All Sports Hoops is coming to Chicago in Oct. 2013

Updated: August 12, 2013

Below are the Details for All Sports Hoops:

– We play 25 Sunday evenings from October through April (we skip Super Bowl, and the two weeks surrounding Christmas/New Years which is why it goes for 28 weeks). Starts Sunday October 13.  Games start each week at 6,7 or 8 pm. Games will last 1 hour so you will not miss too much football sunday night! You will always be home for the 2nd half of the night games.

– 12 Teams

-Games will be played at FFC Union Station in the Loop.  FFC will offer free parking for up to 2 hours for us. Also, the club is actually closed during this time and we will be the only ones allowed in which is pretty cool.

– Optimal amount of players per team is probably 8-11.  Things will come up at various points of the season for people.  While, you may not want 10 people there every week. Games will be two-22 minute halves.  However, you’d probably want at least 8 there and the depth couldn’t hurt.  I’m going to put a cap on Teams — only 14 people can be registered for each Team.

– This is going to be the closest thing to being in a “Pro-style” League imaginable.  You will play teams more than once. Playoffs will not just be single elimination. Everyone will play everyone etc.
– We will keep stats like in All Sports Series — but ramp it up — so points, rebounds, assists will be kept.

– Price includes: Jerseys, Refs, Stats for each game, Prizes (in past years for All Sports Series we have given a trolley or bleacher seats to Cubs and Sox and gym passes), Live Tweets, Video Wrap-Ups and more.

If there are any questions please just let me know –