Chicago Co-Ed History – Est. 2012

At a Glance


2012 – Team Bartlett

2013 – Team Bartlett

2014 – Team Albanese

Most Final4s:

3 – Team Bartlett (2012, 2013, 2014)

2 – Team Lazarov (2013, 2014)

Year by Year


Champions – Team Bartlett

Runners-Up – Team Thomas
Final4 – Team Leibow and Team Harris

Notes – 8 Teams Competed. Team Bartlett won the first ever All Sports Series Co-Ed League.  Team Leibow would become Team Isaacson.



Champions – Team Bartlett

Runners-Up – Team Lazarov
Final4 – Team Mazurek and Team Lewis

Notes – 10 Teams competed.  Team Bartlett became the first Team in All Sports Series history to win Back2Back Championships.  Team Lazarov was playing in their first Co-Ed League and made the Championship Game.. The Guys on this Team are the Guys from Team Hakimian/Lalez (Chicago Men’s & All Sports Hoops).



Champions – Team Albanese

Runners-Up – Team Bartlett
Final4 – Team Kirshner and Team Lazarov

Notes – 12 Teams competed. Team Albanese won their first Championship in their Rookie All Sports Series season!  Team Bartlett followed up their Back2Back Championships with a third consecutive Championship appearance.  Several of the Guys on Team Bartlett play as Team Cohen (Chicago Men’s League), Team Zimmerman (Chicago Men’s League) and Team Zimmerman (All Sports Hoops).  Team Lazarov made it to their second straight Final4 in as many years in the Co-Ed League.  The Guys on Team Lazarov have been at least one Final4 in every one of the five years All Sports Series has been in existence, including Team Dorfman (College/Prep) and Team Hakimian (Chicago Men’s League).  Team Kirshner made their first Final4 appearance and won the Regular Season in 2014.