized and had a game plan in place coming into this game. Their Defense hung tough with the league’s leader in overall TD’s and they were able to move the ball on Offense. Captain Rocky rushed in two scores but in the end, it just wasn’t enough to keep up with high scoring offense of #3 Team Dincin. These guys just need to continue taking it one game at a time and good things will start to happen. They’ll have a big opportunity in Week 4 to pick up their first W on the year when they take the field against another squad searching for their first victory in 2018, Team Lowenthal (0-3). Big game coming up.


Week 3 is in the books! I’ll see everyone back on the field on Saturday, October 13th.